Dec 1, 2023

Downsides of friends helping you relocate in NYC

Downsides of friends helping you relocate in NYC

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Having friends willing to help you move is a true testament to how strong your friendship bond is. You can't ask just anybody to assist you in tackling this very hard task, so it's nice to know that someone has your back. However, while admirable, friends helping you relocate to NYC is not such a good idea. Primarily due to many downsides this action is bringing. Your posy can help you to find perfect plastic moving bins NYC has to offer or to assist with packing. But the main moving tasks should fall on the shoulders of the experts who are relocating people every day. Take a look at some cons of relocating with the help of friends.

The main cons of friends helping you relocate in NYC

Before we list the downside of this type of relocation, let's see what benefits you can gain when you ask your friends to provide a helping hand.


Spend much more quality time with your favorite people.Bad news - there only one thing, and that's free moving assistance. It is implied you won't be paying your friends money for helping you to rent moving bins NYC and move to your new home. They are doing that from the kindness of their hearts. In return, be a good host and prepare drinks, food, and refreshments for your helpers.Besides the free workers, there are no more positives. Except for hanging out with your friends all day. Still, you can do that while the professional movers are taking care of all the moving tasks instead of you.When compared to professional moving companies friends helping you relocate in NYC comes with many downsides.Let's focus on the main ones:

  • Lack of knowledge and moving experience – Even if you have a friend with a couple of personal relocations behind it, you can't call it a moving expert. Professional movers have years of experience and training that just isn't common knowledge.
  • No equipment – You will have to buy or rent all moving equipment necessary for relocation including truck, moving supplies, dolly, cords, etc. All the equipment that professional movers are bringing with them on a moving day.
  • There's no insurance – No one will have liability for the damages to the things you are moving on your own. Except you, of course.
  • Time-table – Professional movers will adapt to your schedule. On the contrary, when your friends agree to help you move, you will have to relocate according to their free time.

Professionalism is unbeatable

Professional movers know every aspect of the relocation because it's their job. They learned a lot from their experience and know-how to resolve any moving obstacle quickly and efficiently.While your friends will try their best, they will be lacking the skill and practice of professional movers. If they cause damages to your items or your property, you can't hold them liable. They are doing you a favor and it will be petty to be angry with them for breaking or damaging your things.After all, they aren't doing it on purpose, and will probably feel bad without you even raising your voice. It is a big risk you're taking when letting non-professionals to handle your move.

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The professionalism of the expert movers worth every penny.

Movers come equipped with proper tools and knowledge

One of many benefits of hiring professionals for your long distance move or local relocation is the fact you won't have to worry about renting/buying moving equipment.Professional movers come with all the necessary tools and know-how to use it properly. When amateurs are operating with moving equipment that is opening doors for many moving injuries.Also, another important thing to dwell on will be relocation logistic. Renting a truck, determining the best route to your new home, calculating how much gas money you will need, finding parking space, moving heavy objects, moving things up and down the building staircases, fitting big furniture into tiny spaces, safe packing of your fragile items and many more tasks will be up to you to figure out.It makes a lot of sense why people are hiring moving experts, doesn't it?

Insurance is another thing you won't have when friends helping you relocate in NYC

Accidents always happen, and relocation is a frugal ground for many unpredictable problems to occur. While understanding mover contracts and paperwork can be a bit tricky due to fine print, one thing is for sure - you will always have some form of liability by movers for your belongings.Insurance policies vary from company to company, and not all movers offer the same rate of reimbursement for the damages that occur on the road. However, whatever they may offer, it beats the zero you will get for damages to your stuff when friends helping you relocate to NYC.

Calendar - friends helping you relocate in NYC will take much more time

Movers can relocate your home in a day. With friends helping you, it can stretch to a week.When you hire a moving company, you will be able you sleep soundly knowing that your things are in safe hands. Also, if anything happens to them, your movers will reimburse the damages according to their insurance policy.


Last, but certainly not least is the time factor. You will have to schedule your move according to the free time of friends. That's how it works with volunteer work.Also, you have to know that your friends will relocate your home much slower than the movers. Due to a lack of skills and knowledge, at least double the estimated time of your relocation.With professionals, you will know exactly where you stand on regarding time. As much as it is important to you, it is also in the interest of movers to conduct your relocation quickly and efficiently. The faster they work the more relocation they can finish in one day. Hence, the more green bills.While friends helping you relocate to NYC is a nice gesture, it will be much easier and less stressful if you hire expert movers for your relocation.