Dec 1, 2023

Heavy items packing and moving guide

Heavy items packing and moving guide

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Are you moving soon, but you’re not quite sure how to handle heavy items? Don’t worry - Capital City Bins is here to help you. From plastic box rental to artwork packing, we’re here for you. We understand how complicated the relocation can be, and the packing process is usually the most complex part. That’s why we’ll help you deal with the furniture that usually causes problems and it’s a source of many accidents during relocations. Read our heavy items packing and moving guide. Find out how to approach moving pianos, pool tables, big dining tables, wardrobes, as well as heavy, but small items and furniture pieces.

cleaning the table

Before you pack items, clean them with a damp cloth.

Where should you start? With cleaning the items!

The step number one to packing any kind of items, be it in plastic storage bins for moving, or simple cardboard boxes - is cleaning them. You don’t want to bring the dirty items into your new forever home. Moreover, if they remain packed for a long time, the dirt can cause discoloration or even rotting. Don’t be lazy - get the damp cloth and cleaning chemicals that are appropriate for the type of the materials that you’ll be cleaning, and get to work. This might seem like an insignificant step, but the truth is very far. Skipping cleaning a certain item might result in long-term damage.

Step 1 of heavy items packing and moving guide: Measure the hallways and doorframes!

This is the step that’s easily overlooked as well. Why? Because people often don’t make thorough enough measurements. This can cause the plan to fail, and pieces of furniture to get damaged. In the end, there’s always a possibility of someone getting hurt if you get stuck in an unfortunate position. That's why you should measure all the passes, doorframes and staircases! Has this sometimes happened to you with a big item such as a bog, basket of laundry or maybe when you were carrying a chair through the several rooms?Now imagine what the consequences can be if you’re carrying a wardrobe or a pool table and you get stuck - and you have to choose between damaging the property or someone getting hurt. Don’t let yourself get into this situation and if you don’t know what to measure - get advice from professionals or hire professional movers that move the big and bulky items! So, what are the dimensions you should measure? Lets see:

  • Hallway width
  • Door frame height and width
  • The entrance gate and the width of the road that goes from the gate to the home entrance
  • Home entrance
  • Angles on the staircases, as well as staircase width
woman smiling and sitting in between moving boxes

Heavy items packing and moving guide rule number one: get quality packing materials!

Step 2: Disassembling

It’s time to get to disassembling! Make sure that you remove all the items from the hallways, including the items that hang on the walls and that can easily be removed. Take every action in order to protect the walls, other items around your home, as well as yourself.If any part of your furniture can be taken out, or apart, do it. Make sure that you find the instructions from the furniture piece, and if you can’t, it’s likely that they’re available online. Taking off the parts of the furniture will allow you to carry smaller weight, as well as to need less space when you’re maneuvering it. Place the small screws and knobs in the plastic bags or small plastic boxes so that they don’t get lost. Pack all the pieces that you’ve disassembled. Each piece should have its own box and you should pack it in a certain way.

Step 3: Get the quality packing materials!

It’s important to invest in quality packing materials, since they’re one of the biggest factors that affect the moving outcome. To get quality packing materials, you can go to the DIY store. Remember to take the big enough vehicle to bring the materials back with you. You can order them online, but if you don’t have enough items and you don’t have anywhere close to buy them, this might cause a slight delay in your relocation process. In the end, you can rent the materials from the moving company. City Bins offers quality ecological moving supplies, as well as never used. You’ll get the materials that no one has used before, so you can make sure that they’ll do the work properly!

Step 4: Pack the items!

The most important step in this moving guide for heavy items is to pack the items properly. After you’ve cleaned the pieces that you need to pack, take the plastic boxes and fill them in with packing peanuts up to one third of volume. Wrap the item in glassine to prevent it from scratches, and then wrap it twice in a bubble wrap. Make sure that you pack the items in a box that can handle its weight. If the furniture part is made out of glass or mirror, place an X with the tape over it before you place the glassine. Keep in mind that the boxes should be as close to the shape of the item, but slightly bigger if possible. This is especially important for some big artwork pieces and sculptures that are fragile.

two movers following heavy items packing and moving guide

If the items seem to heavy, invite the professionals to help you deal with them!

Step 5: Invite people to help you with heavy lifting!

With this step, we’re ending our heavy items packing and moving guide. The last thing that you will need to do is to transport the item in a moving truck or a car. To do so, invite your friends and family to help you. Make sure you notify them a few days earlier so they can organize and show up. If you think that the items are too heavy to handle and that someone might get hurt, don’t hesitate to call professional movers. Same goes if you can’t find moving supplies. Get quality moving supplies for your relocation by giving us a call.