Dec 1, 2023

Handling disputes with landlords - NYC edition

Handling disputes with landlords - NYC edition

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If you want to live in NYC, it is most likely that you will rent a place. As you might know, when you rent a place, you will have a landlord. You might rent reusable moving boxes, pack everything, and finally move into your new place. However, problems with your landlord might soon arise. For this reason, you should know in advance how to deal with this type of situation. You should not overreact or get into a heated discussion. Here are all the tips for handling disputes with landlords in your New York apartment.

Try to peacefully resolve it

As mentioned, you should not waste your energy fighting with her landlord. Rather, you can focus on unpacking all the green moving boxes and making yourself feel at home. For this reason, you should keep your composure and do not let your temper get the best of you. First of all, try to stay calm if possible. Then, try to put yourself in the shoes of your landlord. See why your landlord might have problems with you. After this, you might be able to see the best way how you can solve your dispute with your landlord. In addition to this, you should call your landlord and try to talk it out. Most problems can be solved if you discuss them with your landlord. Remember, be calm when talking with your landlord. Maybe they are angry that you still have not taken your green storage bins to your storage unit or something small like this. These problems can be easily solved, so there is no reason to make a bigger problem out of it.

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Try to solve your problem by meeting with your landlord.

Handling disputes with landlords with law

When you are moving to a small apartment, you might want to change something about it. However, you need to ask your landlord for permission first. The best way to handle this would be to have a contract written between you and your landlord. If disputes happen, you should refer to this contract to see how to solve them. It would be smart to take time to get yourself familiar with housing laws. This will help you to avoid disputes and also make you a better tenant. However, sometimes, housing laws can be quite difficult to understand. If you cannot solve disputes with your landlord, it might be wise to hire a housing attorney. Present to your attorney your problem with the landlord. Your attorney should be able to help you with this dispute. They might even advise you to solve this with words rather than bringing this issue to the court. In addition to this, your attorney can also act as a mediator between you and your landlord.

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You can take your dispute to court.

More ways to solve the problem

  • Submit to arbitration
  • Have everything in written
  • Go to small claims court
  • Take it to litigation if necessary

Here are the last options for handling disputes with landlords in NYC.