Packing tips for your long-distance move

Packing tips for your long-distance move

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If you have the correct moving supplies, your relocation will go more smoothly. Choosing cardboard boxes and packing material, on the other hand, generally takes a back place to find the best moving firms. Here at Capital City Bins, we've compiled a list of packing tips for your long-distance move. You'll find everything you need to transport large and small appliances, from packing materials and plastic wrap to accessories.When relocating far away, you need to make sure that your possessions are protected the best way, so you need:

  • Essentials for packing
  • Appliances and furniture packing
  • Cleaning materials
  • Other small supplies

Basics to pack - packing tips for your long-distance move

Boxes - essentianls in packing tips for your long-distance move

Plastic moving boxes are by far the most critical item you'll need. To make packing easier, we recommend acquiring a range of box sizes and types. Get small boxes for heavier objects, such as books, and large boxes for light, bulky items, such as pillows or blankets, at the very least. For fragile items like plates, medium boxes with box dividers are ideal.You can sometimes find free boxes on websites like Freecycle or Craigslist if you want to save money and have the time to conduct some investigation. When people are done with their used moving boxes, they frequently advertise them on Craigslist. If you by this method, mind that old boxes may not have the same structural integrity as new boxes, so pack carefully.

a couple surrounded by boxes

Make sure you label all of your boxes properly


You don't want to just stuff everything in a box, of course. To protect fragile goods like your tableware, use foam wrap sheets. Wrap with air bubbles is ideal for encasing larger or unusually shaped breakables.Newspaper is another cost-effective choice. Simply save your newspaper for a few weeks, or ask your neighbors for theirs once they've finished reading them. Just keep in mind that newspaper doesn't have the same level of cushioning as good packing supplies. Therefore save it for the most fragile objects.

Material labeling

As you pack, make sure to label your boxes. Everyone has their own method: some love the simplicity of writing on a box, while others prefer to use colored stickers to create a color code. Try these moving labels for a highly visible and straightforward answer. Whatever method you pick, make sure the boxes are labeled on all sides.

Tape for packing

While you may be tempted to use the cheapest packing tape you can find, we advocate investing a few dollars on better tape. Cheap tape is frequently too thin to be used easily, and it has poor sticking power. Stick with well-known brands. To save money, use a tape gun to dispense tape fast, and buy your packing tape in bulk rolls. You may not think you'll need a lot of tape, but you'll need more than you think. Quality moving packs are important, even if it means that you have to spend an extra dollar.

man taping a box

Packing tips for your long-distance move: Use high-quality packing supplies

Rope or cargo straps

Use cargo straps or rope to keep your belongings from shifting around when you load your moving truck. Unsecured goods have the potential to move and cause damage. Cargo straps allow you to secure your moving crates NYC to the moving truck's side or to each other. Simply ensure that your straps are thick enough to hold heavy items in place without breaking.

You'll need these things if you're hauling furniture

Furniture pads are useful for protecting large pieces of furniture. Using a pad to protect your dresser might make the difference between it looking brand new and having a giant gouge on the top that you notice every time you try to retrieve socks.While furniture pads are available for purchase, we recommend renting them. A moving firm will normally sell you a dozen pads for between $10 and $20, which is roughly the same price as buying a single pad. You can also use blankets as a cost-effective alternative. Just don't expect your blankets to make it through the relocation undamaged.Protect your furniture with these plastic covers that glide on over it. While these coverings don't provide much in the way of padding, they do help to keep your belongings clean and prevent damage to the surface. Covers can also help you keep your guarantee on high-priced items such as beds. Get mattress bags and couch covers at the very least. Simply drape the covers over your mattress or couch and secure them with tape.

Hand trucks and dollies

Unless you expect to move a lot of furniture on a frequent basis and have a lot of storage space, we recommend renting hand trucks and dollies from a moving company rather than buying them. A dolly or hand truck can be rented for less than $20, which is far less than the cost of purchasing one.Instead of using a dolly, consider employing wearable moving straps to transport big things up and down multiple flights of stairs. These straps make moving large goods easier for you and a friend. To avoid injury from abuse, make sure you read the directions.

person putting wrap with air bubbles around a dish

Wrap with air bubbles is a good way to protect your things

Set of tools

You may not want to remove your dining table, but when you're attempting to fit everything into the moving truck, you may change your mind. Disassembling your table or any other furniture you need to deal with is straightforward with a simple tool kit. Keep your tools on hand in case you need to reassemble your furniture in your new location.

Wrap yourself in a stretchy blanket - packing tips for your long-distance move

You can use the stretch wrap for a variety of purposes when it comes to relocating. We recommend using it to keep drawers on dressers and nightstands closed. You can also use it to protect furniture from scratches and other surface damage, particularly wood pieces.With these things, you can get your deposit returned.

Summing up

We hope these packing tips for your long-distance move have been helpful. Even though we understand that saving money is important, consider spending some extra money to get high-quality supplies. Make sure you get your supplies beforehand, so the whole moving process will become easier. We wish you luck with your move!