Dec 1, 2023

Car or truck - which moving option is greener?

Car or truck - which moving option is greener?

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Ensuring that your relocation is as green and possible is the right thing to do in this day and age. Pollution is everywhere and we all must do our part to help combat it. This is why moving bin rental has gained popularity in recent times. It is always better to reuse the materials that we have than it is to create new ones. But apart from that, we still need to transport our belongings to their new destination. The question is which moving option is greener: A car, or a moving truck? In this article, we are going to go over the pros and cons of using either method.

Should you use a car or a truck for your relocation? Which moving option is greener?

Here are some things to consider for your upcoming relocation, if you want for it to be as green as possible:

  • Relocate small items in advance with your electric car
  • Which moving option is greener? Ask your eco-friendly moving company
  • Help nature - sell, donate and give away unwanted items
  • Dispose of hazardous materials
  • Eco-friendly plastic bins or cardboard boxes ?

These are just tips you should think about but they might do you more good than you think.

A couple with a moving box.

Prepare for the green relocation. Transport some of the items in advance with your electric car.

Relocate small items in advance with your electric car

The greenest option is definitely having an electric car. If you are environmentally conscious, you already have one. However, the trouble is that not all items can fit inside it. The best thing to do is to relocate as much as you can, using your electric vehicle. Even making several trips is going to be more friendly to the environment than it is to relocate everything with a moving truck. You can pack your belongings in plastic moving boxes, put them in the trunk and on the back seat and drive them to your new home. This is the absolute best way to go about it. The moving truck that you require for the rest of your items is going to be smaller, which means fewer emissions.

Which moving option is greener? Ask your eco-friendly supplier

When it comes to comparing cars and moving trucks, your movers will have the best information. There are many companies that are quite eco-friendly and their vehicles produce the least amount of pollution possible. They will be able to compare the emissions from your car to the ones that a moving truck will produce and give you the answer. In some cases, shipping storage bins might even be the best option. It is all situation-dependent, though, so talking to professionals is the best way of figuring it out. Tell them what your goal is and they will find the best solution. They have all the knowledge and experience to make it possible.

Trucks on a Highway.

Gather eco-friendly packing materials and find a green moving company well in advance.

Help nature - sell, donate and give away unwanted items

Another way that you can reduce the pollution your move will create is to have fewer items to take with you. Of course, it is best to provide a new home for your unnecessary belongings. You can sell them, for one, which will reduce the overall moving cost. These times, with the internet marketplace being as it is, it is really easy to sell off just about anything. There will always be a buyer if the price is right. Another option is to donate them to any of the charities that are operating within your area. Of course, you can make sure that they arrive in electric vehicles to pick up your old belongings. Or you can drive them yourself, whichever way works for you.The final option is to give away all that you don't need. This is perhaps the easiest option, as you can simply ask your friends and family members if they need any of your stuff. The best way to go about it is to organize a "giveaway day" where you invite everyone over. You can even have them bring in some moving supplies for your relocation. That way, you are going to reduce the time it takes for you to give away your former belongings. You can use that time to make a trip to your new home in your electric vehicle.

Dispose of hazardous materials

The greatest threats to the planet are hazardous materials and substances. If you have any such materials, it is best to properly dispose of them before you relocate. In fact, doing so is just about the most important thing you can do in order to make your move greener. Of course, contact the proper authorities if you have any doubts or questions. Proper disposal of such materials is really important, after all. These substances can create all kinds of havoc, as well as being quite toxic to the environment. Therefore, your first priority is to identify such materials and to remove them from your moving process.

A gasoline can.

Safely dispose of all hazardous and flammable materials.

Eco-friendly plastic bins or cardboard boxes - which moving option is greener?

Finally, you may want to utilize the greenest containers available. Traditionally, cardboard moving boxes are what people use for their relocation. However, a better option is to rent eco-friendly plastic bins. These containers are infinitely reusable and renting them is the way to go if you want to make your move as green as it can be. They are sturdier than cardboard boxes and much more practical to use. They can also be transparent so packing and unpacking will be easier, too. Plastic bins are the evolution of moving containers for a reason. Of course, you don't need to pack everything in plastic bins, you can still use some of the boxes that you already have. Just don't create any more demand for cardboard boxes as that is not really a green thing to do.If you have to go with traditional moving boxes, renting them is always the better option. But once you try out plastic containers, you will never want to go back. They are simply the better version of regular moving boxes. Renting them is affordable, and you are going to have a much easier time using them. We hope that, now, you know, which moving option is greener.