Dec 1, 2023

Biggest packing mistakes to avoid

Biggest packing mistakes to avoid

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One of the most painful - but important - parts of the movement is the packing the household items. It can be stressful, and usually overwhelming - but not necessarily. If you come to the packaging with the thought of readiness and arm yourself with knowledge so that everything goes smoothly, you can easily and efficiently assemble. So, if you are worried about packing on the go, check out the 10 biggest packing mistakes to avoid - and plan accordingly!

Here are some packing mistakes you should avoid

Packing mistake 1 - Last-minute packing

As a rule, it is recommended to start packing things as soon as your move is confirmed. Preferably two months before the day of the move - so that you can slowly sort out your things, recall the memories they bring, decide their destinies, get rid of unwanted items and ensure proper protection to those you are going to take with you.

Carrying boxes

Last-minute packing can lead to a number of big packing mistakes that may affect your entire move

Packing mistake 2 - Packing without a plan

No matter how early you start, packing your stuff without a packing plan is likely to result in a loss of time and nerves. How so? It's simple enough - with pre-pack, you can pack what you need before the day of the move. In this case, you will have to open the already sealed moving boxes in search of the object you need.To avoid this common packing mistake, you need to have a clear packing strategy and strictly adhere to it. It is best to create a detailed packing calendar that matches your packing needs. Make sure you know what you need to pack in which order. Prioritize the packing work and set reasonable deadlines for completion.

Packing mistake 3 - Packing it all

As mentioned above, packing all your property without prior sorting is one of the worst mistakes you can make. You will spend a lot of time, effort and money (not only on moving but also on packing materials!). And also on packing and moving items that you really do not need.Therefore, before putting an item in a box with moving objects, make sure that you really want to take it with you. Weigh its cost (practical, sentimental or monetary) and evaluate the cost of moving it to your new home.

Full room

Packing everything you have is one of the biggest mistakes you can make

Packing mistake 4 - Not making the moving inventory

Not making a moving inventory is one of the most common mistakes when packing your home. Many people prefer not to make an inventory list because they are not sure that it will be worth the time and effort.However, if you do not have a detailed moving inventory, it can be difficult for you to:

  • organize your belongings in a practical and systematic manner
  • determine the type and quantity of packing materials you will need
  • estimate the cost of your move
  • keep track of your belongings
  • present evidence of the condition of your belongings before moving in case any of them is stolen or damaged during the move

Thus, a sheet with moving stocks is absolutely necessary. It is one of the most effective tools for planning the move that will help you stay organized and be aware of the entire process of moving.

Packing mistake 5 - Not packing a box with essentials

Once your household items and personal items are into a moving truck, you will not have access to them until the successful delivery to your new home. Therefore, you need to have several necessities packed in a separate box that will travel with you. That is the so-called “essentials moving box”. It should contain all the essentials that you need to survive for several days without the rest of your property.

Essentials box

Make sure that your box of essentials doesn't accidentally get loaded onto a moving truck — it should stay with you

Packing mistake 6 - Using inadequate packing materials

It is durable cardboard boxes and high-quality packing and lining materials that keep your belongings safe during the move. If you refuse high-quality packing materials in favor of cheap, used packaging materials or improvised substitutes, you are going to put your things at risk.You can find used cardboard boxes for free, you can use ordinary household items (sheets, blankets, towels, old clothes, etc.) instead of professional packaging materials, you can even pack your things in suitcases, bags, and baskets. But you must remember that none of them will provide your things with the same level of protection as high-quality packing materials. That's especially important when you are packing dishes and glassware since they can easily break.

Packing mistake 7 - Incorrect packing

It is pretty obvious that improper packing will put your belongings at great risk. If you don’t pack your boxes correctly, you may find that your belongings are broken into pieces when they are delivered to your new home.Here are some common errors when packing boxes:

  • Making boxes too heavy
  • Not filling the boxes to the brim
  • Leaving empty spaces inside the boxes
  • Not strengthening the box
  • Putting heavier items on top of lighter ones
  • Not closing boxes tightly

Packing mistake 8 - Not labeling the boxes

Labeling a moving box will take you very little time. But it will take several hours to find what you need when you start unpacking if you have not marked the boxes. In addition, movers will not know which boxes to handle with special care and where to get the boxes when unloading them in your new home. This simple packing mistake will cause a lot of confusion and significantly delay the final stage of your move. And not to mention the additional risk to your property.You can easily avoid all these hassles and wasted time. All you have to do is write the contents and destination of each box on top. Also, do not forget to write any special instructions (“Keep dry”, “Handle with care”, etc.), which you can have on at least three sides of the box using a permanent marker.

Packing mistake 9 - Improper care for large household items

Not only should your small items be properly packed for relocation. Your furniture, household appliances and other large household items that you intend to take to your new home must also be well prepared and well protected to survive the move in one piece. Forgetting them is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid while getting ready to go.

Packing mistake # 10 – Not getting help

Moving boxes

Packing yourself is not a good ideaIf you do not have enough time and very few items to move, the task of packing will simply be impossible for one person. You will have a better chance of success if you ask your friends for help. Packing will be much faster, much more efficient and much nicer when your friends are close by to help you. Keep in mind that they are not professionals and may not know how to ensure the safety of your belongings.If you don’t have enough time or just want to provide maximum protection for your belongings, the best thing is to hire professional packers. They will do the job for you in the safest and fastest way and help you avoid common packing mistakes.