Dec 1, 2023

5 self-storage mistakes to avoid

5 self-storage mistakes to avoid

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There are several reasons why you may decide to rent a self-storage unit for some or all of your belongings. In certain circumstances, extra storage space can be a lifesaver, especially if you're in the middle of a transition like moving home. With self-storage, you have the possibility to store belongings quickly, inexpensively, and safely. Whether long-term or short-term, private or commercial. But most people are making serious mistakes that can jeopardize their belonging when storing them. You need to be careful and pay attention to details. Therefore Capital City Binswill introduce you to the most common 5 self-storage mistakes you need to avoid. From the early planning to the right bins for storing. Here you will find everything you need to know about self-storage.

Self-storage mistakes to avoid - storing without a plan

Everybody who has any organizational skills knows that everything starts with a good plan. The same goes for when you want to store your belongings and rent a self-storage. If you don't have enough time to pack things because you only have time in the evenings and weekends, we recommend you organize a plan. Then you just have to stick to it. People who rent a storage unit are mostly in a hurry. They also pack in a hurry. When they are packed like that, of course, the storage unit will not be organized and tidy. They will not know where their things are and of course, they can damage their belongings in such a disorganized space. That's why you need to plan ahead. Also, take photos and make a list of all the items you are storing.

Self-storage mistakes to avoid

Make a plan and take photos after you store this makes it easier to handle if something does happen.

Storage room - rent extra storage space

If you want to store furniture, files, or other small items, you can rent a storage room. In addition to self-storage providers, moving companies also rent out additional storage space - the latter is often the cheaper option. With the free online service, you can reach several providers of storage space in your region with just one inquiry - both from moving companies and specialized storage providers. Enter the expected duration of storage, the volume of stored goods, and, if applicable, special requirements for the storage space in a short form and submit your inquiry with one click. A short time later, you will receive non-binding offers from the companies.

Inadequate self-storage size

The wrong size of self-storage is also one of the most common self-storage mistakes to avoid. It is extremely important that you choose the right storage size to suit your needs. If you choose larger self-storage, you are wasting money on space that you do not need. However, if you take a smaller self-storage, you risk damaging your belongings. If you just push things in a storage unit to the top you won’t be able to get to the things you need. You will also probably have to rent another unit which will be an additional cost. Choose the unit size carefully. You can do this after counting the number of moving storage bins you want to store. Ask the company for advice on the individual room size you need.

Choosing bad packing material

Also, it is very important that the boxes where you store your belongings are high quality and adequate. Therefore the plastic moving containers are the best solution when you want to store safely your belongings. Both when you move and when you store things, the packaging material is important. Good packaging material will protect your belongings. However, if you use bad packaging material, it can affect whether your items will come out of the storage unit as well as after moving damage. That is why it is important to use quality packaging material. Packaging material does not have to be expensive. There is a lot of packaging material that does not require you to spend a lot of money and they provide excellent protection.

Security and conditions in self-storage

It is best to get a personal impression about security before renting. Some companies offer tours. If the rooms appear unkempt or mold is visible, you should rather avoid this provider. You do not want mold present in your self-storage. Also, pay attention to temperature and humidity. The room climate should be neither too hot nor too cold and not damp or even musty. Ask the provider about locks and access controls. Your private belongings should also be protected from prying eyes by a privacy screen.

Padlock on wooden door

Extra security: Some companies have video surveillance and alarm systems.

Self-storage mistakes to avoid - the wrong location

As a rule of thumb, self-storage facilities in larger cities are more expensive than their counterparts in rural areas. However, the big question you need to ask yourself is how often you plan to access the items you want to place in storage. If you plan to make frequent trips to your things, then choosing storage that is relatively far from your home will often be a bad idea because you will spend more time on the road. Let's not forget the money you pay for fuel, which can gradually inflate the monthly bill you can afford. If you're sure you won't need your stored items on a regular basis, then choosing a storage facility that's outside your local area or city limits can be a smart financial decision.

Storage units

One of the self-storage mistakes to avoid is choosing a location of storage that doesn't fit you.In the end, the final price you pay per month is estimated after you add features that are extra - climate-controlled units are obviously more expensive. Only the storage unit company can give you an accurate price quote so you can really weigh things out and decide if you want to be done with your plan or not. Get in touch with us today and we will provide quality packaging material. With us, you do not have to worry about the price.