Dec 1, 2023

Green Moving: Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move

Green Moving: Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move

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There are a lot of things that can be said about moving. It is tough and often extensive. It will take a lot of time and cause a lot of stress. And along with all that, it is not very friendly to the environment. Yes, it is true that most professional movers are using cardboard boxes which you can later on recycle. However, moving means dealing with a lot of trash - and most of this isn't really green. But it's not all that bleak! It can actually be quite easy to get along with green moving! The only thing you need to do is plan ahead and rent plastic moving boxes! This is why in this article we give you some of the most important tips for an eco-friendly move!

Green moving means reusing your boxes

There are a lot of ways in which you can go green when moving - and recycling is just one of them. However, by recycling, we don't just mean using biodegradable materials like cardboard boxes! There are many ways in which you can save up on moving containers just by looking around your home! Just think carefully about what you are bringing with you, and you might be able to use other items to pack up your stuff.

A duffel bag.

Use your duffel bag instead of a moving box.Do you have suitcases lying around? These are great for any move! They might already be hard enough to protect your items, but you can also wrap them up with bubble wrap for extra protection. The same goes for gym bags and duffel bags, as well as dresser drawers. Once you fill them up with packing peanuts, they will protect any items from harm! You can also use plastic bins which are great at protecting fragile items! Basically, anything that you can fill up before the move can serve as a container. This way, you will not be saving some space - but you will save money too!Another important thing to consider is just how often you will need to move. An average American moves 11.4 times in their lifetime - and if they keep using the same moving containers, then that is a lot of green moving being done! When picking up your moving supplies, think about whether or not you can reuse them. This will go a long way towards keeping our planet clean!

Where to get moving boxes?

One of the most popular questions we get when planning a move is who to get the moving boxes from. Are there stores that sell them? Is there any way that you can get these for free? This, of course, has a couple of answers. The main thing to remember, though, is that it depends on your own move. The boxes you will need are connected to the items you will be packing. You will also pick the option that fits your budget the best.

Presents and cardboard boxes

The boxes don't need to be just for you.A lot of people in the modern day have a problem with hoarding stuff. They stock up on everything just in case they need the stuff. Lucky for you, the same can apply to the moving boxes! Of course, in order to do this, you will need to know you are moving in advance (or you can just start stocking up on moving boxes even without planning to move - even though that's not quite green). This is an easy enough thing to do. Cardboard boxes break down pretty well, and you can store them in your garage or a closet. This way, they won't take too much space, and you will have them nearby when the time comes to move.

Get green moving boxes

Another thing you can do is to get used moving boxes. Of course, getting a fresh batch of cardboard boxes might be tempting, but it's not part of the green moving movement - and it is more expensive. First, you can ask your friends and colleges if they have any boxes for you. This way, you might end up with your moving supplies free of charge - and that is great for your budget. Paying your local stores and groceries a visit is not a bad idea either. Finally, there are many websites that offer free moving boxes as well, so make sure you search for those as well. If none of that works, then you can also talk to your movers and see what suggestions they have for you.

Other green moving tips

Even though the boxes and moving containers take up most of the green moving tips, there are other things you should think about as well. The boxes are a priority because this is where most waste is created, but focusing on other things will help the environment as well. For example, you can go creative with other packing materials. Of course, you can find those in recycling centers, but you can also use items you find at home as a good substitute. For example, towels and linens are great for wrapping up your items. You can also use old newspapers, but make sure you watch your items afterward because the ink can leave a mark.

Towels can be a great asset during green moving.

Get creative with packing supplies.Then, instead of tossing away or recycling your packing supplies, you can just choose to donate them instead. This way, someone else will be using them for their move. They are now spending less money, and are also a part of the green moving movement - which is a win-win situation. Remember, after your move, try to make the items you are throwing away as scarce as possible!Finally, you can also hire a green moving company to help you with your move. They will have reusable packing supplies, as well as some useful tips for you. Make sure you talk to them about getting an eco-friendly move when contacting them!