Dec 1, 2023

Eco-friendly packing tips for busy moms

Eco-friendly packing tips for busy moms

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You are in need of some quality eco-friendly packing tips for busy moms? When it comes to organizing a move, one should get ready for complex tasks ahead. Moving to a new home is not a simple thing by any chance. There are a lot of things that you have to take care of. From hiring a reliable moving and storage company to picking up the best moving date, it is a lot to take. It is no wonder then that people often forget about how a move can (and should) also be an ecologically aware process. Pilling up vast land piles of garbage and creating poisonous gasses is a really big problem for the entire world. Being a parent in the modern world is a tricky business in many ways. One of them is the constant question of whether we are leaving a better world to our kids.

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Taking care of kids while moving is not easyPlanning your move properly is really important. When you are a busy individual, doing this can be a really hard task. When you have to deal with your kids too, it becomes an even harder one. So when trying to deal with all of these issues, organizing your move can be especially tricky. That is why you have to try to plan your move in advance. Do now wait until the last possible moment. This will give you a chance to foresee possible issues which will make your life a lot easier. It will also help you avoid further trouble down the road. We have prepared a list of eco-friendly packing tips for busy moms (and dads) that will allow you to do just this. So, go through our list and you will surely find a couple of tips that will make your move eco-friendly and a simpler one.

The first on our list - Getting rid of redundant things

When going through a move, you have to, among other things do a lot of work regarding packing your belongings. The more things you have, the more things you will have to pack. That means that you will have to use a lot of moving and packing materials. One of the ways to protect the environment is to actually rent moving supplies. This will reduce the amount of material that you will spend on your move, thus doing the Earth a favor. But, back to the case in point - You need to reduce the number of things that you already have.

One of the best eco-friendly packing tips for busy moms is to give some of your things away or at least donate them

Donate or give away some of your things

There are several ways to do just that:

  • Give them away - This is one of the best eco-friendly packing tips for busy moms that you will ever get. It is actually quite simple. Go through your belongings and see what things you do not need anymore. At least some of them can still be useful to your friends or family. Someone in your inner circle could still need one of those. Someone might really appreciate a gift such as a book that you have read a thousand times that they like and you do not want it anymore.
  • Sell - You can have someone assist you with this one perhaps. It is quite simple in any case. If you have some time before the move, you can start publishing on the Internet adverts about the things you want to sell. Perhaps you are buying new furniture for your new place? Well, you won't need the old one, then. If you do not have anyone to give them away to, put them online. You will reduce the number of things that you have to pack and earn some money.
  • Donate them to charities - There are some things that it would perhaps be a shame not to keep them in the family. There are other things that are simply not that practical to be a gift or to be given as charities, so you should either sell them or throw them away. However, there are many things that someone out there would really cherish. So, one of the noblest eco-friendly packing tips for busy moms would be to simply donate them. It is a clean win-win-win situation. You have fewer things to pack. You are not pilling up the garbage which is great. Someone in need will get a really nice present which is amazing.

Where to pack your things?

There are generally always at least several options for getting things done in life. The same goes for packing. If you want to pack your belongings in an ecological way, there are two things that you can do here. First one, use the best plastic containers for moving. They can be really helpful in many ways. Firstly, they are highly reusable. Practically ever-lasting, plastic containers are "green", strong and durable. They also fit well with one another, which means that you can pack them together, thus saving some space.

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Packing your things in reusable containers is a good thing for natureIf you decide not to use them for some reason, there are other alternatives. You can go for a walk through the neighborhood and check the local drugstores, supermarkets, etc. There many establishments that have a steady supply of cardboard boxes. The sad thing is that they do not use them more than once. They get their supplies and throw the boxes away. Ask to take some and there you have it. A free supply of boxes that are getting reused by you.

The best of eco-friendly packing tips for busy moms - Hire a "green" packing crew

The last, but not the least. Hiring an eco moving company is a great idea, and hiring movers, in general, is an important thing that can shift your move in a lot more favorable position. Of all the eco-friendly packing tips for busy moms, this one may be the most useful one for you overall. Hire an eco-friendly moving company to pack your things and move them. They will do this quietly and efficiently and in an ecologically sound way. You won't have to look for every second of your spare time as the pros will handle your business.