Dec 1, 2023

Environmentally friendly storage alternatives

Environmentally friendly storage alternatives

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You no longer need to worry about the challenging tasks when it comes to packing and organizing your moving process. With our premium plastic moving bins and green storage bins, this is no longer a concern.

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Whether you are moving, or simply renting a storage unit for other purposes, one thing is certain. We all want to utilize the space, keep it clean, and our items safe. You want to get most of your purchase. But what if we tell you that while renting and using the storing facility, you can contribute to society and the environment as well? Yes, simply by choosing appropriate packing and green moving supplies. Let us show you some of the environmentally friendly storage alternatives.

Let us find the best environmentally friendly storage alternatives for you.

The best way to find a storage unit is to address the local moving company. They will find the nearest and the cheapest solution for you. As well as providing the moving and storing materials such as cardboard boxes and moving bins. Although, you can browse for it online as well. Keep in mind that the units that are located on the outskirts of the city are cheaper. But we would recommend renting a unit a bit closer to you. One that is easily accessible and a bit closer to your home.

Reusable tote is among great environmentally friendly storage alternatives

Reusable moving totes are a great storing solution

How can you use your storage unit?

If you never gave much thought about it, we’ll tell you that storage units are used for more than storing. Let us give you a few examples:

  • Seasonal storage– If you are renting for a longer period, the storage unit is a great seasonal item keeper. Store your bicycles, ski equipment, holiday decorations, etc. You can pack in boxes and bins and stash on shelves. Or use eco-friendly reusable moving totes and hang them on walls and ceiling.
  • Garage – Some people rent a storage unit to use them as an additional garage space. Most of the storage spaces have room to store a motorbike along with all equipment related to it. Some can store a car or even a van. Be sure to communicate this part with your landlord to check if this option is available.
  • Working space – Organize your storage unit to serve you as a personal space of some sort. You can read, paint, or make pottery in peace and quiet. Whatever your hobby is, your storage unit can support it.

Get rid of the stuff you do not need anymore.

Just before you start packing, think for a second. You’ll realize that this is the best moment to downsize before the move. Shuffle through your stuff and in a matter of hours you’ll create a dedicated pile filled with unwanted items. Some of it can be used later, and others are only gathering dust. Figure out what you can donate, gift, sell or throw away. Remember that you can always organize a garage sale and earn a buck or two. And of course, if you are throwing stuff away, remember to recycle. On the other hand, if you want to keep it all, a storage unit is the answer. You can store all your items and later decide what to do with them. Just remember to use recycled plastic bins and cardboard boxes to store your items. Those are the best environmentally friendly storage alternatives.


There is no better time to declutter and downsize. Do it now and make your storing and relocation easier.

Utilize environmentally friendly storage alternatives for a successful packing

As we mentioned, how you pack your items for storage matters greatly. It depends of course if you are renting for the short or long-term. For a shorter period, cardboard boxes and reusable totes are the ultimate solutions. But for a longer period, storage bins are the answer. Those can be pricey at times but considering that they are re-used and of good quality, it is a solid investment. But keep in mind that you can combine both situations and make it work for you. There is a possibility of renting a unit for a couple of months as well as using storage bin rentals. Solve all your problems swiftly and cheaply.This is the best solution if you at the moment of your relocation have limited space in your new home and you need a bit more time to move things around. Think about it and choose the best option for you. Those were basic tips, tricks, and environmentally friendly storage alternatives. Remember these procedures when the time comes. If you are moving or simply need extra space, consider renting a storage unit. Extremely cheap while at the same time highly lucrative service.