Moving Bins

While helping you relocate, we are also thinking about our planet.

Moving Bins

When you are moving, you need to ask yourself three crucial questions. Where, when, and how? Once you get an idea about the time window and find a new home or an office, your biggest concern is to find a way to relocate easily and fuss-free. And how do you accomplish that? First, you choose a high-quality moving company that offers the services you need. Secondly, you need to make sure to purchase adequate packing supplies and pack your belongings safely. The good thing is that we can help you complete this task with no great effort. We are Capital City Bins, one of the biggest providers of moving bins NYC. We will be happy to be part of your moving process and make it easier.

Bin for moving
While helping you relocate, we are also thinking about our planet

What makes us unique is that we care about our planet while providing you with high-quality moving bins. Your relocation is going to be green because of our eco-friendly moving boxes. Contact us through our website, via phone, or email, and get your environmentally friendly moving bins today!

Our green moving boxes NYC are saving the planet – be a part of it

As our name says, we are more than a company that provides you with moving supplies. Our moving bins are what made us famous, and we will tell you all about them. If you think about all the moving supplies people typically use during the move, you will notice that many materials go to waste. Although cardboard boxes are cheap and light, they often get damaged during transport and are not likely reusable.

In times when every tree should matter, and each person should contribute to saving it, we figured we should help too. While helping our customers move and store their belongings, we decided to be the change we want to see in the world. For this reason, we have created eco-friendly moving boxes, and our customers seem to love them!

eco-friendly moving boxes
Our plastic wardrobe boxes are perfect for packing, moving, and storing your clothes

Have you ever thought of using plastic moving boxes instead of cardboard ones? You probably did, because advantages are so many. Unlike the cardboard ones, our eco-moving boxes are reusable, multi-purpose, and long-lasting. Whether you decide to rent them or keep them, you will be a part of a better and greener world. Therefore, you will not only pick a perfect solution for storing and moving your possessions, but you will also feel good about yourself. Hence, let’s give it some more thought and learn more about our reusable moving totes and other green moving supplies that we offer.

The advantages of using plastic moving bins NYC

  • If you want to have an eco-friendly relocation, our eco-moving boxes are the way to go. Not only are they made from recycled plastic, but they are also the highest-quality reusable moving bins NYC offers. That means that, after the move, you can use them for storing your belongings. Or you can pass them through to your friends and family for their move. Unlike the cardboard boxes, our green moving boxes are not likely to get damaged or broken during the move. They are sturdy and resistant to water and dust. Furthermore, they are not just moving supplies. They are permanent solutions for your moving and storage needs.
  • They are much simpler to use, and loading them is faster. Unlike cardboard boxes, our plastic moving bins you do not need to assemble!
  • They are stackable and straightforward to use – anyone can do it.
  • Plastic bin boxes are a safer and easier solution for packing and transporting your belongings. You do not have to worry about your boxes being crushed when you move. Consequently, this will reduce moving stress and give you peace of mind. That means no more wasting your time building boxes and taping seams. They are simple to use, pack them up, close the lid they are good to go!
  • Since you get to use plastic bin boxes after your relocation, they are incredibly cost-effective. When purchasing cardboard boxes, you are spending a significant amount of money on items you will use only once. On the other hand, our plastic moving containers don’t have to be more expensive at all, but they are much more productive.
  • Most noteworthy, our moving bins are crush-proof. Unlike cardboard boxes, our containers are made from moving boxes plastic. Hence, you can use them for packing and storing fragile and delicate items without worrying about their safety.
  • Time is a luxury nowadays, and we are here to save your time. One of our services is delivering green moving boxes NYC to your home. In this way, you do not have to waste your time purchasing packing materials, because they will come to you. Instead of making several trips to find and buy cardboard boxes and other packing supplies, simply call us. We will be happy to deliver our plastic moving totes directly to your doorstep.

What makes the greatest moving bins NYC offers even greater is that they are multi-purpose

Not all items are the same for packing, and therefore, not all moving tubs should be the same, neither. For this reason, we have designed multi-purpose plastic packing boxes for moving and packing, in several sizes. The main rule for safe packing is finding the right weight balance. That does not mean you should load large plastic moving boxes with heavier items. On the contrary, you should load them with lighter things, such as clothing, sheets, etc. And the best way to keep bulkier items such as kitchen pots and pods, electrical devices, and pottery safe is to pack them in a smaller or medium size plastic bin box.

Our plastic moving boxes are also great for packing your ceramic bowls and other fragile items

Luckily for you, we have reusable plastic moving boxes for every purpose. Our agents will be happy to choose the sizes and amounts that suit best your moving or storing needs. As you can see, our moving bins are not only durable and eco-friendly but are also adjusted to your different needs.

Plastic wardrobe boxes for moving

Having your clothes adequately packed is vital. And since most of these items are light, you can use larger boxes for loading them. For this purpose, you can use our plastic wardrobe boxes for moving and packing. They will keep your clothing dry and safe during transport, and they are easily manageable. And after your relocation, you can conveniently use them for storing seasonal clothes. For instance, you can keep your winter clothes in them during the summer and vice versa. Feel free to store your clothes you will know they are safe.

Stackable bins with lids

Sometimes, we need several smaller boxes instead of one larger one. Especially when we are disassembling our furniture, packing our tools, or some other smaller items. Instead of using regular boxes, we recommend our stackable bins and lids. Using them, you do not have to worry about losing any of your smaller belongings, neither you will have to go through a large box full of many other things to find them. They are sturdy, light, and easy to handle. And you can use them for keeping your tools or hobby items, later.

We want to make your moving process as simple as possible

In order for your relocation to run smoothly, you should have reliable moving partners. When packing supplies are in question, you know where you can find the best plastic moving boxes. There will be no need for you to go around the city in order to find as many boxes as you need. Even if you do this, you will not be only wasting your time. You will also find moving boxes that are not of great quality. And this is precisely what you should focus on in a situation of this kind. When the quality is premium, you will not be worried about the safety of your belongings. This is precisely what is going to happen should you let us be your moving partners.

You can have some of your belongings crated

Custom crating is another one of the services we can provide you with and that can be of great help to you. Namely, if you have some oddly-shaped items that you do not how to pack, this is the best solution. You are going to get a plastic crate that is made precisely for the item or items in question. There will be no need to worry about how to pack those items. Let us know what your requirements are and we are going to do our best to meet them.

If you need to pack some oddly-shaped items, such as chandeliers, it would probably be the best idea to have them crated

This is certainly the most affordable way for packing items of that kind. In addition to this, you will know that they are safe and that they are going to reach their destination with no damage. Either if you are bringing them with you during your relocation or storing them, they are going to remain in perfect condition.

Eco friendly moving boxes can be also used for packing your fragile items

If it happens that you have a large number of fragile items to transport, you can use the highest-quality reusable moving boxes NYC offers. In order for each item to remain undamaged, it is advisable that you choose smaller boxes. In this way, your belongings will not be moving around. Quite the contrary – they are going to be nicely packed in a sturdy container. You can use packing paper and bubble packs to secure them. What you should do is clean the fragile items first, add a layer of protection, and then put them in a box. In case there is some empty space among the items, make sure you fill it. Feel free to make the fragile items fixed as much as possible.

Plastic moving tubs are also at your disposal

As we have already mentioned, using plastic boxes makes your belongings much safer. You know that you can count on small and medium-sized eco friendly moving boxes made of plastic. What you perhaps do not know is that we can also offer you plastic moving tubs. They are larger boxes in which you can pack even more items. For example, they are great for blankets, linen, pillows, etc. Feel free to put items of this kind into vacuum bags first and then into plastic moving tubs. By doing this, you will pack more items and you will need fewer boxes. This certainly is a great solution. Basically, you are going to have a small number of boxes and you will not be polluting the environment. If this is your goal, you can be sure that you are going to achieve it.

Reusable plastic moving boxes and storage

Our offer also includes the highest quality plastic storage bins for moving. Our moving bins are adaptable to all types of storage units. Whether you are renting long or short-term storage, our agents will be glad to help you find an option that suits best your needs. Furthermore, keep in mind that you should pack and protect your belongings adequately before you place them in your storage unit. Storing items in cardboard boxes is an unsafe and expendable solution. They collect dust and moisture, and your possessions can be easily damaged if stored in this type of boxes for extended periods of time.

You do not have to lose your time chasing moving bins. We are going to deliver them to you
You do not have to lose your time chasing moving bins. We are going to deliver them to you

Instead of risking your belongings’ safety, we recommend using the best plastic containers for moving and storage. In plastic bins, your belongings will be permanently protected from moisture, dust, and unforeseen circumstances. That means that if something accidentally falls on top of them, they will be protected by the sturdy walls of our moving bins. Additionally, you can use them for storing clothes, tools, collectibles, equipment, and basically anything inside your home, garage, or storage unit. Hence, when you choose our eco-friendly and reusable moving bins NYC, you are not only getting the best packing and moving supplies but also the best storage solution.

If you do not want to keep them, simply rent them!

Of course, some people need eco friendly moving bins only for packing and moving purposes. And we offer a service that will make the process fast, simple, and easy. Once you order the specific amount of the highest-quality plastic moving boxes NYC offers, we simply deliver them to your doorstep. All reusable moving totes are previously cleaned and sanitized so that you can use them right away! In case you need help with loading and transferring them, Capital City Bins can offer you professional packing and moving advice. This way you can be sure your belongings will be properly protected and safe on the way to your new address. If you wish to do it yourself after all, just call us to pick them up when you are done and settled at your new home. Yes, it is that simple.

If you have some different scenarios on your mind, feel free to tell us. We will be happy to hear your wishes and suggestions, and we will certainly do our best to meet your expectations. We understand every project is different and every customer is unique, so we try to provide each one of you with exceptional care and a unique approach. Our main goal is to find a way to give every customer exactly what they need. Therefore, we are at your disposal for all your questions, requirements, and concerns. Every comment you give us helps us become better at what we do.

What fits in our eco moving boxes

People often ask us what fits in our regular size moving the box, so we have made a little research and found examples that will help you load them with ease. Also, once you have an idea about their size, you can plan your packing and determine how many boxes you need.

So, here is what approximately fits in our reusable plastic moving boxes:

  • Around 30 t-shirts and 15 shorts or
  • 5 winter jackets and 15 sweaters or
  • 50 books or notebooks, or
  • 15-20 pairs of shoes or
  • 10 blankets or
  • A large number of toiletries, figurines, or other small items

Do not hesitate to ask for a free estimate

The first thing that usually comes to mind to people who relocate is how much the entire process is going to cost. When it comes to getting the highest quality moving bins NYC offers, you can be sure that your budget will not suffer.

As a matter of fact, you can see this for yourself – all you should do is ask for a free estimate. You will know in advance for sure that you will not have to get money from your savings account. Our rates are quite competitive, which means that you will get to sleep peacefully.

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Our representatives are always at your disposal for providing you with additional information

Even though we have described our services and the products we offer in great detail, it can easily happen that some piece of information you need is missing. In a situation of this kind, all you should do is get in touch with us. Our representatives are going to help you and provide you with the answers to all of your questions. Naturally, they are going to be as detailed as possible, so that you can get a clearer picture of the matter. Do not hesitate to contact us – we would like you to know that you can count on us for everything.

Best plastic containers for moving are just a click away

The best way to find out more about our high-quality plastic moving containers is to simply get in touch with us. Our agents will be happy to provide you with all the information you might need. If you are not sure how many moving bins you need, we have plenty of experience to help you out with that. Besides, you can easily order plastic bin boxes on our website and start planning your move today!

You can visit us, mail us or give us a call, whichever way of communication you prefer, you can be sure we will answer promptly. And you can be sure we will do our best to fulfill your requirements successfully. Eco-friendly plastic bins are changing the face of the moving industry, and at Capital City Bins we really hope they will change our future as well. Do you want to be part of it? Just call us, the best reusable moving boxes NYC can offer are waiting for you!

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