Dec 1, 2023

10 Must-have packing supplies and how to use them

10 Must-have packing supplies and how to use them

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When you are getting ready for a move, preparation is key. You need to have the right supplies in order to have a successful move. If you don't, you risk damage to your items, as well as injury to yourself. On the other hand, after you get the must-have packing supplies, you still need to how to use them properly. That is where we come in. Read our guide and you will learn how to use your packing equipment like a pro.

Plastic bins are one of the must-have packing supplies

During the packing process, you need to make sure that your items are safe. When you go with plastic storage bins for moving, you invest in the future. These bins are ideal for packing smaller items, but also for the more delicate ones. Since they are waterproof, you will know that your belongings are protected from moisture and mildew. That is why they are perfect for electronics and smaller appliances, but for clothes and documents as well.

Plastic bins are among the top must-have packing supplies because they are durable.

Rain on moving day won't affect the items inside plastic bins.One of the biggest benefits of plastic bins is that you can use them after the move. Put them in your garage and use them for storage, or, if you rent a storage unit, you can even place them there. When you pack fragile items in these bins, put packing paper on the bottom and on top. Also, make sure to wrap the item in plastic bubbles.

Cardboard boxes are a great choice

Cardboard boxes are among the must-have packing supplies for a reason. They are very versatile and can be used to pack many things, depending on their size. Use the smaller boxes for heavier things such as books, so that you can lift them more easily. The larger boxes should be used for larger but lighter items, such as linens or clothes. When you pack a box, make sure not to overpack, so that you can still place it on the truck. Also, there should be no empty spaces in the boxes. Fill them up with plastic bubbles or packing paper. Finally, you can get specialty boxes for items of different shapes, such as lamps, artwork, mirrors, or even wardrobe boxes.Aside from buying these items, you can rent moving supplies from a specialized company. This is a great way to save money, but also to make less trash when you move. Ask around and you will surely find some greener alternatives.

Must-have packing supplies - plastic bubbles

This is an essential supply when you want your items packed safely. Use plastic bubbles to tightly wrap any fragile items when you pack them, such as glasses, vases, plates, or any ceramic or glass decorations. Place a small piece of tape to seal the wrap in place. Keep in mind to always wrap with the side with the bubbles facing the item. To save money on your move, don't buy individual sheets of plastic bubbles. Instead, buy a large roll and cut off as much as you need per item.

Plastic bubbles are inexpensive but very useful.

Wrap as many fragile items as you can in plastic bubbles.

You will need moving blankets

When you hire a moving company, you will likely have the option of renting moving blankets from them. This is a better option than buying your own. On the other hand, you can use some of the things you have in your home as well. These can be some old clothes, linens, towels, or rags. Just make sure to use enough padding to prevent damage to your items.

Heavy-duty tape and a pair of scissors are essential

You shouldn't save your money by buying low-quality tape. This is an item you will use the most during the packing process. Invest in some heavy-duty tape and buy more than you think you will need. Make sure to tape down the sides and bottoms of boxes along with the top. Additionally, a quality pair of scissors will be very useful for cutting plastic bubbles, tape, and other must-have packing supplies.

A tape dispenser is also very useful.

Invest in a tape gun to make your packing more efficient.

Have permanent markers and labels handy

Use the permanent marker to label your moving boxes write legibly what is inside each box. This is very important for boxes that have fragile items inside. Write in large bold letters, so that everyone can read it, especially the movers. On the other hand, for plastic bins, you will need labels. That way, you can reuse them without having to clean off the previous label.

Box cutters are must-have packing supplies

When you are planning your packing process, you have to consider unpacking as well. An essential tool for this is the box cutter. You will need it in order to open boxes quickly and precisely. They are much sharper than scissors and you can use them for other purposes in your home as well. Moreover, if you use scissors to open boxes, it will likely make them dull much faster.However, because they are so sharp, be very careful when you are using box cutters. During packing and moving, you should pay attention to what you wear and to have the right protection. Injuries can happen at any time, so keep your eyes open and wear gloves to protect your hands from cuts and scratches.

You will need packing paper for your move

Packing paper is a universal tool when you are preparing for your move. That is why it is one of the must-have packing supplies out there. You can use packing paper instead or along with packing bubbles to wrap your dishes or other sensitive items. Additionally, use it to fill empty spaces inside the boxes and plastic bins. While many people use old newspapers to wrap their dishes, this is not the best idea. The ink from the newspapers can transfer to your items, so you will have to scrub them after unpacking. Packing paper is a much better alternative and will keep your belongings safe and clean.