Dec 1, 2023

Disassembling, packing and moving bunk beds - simple guide

Disassembling, packing and moving bunk beds - simple guide

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Bunk beds make a great option whether you need space for your kids, more room in a small apartment, or furnishing a hostel or a dorm room. They save space and the kids love them. Unfortunately, not everything is so perfect with this obviously great bed option. When it comes to disassembling, packing and moving bunk beds, it sometimes proves to be a real struggle. There are so many parts to disassemble and pack and it might seem overcomplicated to deal with on your own. We will, therefore, try to provide you with some useful tips and tricks in order to avoid the headache bunk bed moving might give you.

Make space for the move and remove the mattresses

It is hard enough to move a bed to a new apartment, and moving a bunk bed, even more so. For this endeavor, you will need a lot of space. Be sure to move all the furniture that might get in the way. Clear the room as well as the hallways along the moving route. Take care of everything and anything that might trouble you once you start the packing and moving process. Call some friends to help you out in order to have an easier time and wear adequate working clothes. It is also great to know how to involve your kids in packing process, especially if you’re moving their kid’s room beds!The frame of the bunk beds, be it metal or wooden, is the most complicated part to move. You should, however, first take care of the mattresses. Do not try to start disassembling and packing beds before removing them. Be sure to wrap them into adequate protective material, such as moving blankets or bubble wrap. This will help you with keeping them clean of any dirt or dust during the move. Once you prepare the mattresses, move them before starting the disassembling of the beds. This way you will finally have a clean room and enough space to start the rest of the packing process.

A clean mattress featuring a teddy bear and a pillow

Keep your mattress clean and safe during the moveMattresses might be hard and bulky to move on their own. There is, however, a neat trick that will make your moving effort much simpler. You can use some old bedsheets or moving straps in order to create a sling for your mattress. Simply wrap one around the front and one around the back of the mattress, and that will create a great way to have a firm handle-like grip while moving your mattress.

Separate the top from the bottom bed

When starting the process of disassembling, packing and moving bunk beds, the first step is to separate the two main bed parts. This is also a key step that will allow you to progressively continue through the rest of the disassembly. Once they are put apart, the beds are quite easy to move. Most of the bunk beds have very simple mechanisms that hold them together, so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out the exact way to handle the separation.

Several metal frame bunk beds in a dorm room

Carefully inspect the bed mechanism before movingIf there are bolts or screws holding the beds together, make sure to unscrew them carefully. There is always a hazard that a top bed might fall down if this is done with too much haste, so be careful! Most of the bunk beds have four main beams that hold the top bed on each corner. Remove the bolts and screws that are located on the beams. Once the screws are out, use the help of your friends or movers to hold the top bed and carefully slide it down so it does not come crashing down on you! Mark all the bolts so that you are sure which ones fit where once you have to assemble the beds again.

Packing the parts into safe containers

When disassembling and packing bunk beds, be sure to unscrew and separate all the removable parts in order to make moving the frame as easy as possible. Keeping an eye on all the small parts is very important. Once again, keep labeling each of the small pieces very carefully. Once everything is taken apart, you will need to pack all the small parts somehow.

Several different screws and bolts on a wooden background

Be sure to keep all the small parts accounted forBe sure to look up plastic moving bins NYC, which are always a great option that will allow you to handle all your packing with ease. Make sure you keep all your labels in order and pack all of the parts, as it might get almost impossible to assemble the beds back together if you lose any of the parts.

Hiring a professional moving company

If the whole process seems too complex to you, do not worry. Sometimes, disassembling, packing and moving bunk beds might be too difficult or time consuming for you to do it on your own, or even with some help from your friends or family. Professional moving companies are, in that case, a way to go. They will handle the whole process easily and effortlessly for you. These services, however, do come at a price. If your budget is tight, it might be better to take your time and go through the above-mentioned steps slowly and carefully on your own.

Moving bunk beds into your new home

Once your bunk bed is relocated, it is time to once again assemble it. To do so, simply retrace the steps of the disassembly process in reverse. If you got all the previous steps right, it will be quite easy to put it back together. Be sure to finalize the assembly process in the exact room and spot where you would like your bed to remain.

Disassembling, packing and moving bunk beds doesn't have to be a nightmare

Packing such a huge structure might seem quite scary and hard in the beginning. This is, however, no reason to panic. These sort of items are being moved all of the time. All you need is some focus, thorough planning and a bit of help from your friends or professionals. If you are preparing for only a single move, you can always opt to rent moving bins NYC. After the job is done, you will surely feel great and fulfilled, so do not hesitate to get into action!