Dec 1, 2023

Guide for packing lamps for relocation

Guide for packing lamps for relocation

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Packing and moving your whole home can be challenging. You need to pack everything from small items to big ones. You are probably thinking about clothes, sofas, tables, appliances. Yes, but there are some items in your home that require some special attention. Packing lamps for relocation can be complicated. They can be very fragile and expensive. They also come in different sizes, shapes and there is a big chance you might end up needing some specialty moving bins. But do not worry, with our guide and some high-quality packing supplies, this will be easy!

Packing lamps for relocation is best done in stages

Seeing as how lamps are very oddly shaped objects, you need to come up with creative strategies when packing them. Both to ensure that they survive the trip, as well as to make the whole process easier. Most homes come with at least a few lamps. But in some situations, you might even be looking at packing up to a dozen lamps for relocation. And you need to be able to streamline the process if you wish to make it on time.So, before you even begin, it's best to do a little pre-move decluttering. In the context of lamps, first, check and see if they are all still functional. Lamp prices can range from very cheap ones to very expensive ones. And if a cheap lamp is broken, it's simply easier to buy a new one. And save some money on relocation costs. So, get rid of the lamps that you no longer need or use.

A lamp that is operational.

Make sure your lamps are operational before packing them.

First, prepare your packing materials

Lamps are notoriously difficult to pack. And that's mostly due to their odd shape. That's why it's always a good idea to pay special attention to the packaging that you will be using. Cardboard boxes are a great solution. But you can also use plastic bins or even storage bin rentals if you plan on storing them. That way you will ensure the maximum safety of your lamps. Whichever packing materials you plan on using, it's very useful to have them ready before you start packing your lamps for relocation. That's because you will have to take them apart in order to pack them properly. And once you start, it's better to finish in one go. As leaving them disassembled can lead to lost parts.

Which packing materials to use when packing lamps for relocation?

As we already mentioned you should use either cardboard boxes or plastic bins. But, aside from that, you will also need some other materials. Make sure you have plenty of paper wrap ready. And using any sort of cushion wrapping will be a great bonus. It can greatly contribute to your lamps' safety. Many people use bubble wrap but remember to check if some protective materials can harm the material your lamp is made of. Not everything is suitable for everything, especially when wooden items are involved.

Boxes you use when packing lamps for relocation.

Make sure you have all the packing materials you need ready before you start packing.

Prepare lamps for relocation

The first thing that you need to do when packing lamps for relocation is to prepare them. It's always best to wrap and pack each piece of the lamp separately. So, if your lamp can be disassembled you should do so. Expensive antique lamps are an exception to this rule. By disassembling them yourself you might end up damaging them. So it's better to consult with an expert. For now, it's important to take apart the lamps as much as possible. They come in all shapes and sizes. And in some cases, you'll need two boxes to pack a single lamp. One important thing to note is that you should always unplug your lamp before disassembling it.

Clean before you start

Lamps attract insects. And that can lead to them becoming very dirty very quickly. So even if you recently cleaned them, it's always a good idea to do it again before packing them. For one, packing them will be much more pleasant. And secondly, if you plan on storing them, you want them to remain in perfect condition.Dirt, dead insects, or stains can be very difficult to clean after they've been sitting like that in storage for months or even years. Take special care when cleaning antique pieces. As they might require special cleaning solutions. And if you are not sure it's better to use just a paper towel then risk damaging your lamp. Both when it comes to antique ones as well as regular lamps.

Don't forget to remove the light bulbs

The first thing that you need to do before packing lamps for relocation is to remove the light bulb. You should never pack and transport a lamp with a light bulb in it. As it can break in transport can cause serious injury while you are unpacking it. Packing light bulbs is delicate, but not hard. Wrap each bulb with air-filled plastic wrap and secure it with tape. Pack all your bulbs in one box and fill any gaps with packing paper. Labeling moving boxes will be crucial here. So write the contents of the box and "fragile" in big letters. You don't want anything to be loaded on top of that box.

Light bulb that has been removed before packing lamps for relocation.

Make sure you remove the light bulbs before you start disassembling your lamps. People often forget to.

Pack parts separately

Once you are done taking your lamps apart it's time to pack them. Each piece of the lamp needs to be wrapped and packed separately. Your lamps should come in the middle of your packing order. That way you can still add clothes or other soft items to fill in any gaps in the boxes.

  • Wrap each lampshade separately. Make sure you use plain packing paper without any print on it as it can transfer onto a lamp. Use can use air-filled plastic wrap for added protection. Each lampshade should be packed in a separate box and empty spaces filled with packing paper.
  • Lamp bases should also be wrapped separately. In case they are made of fragile materials, make sure you use plenty of air-filled plastic wrap.
  • When it comes to floor lamps pay special attention to their bases. Fragile ones should be handled with care and properly protected.

Packing lamps is easy if you are careful

Packing lamps for relocation is similar to packing anything else that is fragile. As long as you are careful, everything will be alright. Just make sure you label your moving boxes properly and try to unpack them as soon as you can. As lamp shapes are prone to warping if they are not packed properly. And in no time, your lamps will light up your next home and enjoy a long shelf life after your move.