Dec 1, 2023

Can you move from one part of NYC to another while working at the same time?

Can you move from one part of NYC to another while working at the same time?

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The process of packing your life into boxes, finding a place to live, and getting settled in your new home can take over your life. Whether you're moving to a different apartment across town or relocating to a completely new city. First, you take over the hours that were formerly reserved for relaxing and turn them into pleasant hours spent surfing Craigslist. Then you start getting up earlier to start packing. Then there's your job, which is the next most likely thing that takes up your time and attention. Capital City Bins answers the question of whether you can move from one part of NYC to another while working.

Moving from one part of NYC to another while working

Between running to work, and planning the move, it seems like you took upon yourself an impossible task. It might be challenging, but with good planning and organization, everything is possible. Here are some things you can do to make your move from one part of NYC to another much easier:

  • Make a plan
  • Get moving supplies
  • Organize everything
  • Find help
  • Go easy on yourself

Make a plan

Making a plan before the actual move starts is crucial. Make sure you take into consideration your working and leisure hours and try to fit everything in as best as you can. If you work from home, then the whole thing might be slightly easier, since you don’t have to commute back home. If you are an office worker, the commute takes up more of your time. So if you work from 9 to 5, that time is reserved only for work. After work, plan your obligations carefully and try to follow through. Sometimes your schedule will be interrupted by something unexpected. Try to be more flexible and do not worry too much.

woman labeling a calendar

Make a plan for your move from one part of NYC to another

Get moving supplies

Perhaps one of the challenging parts is getting the moving supplies. If your budget is already too stretched, ask your friends to borrow you some moving supplies. You can ask some supermarkets or stores to leave out any empty boxes they will not use anymore. They may come in handy.On the other hand, if you want new boxes (that do not smell of vegetables or fruits), have some moving boxes delivered NYC to your house. Perhaps that is the most practical way since you are juggling between the move and your work. Moving from one part of NYC to another is already challenging enough. If you add your work to the equation, it doesn’t make it any easier. So whatever you can do to make things simple for you, do it.

Organize everything

Okay, so you have managed to find moving supplies, and finish that important job project at the same time. Kudos! How did you do it? Organization, organization, organization. We already mentioned making a plan. Once you follow the plan and organize everything, it is much easier. When you move from one part of NYC to another, making the most of your time is important. Organizing your working tasks at the office is crucial, since you will be able to finish up everything there, and you will not have to take your work home.As for organizing your things, labeling things is the first step. Once you’ve found cheap plastic bins for moving, and packed most of your things, make sure you organize the things in order in which you plan of moving them. Perhaps moving the heavier things first is better. Whatever you choose, always try to make it easier for you.

Find help when you move from one part of NYC to another while working

Even though you manage to organize everything, and find moving supplies, you will still need help. The whole process can go more quickly if you ask your friends and family to help you with moving. Choosing to hire professional movers might be even a better choice. The actual move is their job, you just have to supervise, and arrange everything with them. You will have more time to do the work you didn’t manage to finish. All of the previous things we mentioned you should do will be difficult without getting help. Whether if it’s professionals, or family and friends, it makes everything quicker.

a man next to a moving van

Hiring professional help is a good choice

Go easy on yourself when you move from one part of NYC to another

The whole moving process can be really exhausting and hectic. Moving is one of the most stressful things that human beings can face. So, do not forget to take care of yourself. If your health deteriorates during the moving process, then everything else needs to stop. Between your work, and organizing the move, put in relaxing time in your schedule. Take a short break, drink some coffee, or take a hot bubble bath. The moment everything becomes too much, that is the moment that you have to take a pause. Take out your dog for a short walk, or go grab some ice cream with your family. Also, do not take up too much work while moving. Do not overwork yourself, but rather try to do enough work and do it well. Just remember to go easy on yourself.

woman working at an office

Try to find the balance between your work and the move

Summing up your move from one part of NYC to another while working at the same time

When you decide to move from one part of NYC to another, and all of that while you are working, it can be challenging. But if you remember to organize your working obligations, clean up your house, equip yourself with good moving supplies, you will do just fine. Look for help from professionals, they will be more than happy to make the whole thing easier. And do remember to put yourself first. Good luck!