Dec 1, 2023

All the purposes of plastic bins

All the purposes of plastic bins

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Nearly 50 years ago, a famous line was uttered in a movie The Graduate - "The future is plastics". This watershed movie predicted our present in that one, simple sentence. Plastic products are all around us and have many uses. However, it is necessary to point out that modern plastics are nowadays greener but they have still maintained those positive features for which people want to use them. Because of this, plastic storage bins have become one of the most popular plastic products! But hey, let's take one step at the time. In this article, we'll inform you more about plastic, recycling, and we'll tell you all about the many purposes of plastic bins. Read carefully and you'll find out how to use your bins in the smartest way possible!

Plastics - the good, the bad, and the ugly

There was a time when everything that was made out of plastics was immediately considered to be of low quality and harmful for our environment. However, things are changing for the better. Even though we are still in search of the best ways for reducing plastic pollution, some plastics are now more eco-friendly. They can be recycled! Therefore, these types of plastics are great for those who want to make their lives greener. But still, some kinds of plastics are harmful and are still being used in large numbers. Some can leach toxic chemicals into our food and, when dumped in landfills, into our earth and water. Pretty scary, right? So, how to tell good and bad plastics apart? To do so, you'll need to remember the plastics codes. Bellow, you'll find all you need to know about the good, the bad, and the ugly plastic types.

  1. PET or PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) - easily recycled
  2. HDPE (high-density polyethylene) - easily recycled
  3. PVC or Vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) - can't be recycled
  4. LDPE (low-density polyethylene) - recyclable at recycling centers
  5. PP (polypropylene) - recyclable in some curbside programs
  6. PS (polystyrene) - recyclable in some curbside programs, can leach styrene, which is a neurotoxin
  7. Other plastics - some can be recycled while others can't
Types of plastics and their levels of recyclability

How is recycled plastic useful to us?

In order to keep our planet safe, we need to recycle as much as possible. And we're not talking just about plastics packagings. We are surrounded by plastic! We have it in our homes, offices, transportation... Thus, our duty is to at least use containers that are made of recycled plastic in order to live in a more eco-friendly way. If you're not familiar with the process of recycling, or you want to learn more about it, you can do it by visiting the website of the United Nations Environment Programme or try and get in touch with them.

Different kind of plastic packaging.

Some types of plastics take anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years to degrade in a landfill.Did you know that recycling plastic takes about 88% less energy than making it from raw materials? Researches show that only about 25% of plastic is recycled in the USA. If we recycled the other 75% we could save more than 44 million cubic yards of landfill and 1 billion gallons of oil annually! So with just one ton of recycled plastic, we can save:

  • 5,774 kWh of electricity
  • 98 million BTU’s of energy
  • 685 gallons of oil
  • 30 cubic yards of landfill space

Modern plastic is safer, greener, and can be used for different containers, such as plastic bins, but also for other things. Recyclable materials help us reduce pollution and help us create a better and safer environment for all of us.

One ton of recycled plastic will save

Why should you use plastic bins?

There are so many purposes of plastic bins! They are made out of quality materials and that's why so many people decide to get a couple of bins for themselves. Even people who relocate now have the option to rent moving supplies and use plastic bins to safely relocate their precious possessions to the new location. Unfortunately, there are still some people who aren't aware of the fact that plastic bins aren't made of bad plastic. This is why they avoid using them. However, we're here to inform everybody about plastic bins and how you can use them.So, what is so special about them? Well, plastic bins are:

  • Safe - whether you want to use your plastic bins for the relocation or to store some documents, your items will be safe inside them. Plastic bins are better than cardboard packagings and can survive the humidity, dirt, and other things that could ruin your belongings.
  • Hygienic - these containers keep everything that's inside free of contamination. All you have to do is seal them properly.
  • Durable - plastic bins are of the highest quality! You can use them for relocations without worrying whether they'll survive the move.
  • Secure - plastic bins can survive a lot, they have a sealing mechanism which is what makes them so great. For example, you can put some meds inside bins and seal them so that your kids can't open them.
  • Lightweight - there's nothing worse than having a container that's heavy even when it's empty. However, plastic bins are lighter than other alternatives to cardboard boxes.

The most common purposes of plastic bins

We can all agree that plastic bins are pretty awesome! You should know that they come in various sizes so make sure to learn what fits in a plastic moving bin in order to plan smartly how to use it. As we have already told you, these bins are multifunctional. You can use them in so many ways but we'll list some of the most common ones. Read carefully and who knows, you might think of the even better way of using your plastic bins! So, what are the most common purposes of plastic bins?

Getting rid of the clutter in your home

Whether you have been living in your current home for more or less than 1 year, we're sure you have some items you don't use or you're using them from time to time. These kinds of items create chaos in your home and make it look messy and dirty. But don't feel bad about it. You're not the only one! All of us have one or more rooms that are hoarded with all sorts of things. Fortunately, you can make your home beautiful and clutter-free in two steps: you'll need to declutter, and you'll want to get plastic bins to organize every room. And how do Americans normally handle their clutter? Stats say we can definitely do better!

  • On average, we spend 1.5 hours a day looking for things in our homes
  • 80% of the things we own, we rarely use
  • 80% of the clutter in our homes is the result of disorganization and not lack of space
  • 50% of homeowners rated their garage as the room with the most clutter
  • About 40% of housework will be eliminated after decluttering
A short perspective of clutter in American homes

Organizing every room in your home with ease

You can use plastic bins to store everything from hardware to crafts! Since you can find them in various sizes, they're a great solution for all of you who want to keep their homes clean and chaos-free. We have noticed that there are so many people who've decided to organize the kitchen with the help of plastic bins. We have to add that this is a great idea! Plastic bins can help you keep your work areas clean, perishable food fresh, and they're great for keeping small utensils in one place in kitchen cabinets.

A kitchen

With the help of plastic bins, every room in your home can be tidy.There's one more room in which you'll want to use plastic bins in order to keep it tidy. That's right, we're talking about the garage! There so doubt that this is the messiest room in our homes. However, by using plastic bins, you'll be able to carefully organize all your shelves and keep it that way. Quality plastic bins will be able to hold all of your tools, car parts, and everything else you have in your garage. One of the best purposes of plastic bins is keeping messy rooms, such as the garage, tidy!

Maximizing your space

In case you have some items that you want to store, make sure to get plastic bins for storing. This will help you pack your things for a green storage unit! Plastic bins will keep everything safe and secure while they're inside the storage unit. All you have to do is pack everything properly and you won't have to worry about the safety of your belongings. By using plastic bins for storing, you'll maximize the space in your home!Also, you can even use your plastic bins as drawers in your bedroom or other parts of your home. Plastic bins can be great for keeping your kids' toys in one place. As soon as you put away these kinds of items with the help of plastic bins, you'll realize how big your home will look. As you can see, plastic bins are great for organizing spaces and making them look bigger. They are perfect both for homes and offices!

Off-season clothing storage

There's no need for keeping your winter clothes in your closets during the hot months. This will only create chaos in your wardrobes! You won't be able to find your favorite t-shirt or shorts because your winter jacket will be laying all over them. Instead of having messy closets, use plastic bins as an off-season clothing storage. This is only one of the ways of creating additional storing space in your home! So, you should store winter clothes during the summer and summer clothes during the winter. By doing this, you'll have a clean and tidy wardrobe. However, make sure that everything is dry and clean before placing your clothes or shoes inside plastic bins. This will keep your belongings away from humidity, pests, and other things that could ruin them.

Archiving important documents

What's so great about plastic bins is the fact that you can use them in your home but also in your office! You can organize your whole office with a couple of plastic bins. In addition to this, you can use plastic bins for archiving different kinds of documents and files. In order to do so, you should determine the size of the bins you're going to need and come up with the system of placing your documents. For example, you should place your current documentation in bins that are closer to you so that you can access them whenever you need them.

One of the most common purposes of plastic bins is using them for archiving documentation.

Even the most important documentation can be placed in plastic bins.

Relocating with the help of plastic bins

When it comes to the most common purposes of plastic bins, we just have to point out how they can be useful during the process of relocation. By getting one of the best plastic containers for moving, you'll make sure that all of your items will be safely relocated to the new location! And this is not all! You'll also relocate in a more eco-friendly way.If you decide to use them for your upcoming move, you won't be drowning in leftover cardboard boxes after the relocation. Instead, you can rent your plastic bins, use them for the big move, and then return them. By using plastic bins you can say goodbye to messy relocations! In addition to this, these bins are sturdy enough to keep all of your possessions safe and secure during transportation. Even your fragile items will be able to survive the move! And this is exactly why you'll want to use fewer cardboard boxes and more plastic bins when you have to relocate everything you own.So, there you have it. These are the most common purposes of plastic bins! As you can see, they're quite useful both for households and office spaces. Even though we have written their most common purposes, we're sure that you'll come up with more of them. If you do, feel free to let us know about them. And, if you want to get plastic bins of the highest quality for your upcoming move, get in touch with us! We're looking forward to hearing from you!