Dec 1, 2023

5 benefits of renting moving crates when relocating within NYC

5 benefits of renting moving crates when relocating within NYC

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You no longer need to worry about the challenging tasks when it comes to packing and organizing your moving process. With our premium plastic moving bins and green storage bins, this is no longer a concern.

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Isn’t it thrilling to find a new living place in New York? The entire household is getting transferred to a new location! The benefits of renting moving crates when relocating within NYC are endless and it's the safest way to get your items transferred. During the move to a big city, the packing list can go pretty long and reusable moving crates are your best ally for storing them all securely on a trip to NYC. You'll unpack them undamaged and ready to showcase in your new home! And did we mention they are environmentally friendly?

Paint your Big Apple relocation green

If you rent moving crates, your packing process becomes a child's game. They are practical, eco friendly, and suitable for items of all sizes. There's no need for a never-ending search for packing supplies, as you already found them! Don't satisfy with the old-fashioned methods. Get the real deal instead, that provides all these benefits:

  • Eco friendly relocation
  • More durable moving supplies
  • Safer for transport
  • Recyclable packing material
  • Renting moving crates when relocating within NYC is highly sustainable

Renting moving crates for eco friendly relocation within NYC

Green boxes are the top choice for your items and nature welfare. They are made from high-quality plastic that holds your items tight and is very environmentally friendly. You love your household but you also love nature! With plastic moving totes, there’s no need to compromise. Moving waste is reduced to a minimum and you'll be a responsible mover who cares about the environment.

A couple leaning their heads on a globe between them

Save the planet by renting moving crates for your relocation

Pick the most durable packing supplies when moving within NYC

All kinds of treasure can be found in a box of a NYC mover. Your items deserve the most resistant packing supplies and renting moving crates is a perfect solution!The items will reach your new amazing apartment undamaged and fresh. Leakage and spillage are technically impossible to happen during the relocation. So is the breakage of the fragile items. That’s why sturdy packing boxes are a great option for all your belongings.

Renting moving crates protects your items in transport

You'll do everything to secure your household the best you can. Instead of improvising, choose green storage containers that will prevent your items from breaking. They will also assure the items don't fall out of the box while you're carrying them to the new NYC home. Rent the moving supplies from reputable company and put your mind at ease. Even the most delicate items will be securely transferred.

A girl among moving boxes playing with packing materials

By renting moving crates when relocating within NYC you can be sure that your items will arrive safely!

Moving is passable but moving crates last

Cardboard boxes' longevity can't compare to the storage bins you can have now. Though you can still safely put some items in a cardboard box, the quality of the material makes the whole difference. The packing supplies palette is fully reusable and by renting moving crates, you actively support sustainability. Once you relocate your items to a new New York home, the crates still live their lives by serving as someone else's moving adventure. And you can keep up with your eco friendly NYC lifestyle .

Keep the rented moving supplies after relocation!

The main idea of renting moving crates is to set you free of packing materials afterward. We will drive them away from your new home once they served the purpose. But you can also choose to keep them. When you move into the new apartment, you don't always have a clear picture of the amount of storage you'll need. Housewarming party gifts, new items purchased, and pieces you're not sure where to expose might require extra space. At least temporarily. Not only that you get quality moving crates, but also extra storage space!Renting moving crates when relocating within NYC facilitates your move in so many ways. Apart from optimal security the items get during the transport, your moving won't harm the nature and environment you live in. Go for the green packing solution and then you'll know that NYC will appreciate it!