Common mistakes people make when packing for a move

Common mistakes people make when packing for a move

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At the first glance packing seems easy enough: you toss items into boxes, tape them up, and load them onto the moving truck. Well, it's not simple after all. Mistakes people make when packing for a move end up being pricey and time consuming. Relocating all of your belongings you accumulated over the years requires foresight and detailed planning. Approach it any other way and you can end up making the whole process much more difficult than it needs to be. We at Capital City Bins have compiled a list of the most common packing mistakes people make, as well as some tips for avoiding mistakes. Read on and ensure a smoother and less stressful move.

Not starting on time

This is one of the worst mistakes people make when it comes to packing. Even if you avoid all the other mistakes mentioned bellow, if you don’t leave yourself enough time to pack you’re going to end up stressed and overrun. The less time you have to pack, the likelier it is that you will make a mistake or forget something. That can result in damages or missing items. Therefore, start preparing well in advance. Also, be realistic about how much time it will take you to pack everything.

A clock on a table

Never underestimate the importance of starting the packing process on time.As a rule of thumb, packing a studio or one-bedroom home takes two to three days, packing a two-bedroom home three to four days, and a three-bedroom home can usually be packed in five to six days to pack. This is assuming that you are packing all day. If you schedule doesn't allow that, you'll need even more time.

One of the mistakes people make when packing is not gathering enough packing supplies

Many people find themselves in the situation where they are in the middle of packing and they run of packing supplies. Then they start to panic while trying to get hold of all the extra packing materials to pack their possessions safely. Save yourself some time as well as nerves and acquire proper packing supplies in advance. The best plastic containers for moving come in a variety of size, they are sturdy and durable and can be reused. Besides containers, you will also need:

  • packing tape
  • packing paper or packing peanuts
  • bubble wrap
  • moving blankets
  • markers

Packing too much stuff

Packing items that you no longer want or need is an enormous waste of time, energy, and supplies. However, this is one of the most common mistakes people make when packing for a move. It makes packing a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Furthermore, not getting rid of some of your belongings makes unpacking more difficult. Yes, moving comes with many different tasks and it's easy to skip sorting your items. But, organizing your belongings properly before packing is worth it. Declutter your home and there will be fewer items to pack and unpack at the new place. Go through all of your belongings and divide them in the following categories:

  1. Keep - pack valuable items in our storage bins and safely move them to your new home. Moving only what you're absolutely sure you'll use in the future and renting boxes helps the environment, as you're reducing waste during relocation. That's always a plus, isn't it?
  2. Donate or sell - some of your belongings that can't fit in your new place, or that you want to update, can be donated or sold. That's assuming they are in good condition.
  3. Throw away - there are probably some items you should throw away, just be honest with yourself and avoid getting sentimental.
Avoid a common mistake people make when packing and go trough your clothes in the closet, like ones in the photo, and declutter

Not decluttering the closet beforehand is one of the mistakes people make when packing

Not making a list of items to be moved

A lot of people make the mistake of not making a moving inventory list when packing. Don't make this mistake, make a list and follow it to make sure you’ve packed everything and haven’t left anything behind. Go through each room and write down every single thing you placed in moving boxes. The list will be helpful after the move as well. You can use it to make sure nothing is missing and to organize the rooms in the new house.

Packing the wrong way is another mistake people often make

Not all items should be treated the same when packing for a move. Various sets of goods require special attention during packing and moving. For instance, easily breakable items need your utmost attention and packing expertise to survive the move in one piece. Use plenty of soft packing paper and layers of bubble wrap to protect them. Don’t forget to immobilize the moving container they are in with a lot of padding as well. Also, do not pack books as if they were feathers. They are surprisingly heavy when packed together in moving containers. Use plastic boxes and avoid cardboard boxes as they can easily break. Another mistake people make when packing is not disassembling appliances and furniture before packing.

Not securing boxes properly

Yet another mistake people make when packing is not securing moving boxes. Don't go through the trouble of packing only to have your items break during the relocation. Use linens and towels for padding and lots of packing paper and bubble wrap. Tape every box properly. Keep in mind that fragile items need special attention when deciding how to best secure a box.

woman labeling box to avoid mistakes people make when packing

Labeling all of your boxes will make unpacking much easier.

Not labeling the boxes is another mistake people tend to make when packing

In the middle of moving supplies and a mess of stuff everywhere, it’s easy to get carried away and place items in boxes without labeling them. This is one of the simple mistakes people make when packing for a move and can cost you a lot of wasted hours searching for stuff in the new place. Make sure you label each and every box before sealing it shut. Write as many details on the boxes as you can. Always place the label on the side of the box. That way you’ll know what’s inside even if the boxes are stacked on top of each other.