Dec 1, 2023

7 eco-friendly packing ideas

7 eco-friendly packing ideas

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Going green with your moving process is becoming more and more important in recent times. Pollution is everywhere and we need to do our part to reduce it as much as we can. That is why Capital City Bins offers eco-friendly solutions with our plastic moving bins. But apart from that, you can do a lot to make your move more environmentally friendly. Today we are going to be talking about just that. We will provide you with our 7 eco-friendly packing ideas, right here in this article.

Top 7 eco-friendly packing ideas

Without further ado, here are our suggestions:

  1. Reusable boxes
  2. Top eco-friendly packing idea - Get free cardboard boxes
  3. Use newspapers and packing paper as a cushion
  4. One of the eco-friendly packing ideas - Wrap sensitive and fragile items into moving blankets
  5. Use your old clothes as a protective layer when packing
  6. Sheets, linens, and rags are very useful for packing and protection
  7. Hire an eco-friendly moving company

Of course, by using as many of these ideas you will create a relocation that is as ecologically friendly as possible. You can always amp it up and use plastic packing boxes for moving, as well. But for the most part, following these suggestions is going to do a lot for the environment.

a couple packing for the relocation, moving boxes around them

Reusable moving boxes are a great start.

Reusable boxes

The first idea on our list is to utilize reusable boxes for your relocation. By not purchasing new boxes, you are not supporting the cutting of additional trees. If we all did this, there will be a lot more greenery on the planet. Another big benefit of these boxes is their price. You can acquire them for much cheaper than brand new boxes. Couple this with green moving supplies and you're golden. A great way of acquiring these boxes for free is to visit your local stores. And once you're done with them, you can donate these boxes to organizations that will send them towards the next relocation. Sharing is caring, after all!

Top eco-friendly packing idea - Get free cardboard boxes

We mentioned that you can get free boxes from your local convenience stores. This is actually the best way to both save money on your relocation and go green at the same time. You will want to visit the stores your frequent the most, to start with. They will give you the highest chance of obtaining these containers. However, even remote stores will usually net you a box or two. Visit enough of them and you will soon have all the moving containers that you need. And the best part is that you will not be contributing to the demand for cardboard boxes. Therefore, you will fulfill the requirements for a green move!

Use newspapers and packing paper as a cushion

You are going to need to cushion, or pad, each box. A green way of doing so is to utilize the materials that you already have. Newspapers are perfect for this occasion, but you need to be careful as they do have traces of lead. You can't use them for every single box. For all the other boxes you can freely use packing paper. Again, it is always best if you find used packing paper as opposed to purchasing a new roll. Lastly, if you utilize storage bins, you will need less of this material. Every little bit helps, after all.

One of the eco-friendly packing ideas - Wrap sensitive and fragile items into moving blankets

Here's an idea that is both eco-friendly and highly convenient. You can utilize moving blankets to great effect when protecting your fragile belongings. Simply wrap them, one at a time, with moving blankets and your items will be much more secure. These blankets are quite eco-friendly, as well. By using them as your protective sheathing, you will have maximum protection, while respecting the needs of an environmentally-friendly relocation. Additionally, moving blankets are great for providing cushioning for your furniture, as well. They are multi-purpose and a great addition to every relocation.

a blanket on the bed

Moving blankets are great weapons in your moving arsenal.

Use your old clothes as a protective layer when packing

If you really want to maximize the protection, you can add another layer of defense to your boxes. Instead of purchasing dedicated packing materials, however, you can use some of your old clothing for that purpose. This will both protect your items even further while being the best option for a green move. Besides, you will find a use for all the clothes that have been hanging in your closet for ages. That is always a good thing!

Sheets, linens, and rags are very useful for packing and protection

You might have noticed a big trend in our suggestions. It is all about providing maximum protection for your items. Another great way of doing so is by utilizing your old linens, sheets, and even rags as padding and cushioning. The best part about these materials is that they are able to conform to boxes of any size. The way you want to use them is to fill in the blank space within your moving containers. Once you finish padding your box, try to rattle it a bit. If you don't hear any sound, you've done an amazing job!

male in a white shirt holding bed sheets

Sheets are awesome for both filling the empty space within the box and further securing your belongings.

Hire an eco-friendly moving company

Lastly, you may want to hire a company that is environmentally conscious. They will make sure that their procedures are best in line with protecting our planet. They might use electric vehicles, for example, or only deal with reusable supplies. As far as eco-friendly packing ideas go, hiring a green moving company is almost a must. They will make your move a lot smoother and set your mind at ease. Green moving companies can provide plenty of advice for your own efforts, as well. Finally, you can obtain much of the necessary supplies from them. These movers are an ideal moving partner for your eco-friendly relocation.