Dec 1, 2023

Best organizing tips to speed up unpacking

Best organizing tips to speed up unpacking

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Once your belongings arrive safely at your new home, the hardest part of your move is over. Still, don't get comfortable just yet. There is that pesky task of unpacking. While you can delay it, you can't jump over those reusable plastic moving boxes forever. It is best to tackle them while your adrenaline is still high. You might be exhausted, but the sooner you start the sooner will everything be at its place. Here are some tips that can help you to speed up unpacking.

A precise plan will speed up unpacking

If you can't wait to tackle those cardboard boxes and plastic moving bins NYC, hold on for a second. Sit down, clear your mind and make an unpacking plan. Everything is easier when you have a precise plan of action. It will allow you to speed up unpacking and also make less mess in the process.Here's a good example of the unpacking plan:

  • Dividing all the boxes into categories
  • First unpacking boxes containing the necessities
  • Next, tackle the lighter boxes first in order to prevent the heavy ones from falling over.
  • Stacking smaller empty boxes into bigger ones when unpacking is over
  • Cleaning your home
Women making a plan to speed up unpacking

It is important to take some time and make an unpacking plan since it will save you a lot of energy.

Unpacking by rooms - a great tip to speed up unpacking

Regarding strategies, it will speed up unpacking if you categorize your boxes by the room they belong to. Unpacking by rooms is the quickest and most effective way.Simply place the boxes containing the items from one room in that room. Separate all boxes and bins in the corresponding room and drag them there.Then, choose one and start with unpacking. It is a good idea to start with the biggest room in your home. Preferably, the one that is in the middle of your new home. It will be easier to move around and sort things this way. Once you tackle the biggest room and complete its unpacking, the smaller room will appear as much easier task to conquer.Still, the priorities are more important than room size. Since you have to rest and maintain hygiene, bathroom and bedroom should be the first on your agenda.

Start each room with unpacking the necessities

Now that you know the best unpacking strategies, it is time to get to work. Surely, you should start unpacking every room with the necessities. If you have a general box of necessities, it should be the first to get your hands on.Meaning when unpacking your bedroom, bed linen and pillows should come first. Rugs, carpets, and decorative items can wait. The bathroom is the same story - unpack all the cleaning products, cosmetic products, and towels, leaving the rest for later.


You can survive a few days without the bathroom mirror and decoration.

Speed up unpacking by sorting boxes into categories

Besides unpacking by rooms, you can do it by categorizing and prioritizing the items. For example, you can unpack all the soft fabrics together which will include sheets, towels, pillows, and kitchen cloths. Or by unpacking all the books that belong in different rooms.Still, keep in mind that this system only has a sense if you have items in the same way. Otherwise, it can create a lot of confusion and clutter. You can end up tripping on used moving supplies, which will make your unpacking less effective and slower.

The decoration can wait

Decorative details are giving life and personality to every home. It is fun trying to find a perfect place for every candle and ceramic sculpture. Still, this should go at the end of the unpacking process.When you take out all the miscellaneous, you will make the mess that certainly won't speed up your unpacking. Quite otherwise. It will create chaos and you won't know what to put where.That is why the decoration should be the last on your list. Focus on the more important belongings that you will need right away. Place the big items before you move on to decorating your home. Doing it reversely will be a waste of your time and energy. The energy that you will need to handle post-move paperwork after the unpacking.

Take a break from time to time

Once you get over the unpacking process, it will be the end of your relocation. Knowing that you will probably force yourself to do it more rapidly.Don't force yourself beyond your limits - take a breather once in a while.Your body and your mind need rest, so give them that from time to time. Try to relax in order to recharge your batteries. On the contrary, the whole process can become too overwhelming for you.Your stress levels will be through the roof, and it will effetely poorly on your mode and overall health.From that point, it is a slippery slope that can even lead to post-relocation depression. It is a real and serious condition, which will suck away all the joy and excitement from your move. Since the unpacking is the last of the moving choirs, the pressure and unrealistic schedule that you set for yourself can ruin all the benefits of your move.

Sad man

Don't let despair to take over - give yourself a break and do the things that make you happy.In order to avoid this, give yourself a break. Use some of the stress management techniques or enjoy some outdoor activity. A quick walk around the block will also do wonders for your mood.Anytime you start to feel overwhelmed, take a step back from the opened moving boxes. It is a sign that you have to go to clear your head and take a deep breath. When you get reenergized, it will be easier to speed up unpacking and finish your moving process.