Dec 1, 2023

Guide for moving with pets - how to prepare

Guide for moving with pets - how to prepare

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Are you having an upcoming move? Congratulations, you are going to a new part of your life. What should you do with your pet? Well, move with it, of course! We understand that you have many questions on how to relocate with pets but let us say that it is not that hard as you may though. It is stressful for your pet, of course, but there are some things you can and should do in order to make moving for them much easier. Learn this guide for moving with pets and prepare yourself to move without stress.

Go to the vet!

This is the first part of the guide for moving with pets and can be your last. It all depends on the health of your pet, no matter what it is. Going to the vet should give you information about several things. The first thing is whether your pet is healthy enough to move, especially on longer distances. You should listen to what the vet says because you can harm your pet more if you do not.Another important information that you should get when going to the vet is how to make your pet more comfortable when relocating. The nature of a pet has a massive role in this. If you have an energetic pet which can't stay in one place for long, you may have a problem. This is where your vet will give you advice on whether you should sedate your pet or not. This can be in various ways but one that is the most commons is taking oral medications which will calm your pet enough for the move.

Be safe that your pet is healthy enough to move

Go to the vet!

Guide for moving with pets - how to pack your pet?

It is funny when you say it like this but this is an important part of this guide for moving with pets. Pets are similar to us in a way. They also have feelings and we should respect that. Animals can get attached to certain things like:

  • Toys
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Clothes etc

These are the most common and if you see the thing that your pet is attached to, bring it with you. This kind of attachment calms your pet down so you will not have that much trouble to relocate them with yourself. They will use their thing to escape from this kind of stress and there is a chance that they will spend the whole ride with their stuff.

Follow the guide for moving with pets and bring it with you to calm your pet

Blankets are the most common safe places for most pets

What if there is much stuff?

Well, you can't bring everything with yourself and offer to your pet. Some things have to be put with the rest of your belongings. The best way to do this is to use plastic moving boxes and put everything inside. The best way is to rent moving bins NYC and get done with it. All of the stuff will be protected and you can offer the stuff to your animals as soon as you hit the ground.

How to relocate the pet?

You can't just put your pet in the car and move. There is a time which you should use efficiently before the move. Make your pet comfortable with the vehicle you are going to relocate. It is not safe for you to throw the pet in the vehicle without anything for them to be in. Many people use plastic moving bins NYC where they put their blanket to lure them. This way the pet has the view of everything while being in their safe place.If you have a carrier, you should get it too. When using carriers, we advise using ones where the pet can scan the situation. There are carriers that are close where the animal can get very anxious, no matter whether there is their favorite blanket or is not.

What if you have multiple pets?

This is an important part of the guide for moving with pets. This is tricky because there is more stuff that you have to bring and relocate. The first problem is the number of stuff you have to bring for them. This includes more packing supplies, more carriers, and more money. In order to save money on packing supplies, think in advance and buy all the necessary stuff weeks before the move. This way you will not have the money problem when the moving day comes.

It is harder but not impossible

Be ready for moving with multiple pets!

Feed them

Most animals live by the habit and you should respect it. Follow their routines even while traveling. It is very important to do this so that they will not be nervous. It will keep them occupied and happy. Also, moving is very exhausting for them too so you should give them water constantly. While we are at the water...

Walk them to the bathroom regularly

The animals can't keep that much as we can so you should not play games with their bladders. Be a responsible owner and have them go to the bathroom whenever they have to. We understand that you want to get to the destination as soon as possible but think about the consequences of not taking them to the bathroom.

What to do with the leftover packing bins?

The bins have served their purposes so what to do now with them? Well, you can organize every room in the house with the plastic bins you have used. It will be a very good way to use and certainly a very practical one. They are very durable so you will not have to buy another one for a longer period of time!


The most important part of this guide for moving with pets is that you should make your pets comfortable with the move. As you can see, this can be done in several ways. One of the best is to relocate them with their favorite stuff. It certainly will calm them down and make it possible to relocate them with you. But if you already have the pet that is calm enough, you are in luck. All you can do is enjoy with your pet the new chapter of your lives.