Dec 1, 2023

Alternative in-house storage ideas for small home

Alternative in-house storage ideas for small home

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With housing prices only going up, buying or renting a bigger home is not a possibility for many. For others, living in a smaller unit is not the question of finances, but a choice. Such spaces are easier to clean and come with much cheaper monthly costs. Still, the limited storage space can really become an issue. So alternative in-house storage ideas for small home always comes handy. See how with some basic moving supplies and a little creativity you can transform your living space.

Take advantage of plastic bins

These days, there are a lot of options when it comes to storage solutions, but nothing beats the good old plastic moving bins NYC has to offer. They are very practical and keep your things safe from rodents and weather conditions. They can be conveniently tucked under the bed or behind the furniture.

Small home

There is hidden storage space all-around your home.Better yet, you can hide them in plain sight. With a bit of creative thinking, you can transform plastic bins into a decoration.Here are some examples of how to do it:

  • Tape the bins with the decorative wallpapers - Choose the favorite print of self-adhesive wallpapers and tape the body and the lid of the plastic bins. You will get a beautiful storage box that doesn't compromise the beauty of your home.
  • Use the rope - You can do wonders with simple, thicker rope. Start from the bottom of the bin and tape the rope all around it, until you reach the top. When it comes to the lid, cut and tape the rope vertically.

Wrap the bins in fabric - Make your plastic bins a part of the furniture. Use the same type of fabric as the sofa. By simply taping it with fabric glue, you will get the storage space that can double as the tabouret for resting legs.

Scissors - all you need to implement in-house storage ideas for small home

Turn the ugly plastic bin into a unique decorative piece.

Sofa storage is one of the best in-house storage ideas for small home

Sofa with a storage unit underneath it is a lifesaver when living in a small home.It has a wide section that lifts up to reveal a huge area that’s capable of holding several dozen large files or many cushions, clothing items, covers or pillows.The bigger ones even have enough space to store eco friendly moving boxes that you don't want to get rid of.

Make use of shelves

For maximizing floor space while gaining extra storage capacity in your home, shelves are a perfect solution. To avoid the room looking cluttered, use large mirrors, intuitive lighting and bright colors on the walls to give the illusion of the room being larger than it is.


Your walls can be excellent storage.

Under-bed boxes and bags are also great in-house storage ideas for small home

The concept of Feng Shui says that space underneath should be empty, to allow the flow of energy and air. However, when it comes to living in a small apartment, that's not a possibility. It will cost you valuable storage space.Place your seasonal clothes or heavy blankets into sealed boxes or zippable vacuum bags. Put them neatly underneath your bed and make your apartment tidier.