Dec 1, 2023

Creative ways to store out of season clothes

Creative ways to store out of season clothes

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As the seasons are changing, many people are having the same problem - what is the best way to store out of season clothes? Actually, there are a few of them. Every storage space in your home can suffice if you know how to use it. Whether you're using reusable plastic moving boxes or another packaging suitable for storing things safely, there's no reason for your seasonal wardrobes to clutter your home. Here are some creative ways to store out of season clothes.

Gather some boxes

Before you determine where you will store your seasonal clothes, it is important to gather boxes you'll be placing them in. There are many types of moving bins NYC has to offer, and they vary on material and prices. Those can be great for storage also.


Organize your clothes by the seasons.There's no need for the most expensive boxes, but also don't use the old cardboard boxes you have laying around the house. In fact, don't use cardboard boxes at all. When clothes are in question, they are suitable for a very short time storing only. Opting out for plastic bins will be the best solution. They are durable, safe and resistant to pests and high/low temperatures.If you worry about the environmental impact, there are plenty of companies that are offering green packing solutions, like Capital City Bins. There you can find very affordable, secure bins that are safe for the environment at the same time.

Before figuring the best way to store out of season clothes, clean your closet

It is amazing how the closet can become messy in a short time. It is admirable how some people are able to limit their shopping sprees on the things they will actually wear. For most of us, the closets are full of items we don't wear on a regular basis.The first thing when organizing your closet is to separate seasonal clothes. It will be time-consuming, so take one whole day to do it. On the other hand, it will really worth your while. While it is crucial to declutter your home before you move, it is also important to do so once in a while in your new home. Starting with your clothes.As you go through your wardrobe, divide your clothes into four piles:

  • Spring - Light jackets, leather jackets, sneakers, and etc.
  • Autumn - Clothes when you're wearing when the summer is over, but the winter is still far away. Some of these items will probably overlap with the first category.
  • Winter - All the items you're wearing when it's freezing outside. Wither coats, warm jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters, boots, etc. Since those are bulky items, this pile will be the biggest.
  • Summer - The beachwear including flip-flops, bikinis, beach towels, beachwear, scuba gear...

The best advice is to keep spring and autumn clothes always within the reach in your closet and add winter or summer clothes. Surely, it will only be possible if you have enough place in your wardrobe for all of these piles. If not, you should find a way to store out of season clothes that don't correspond with current temperatures.

Where to store out of season clothes?

Use all available storage spaces in your home

There's no need to limit you only to a bedroom when looking for a place to store out of season clothes. Maybe your other rooms have some extra space also. Inspect them and see where you can put bins or bags with your seasonal clothes.All it takes is that the place is dry and that your packing keeps clothes safe. With a little DIY mindset, you can create additional storage space in your home at a very low cost.

Hide in plain sight

Crates are great for storing clothes. They can even become part of your home design. Purchasing a nice crate with a lot of storage space can be pricey, but it can also beautify your home. Not to mention that is very practical for storing seasonal clothes.


A beautiful chest will keep your seasonal clothes safe and your home pretty.

Take advantage of your suitcases

You have to store your suitcases somewhere. There's no reason for them to be empty - fill them up with seasonal wardrobe! Of course, this is a viable option only in the case that you don't use such suitcases regularly.

Think about renting a storage unit to store out of season clothes

If you're moving into a smaller apartment that can't accommodate all of your things, renting a storage unit will be an ideal solution. It is a very common practice in big cities, especially in New York.If you only have seasonal way cluttering your home, the thing about sharing a storage unit with someone. While there are some pros and cons of shared storage units, this might be a perfect solution.

Under the bed and out of sight

The space under your bed is a great way to store out of season clothes. You can make the most of them even if your bed is touching the ground. How? Well, by elevating it. That truly isn't that complicated as it may sound.All you need are the four leverages that you will place under each bedside. Surely, it might compromise the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. However, it's nothing compared to the extra storage space you will have.

Bedroom - Perfect place to store out of season clothes

Also, a longer cover is all you need to keep it out of sight.When you opt to store out of season clothes under the bed, take notice it is a dusty place. The best solution is to place them in vacuum packing bags. Just put your winter coats or beach towels in such bags and suck the air out of them. It is a great space saver and it will keep your seasonal clothing safe at the same time.After you pack them, you can safely store those bags under the bad. For seasonal footwear, use the original boxes that you can also place under your bed.