Dec 1, 2023

The best way to unpack after moving

The best way to unpack after moving

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To relocate is tricky. So is how to hire a reputable moving company ensuring you don’t end up ripped off. If you’re easy prey, shady movers will be eager to take advantage of it. On second thought, it makes sense, doesn’t it? Knowing this, opt for Capital City Bins. Trying to carry out an impeccable move might come back and bite you. Picking the right part of the year is tiring because you can always come up with dozens of reasons why you shouldn’t relocate at that time. Choosing suitable moving supplies is thorny as well. Also, downsizing might be too stressful owning to being sentimentally attached to your household item regardless of not using them frequently. The mere fact you own them is emotionally soothing. What no one seems to pay any attention to, however, is how to unpack after moving.

How to unpack after moving properly?

To unpack after moving is no joke

Make use of a photo shoot so as not to forget anything

Relocation bears the risk of forgetting your items. Checking whether they are all accounted for is why some of them occasionally slip our mind. To minimize the possibility of disregarding any, take a pic of the item before you pack it. To put it in other words, take advantage of photo shooting. That way items are hardly going to fly under your radar. It expedites unpacking because you don’t have to waste time remembering whether you’ve packed something or not. In contrast, you can simply check it on the spot. This way, odds of an item banishing of your thoughts are slim to none.

How to unpack when moving? Go through your inventory checklist

Compiling an inventory moving checklist is a good idea to keep tabs of your belongings when moving. Consequently, you should have it at hand when unpacking. This way you can check whether the items match the list as you are unpacking the sea of moving boxes. You can also put a double tick in a different color next to an object to mark it’s reached your new home. This action prevents you from falsely accusing movers of stealing or losing your possessions you’ve simply overlooked. Compiling a list should be your priority when relocating. If you take no notice of an item, you can count on forgetting it.

the red-lettered checklist with boxes to be checked and space tolist your belongings when packing

Compile an inventory checklist to unpack after moving successfully

What’s the best way to unpack after moving? Plan the unpacking schedule

First and foremost, you should come up with a way to unpack everything without being ready to drop. For this reason, you could benefit from establishing some sort of unpacking strategy. As a result, you should unpack your household essentials rather quickly. One of the ways to this is to use different colors for boxes containing your belongings. That way you’ll know which box belongs to different rooms in the house instead of opening one by one searching the one you actually need. Doing this means unpacking will be less time-consuming than it would be otherwise. Diving into each and every box looking for a specific one makes you knackered. That’s why you should replace with a more efficient system.

Use a numbering system

If you prefer digits, you might use a numbering system to reduce the time spent unpacking. This system, however, requires previous planning. To illustrate, once you pack your bedroom stuff, for example, you should write down a number on a box or storage bin. It denotes how many of them you should unpack previously. If you write the number one on a box, you should unpack it first. It’s wise to unpack the bathroom box first for obvious reasons. Next, get down to unpacking the kitchen box. Move on unpacking the bedroom box, etc. Don’t forget to add numbers accordingly.

White numbers on red surface

One of the ways to unpack after moving is to use a numbering system

Make the items’ dimensions the deciding unpacking factor

One of the criteria of how to unpack properly is the size of your possessions. Some people choose to get bulky items over with first. If so, figure out how to pack huge tables, drawers, garden equipment, and other inconveniently shaped objects. It goes without saying packing heavy items is tricky due to myriads of tiny screws making them safe. So is unpacking them. With this in mind, you should bag and tag them in separate plastic bags or any other container where you can place them until it’s time you used them again. When you’re through with unpacking big objects, start unwrapping the smaller ones. Make a plan prior to unpacking takes place. Are you going to unpack TV and stereo first? Or kitchen appliances? What about a washing machine? Have you thought about a refrigerator and freezer?

Don’t rush unpacking delicate items

What you should pay extra attention to is unpacking fragile items. As they require handling with the utmost care, take your time to do so. This is of paramount importance when it comes to unpacking

  • glassware
  • fine china
  • up-to-date electronics
  • fine-art items
  • crystal

As opposed to moving sharp-edged items, be very gentle when unpacking delicate ones. You can easily drop them. As a result, they will break into a million scattered glass pieces all over the place. Needless to say, this doesn’t contribute to your belt-tightening policy one bit.


Unpacking seems to be severely underestimated. By and large, people focus on negotiating the terms with ample movers. The main reason for this is an attempt to find moving specialist for whose services they won’t have to pay top dollar. Every schoolgirl knows moving on a budget has become challenging. It’s hence somewhat understandable unpacking is being treated lightly. Consequently, you shouldn’t make the very same mistake. For this reason, think of the most effective ways to unpack when moving.To begin with, you can implement various tactics such as making use of a photo shoot, doublechecking your inventory checklist, planning the unpacking schedule and using a numbering system. Lastly, don’t forget to go old school when packing and take five to do it right. Sometimes the oldest methods in the world work best. See it for yourself.