Dec 1, 2023

5 ways to cozy up your new NYC apartment

5 ways to cozy up your new NYC apartment

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When the real state listings say cozy, for NYC apartment that means small. You took it since it was the only apartment your budget could handle. So now, you have ended up in the cozy apartment and your turn is to make it comfortable. You can cozy up your new NYC apartment by using minimalistic furniture, less staff, more light, for example. Still, make sure to get permission from your landlord for all the changes that you are planning. In order to transfer all the necessary accessories so that you can make your apartment cozier, don't hesitate to hire Capital City Bins to assist you.

Cozy up your new NYC apartment, but make a checklist first

Some things, as permanent fixtures, for example, will probably stay the same. However, with proper accessories and furnishings, your NYC apartment will get a new homelike vibe. Make sure to use eco friendly moving boxes to transfer all the necessary accessories that will make your apartment beautiful. At the same time, you will make your apartment cozy and protect the environment. Let's check out 5 most approachable ways to do so:

  • warm colors
  • lightning
  • textiles
  • plush furniture
  • just a bit of personal touch

Using warm colors is definitely one of the most popular methods how you can cozy up your new NYC apartment

Some people don't like the red color. Especially in the apartments, they claim it is not natural. However, for the NYC apartment, red can be a great choice. Also, bringing in the wood type of colors and wooden furniture with different shades of brown can help. If there is some color, which you consider not so good for your new apartment, feel free to use high-quality storage bins to make more space in your new home. Don't be afraid to be bold in your choices! It is your home after all.

Sofa and accessories in the creative living room

In order to cozy up your new NYC apartment make sure to use nice colors and nice accessories


Even if you are not a professional in decorating homes, you are aware that soft lighting indeed makes your apartment more pleasant. Using flor and table lamps will give your living room a spark of life. The energy-efficient bulbs are a great solution since you are both saving energy and making your apartment more spacious and cozier at the same time.


Fabric touches can really change the impression of a room. Especially when you are using nice textures for pillows, rugs, and drapes. Drapes are really very important since their combination of softness and texture can really make your apartment pleasant and cozy. A set of crushed velvet throw pillows could be a great choice for you. The rug that looks a bit rustic will also save the day.

Plush furniture

In case you need help with transferring your smaller furniture and additional items, don't hesitate to contact one of the best companies for renting the boxes, or even buying them. Depending on what you need, a great company can really be of great help. Especially chairs and sofa need to be plush and kind of make you want to sit and nap during the lazy afternoon hours.

A bit of a personal touch

No matter how and when you will tidy up your new place, make sure your home reflects your personality. Don't think of it as something that you need to do. Don't even try to copy the tips from magazines or similar. Just have in mind that this place needs to be pleasant for you to spend time with.

A girl sitting on a window looking at NYC buildings

Your apartment is your safe space, make it cozy and pleasant for yourselfAll in all, NYC is a city where dreams can become true. You have probably come here in search of your American dream. Therefore, don't be afraid of the obstacles and if something is not like you imagined. Just grab this opportunity of a lifetime and cozy up your new NYC apartment! Then go step by step in chasing your dreams and putting them into reality.