Best tips for packing for storage

Best tips for packing for storage

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Are you moving to another state, cleaning clutter, or just moving to a smaller house? These are all the occasions when people tend to rent a storage unit in order to save up some space. In order to do so, you will need to know how to pack and transport all of your belongings. It might sound easy on the paper, but that is just because you have never tried to do it on your own. If you don't have a proper plan, this process can get exhausting and time-consuming. To prevent that, we are going to share the best tips for packing for storage.

Storage units

First of all, we need to talk about storage units. Renting storage units is a very common practice amongst people, and it's estimated that 10% of total household rents them. Yearly, it accumulates almost $40 billion believe it or not! On the other hand, there are a few things to keep in mind when trying to find a perfect suit for you. Firstly, location is important. It's the first thing you see when searching for units and the first impression is crucial. Also, you can see whether it has a good security system or not. Secondly, depending on your needs, there are several types of storage that you can rent. For example, if you want to store some of your valuable belongings, we recommend using eco moving boxes and putting them into climate-controlled storage. That way, your items will remain in mint condition.

Storage units

Choose the type of storage unit based on your needs!

List of types of storage units

We are going to list some of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing a storage unit.

  • Climate-controlled units
  • Indoor storage option
  • Commercial storage
  • Vehicle storage
  • Portable storage containers
  • Warehouse

Things you should do before we talk about tips for packing for storage

Before we talk about tips for packing for storage, we need to go over a few things in order to make this process easier for you. First things first, a plan is the most important thing. Without the plan, you will go in circles and you'll waste time. The next thing you need to focus on is the bulkiness of your items because you don't want to have more items than you can fit into the storage. Additionally, you need to plan how are you going to fit everything in it. You can use large plastic moving boxes which can save you a lot of space. Last but not least, color-coding and labeling your boxes might help you navigate easier later on.Don't forget to check whether it's climate-controlled and before you move your goods and chattels into it, make sure to clean the storage unit thoroughly.

People packing items into boxes

One of the most useful tips for packing for storage is to use plastic boxes!

Tips for packing for storage

One of the crucial things is to stay organized throughout the entire process. Make sure to write down everything you've put in crates and don't forget to label them on the side as well as on the top. Additionally, if you, for example, want to store some valuable vases or lamps, make sure to put "fragile" signs. These are just some tips from professionals on how to make sure nothing happens to your belongings. Also, when choosing boxes for storage, don't choose more than 2 sizes. That way, it will be much easier for you to stack them on top of one another and you will save space.

Your personal belongings

There are a few tips and tricks we have for you when it comes to personal belongings. If you have some valuable possessions, you have to check whether the storage unit is climate-controlled. People tend to overlook that and then they wonder why something unexpected happened to their items. If you are a book worm and you want to get rid of a bunch of old books from your room. There are several things to consider when it comes to packing books. On the other side, if you have worthy pictures or paintings, avoid storing them on the floor. The best-case scenario is if they are stored upright and in a cool, dry place. Of course, it's a good practice to store them in sealed boxes to protect them from dust.

A sofa in the room

Be extra careful when packing furniture for the storage unit!

Packing furniture for the storage

You should take extra care when it comes to storing the furniture. Try avoiding plastic covets since they can trap moisture and make mold. Instead, you should think of covering it with old sheets or some kind of quilt. If not done properly, dust can cause stains over the course of time. Yet, if you need tape coverings, don't do it directly on furniture since it can cause paint or fabric removal.

Organize your storage based on the priority

Remember when we talked about how you should make a plan? One of the things on that list should be the priority of the belongings you are planning to store. Take a list, highlight the items you think you will need often. Will you need old paintings that often? Or will you need winter coats during the summertime? That being said, try organizing your storage unit based on how frequently are you going to you certain things. Belongings you think you will need more often should be stored in front of others. That way, they are easily accessible at all times.

Things to keep in mind

When talking about tips for packing for storage, we have to talk about maximizing space. That being said, when storing your possessions, start at the bottom and then stack up. Remember, havier items go first and lighter ones go on top. Additionally, you can save up a lot of space by using shelves if they are provided in the unit you choose to rent. Alternatively, you can purchase hanging shelves and install them on your own.