Dec 1, 2023

Home improvement tips to try during stay at home order

Home improvement tips to try during stay at home order

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The situation is the world is currently very hard and depressing. More than half a million people are confirmed to have COVID-19, but experts believe the real number is much higher. For this reason, almost all the countries have declared a state of emergency. All medical experts and government officials are urging people to self-isolate and practice social distancing. Therefore, here are a couple of home improvement tips to try during a stay at home order. Almost all of these ideas are DIY tasks so you do not have to hire people for the job.

Home improvement tips to try during a stay at home – organize your closets

This home improvement idea to try while self-isolating does not require any money or tools. Maybe you can only get plastic bins from Capital City Bins. As you might know, plastic bins are great for storage. They are sturdy, durable, and transparent. Now, you can declutter your house. Make three piles, one to keep, toss, or sell/donate. Due to the current situation, you should not leave the house to toss or donate/sell something. However, you can always store it in some corner to do it after the whole lockdown ends. Donating your items after the COVID-19 is the best thing you can do. Many people lost their jobs and they are struggling to survive. For this reason, donate all the items you can. You can always sell them as well, but it would be much more meaningful if you help those less unfortunate.

black flat screen computer monitor

Be responsible and practice self-isolation at your home

Pay attention to your fixture

Even though self-isolation is necessary and you should stay at home, it can get boring really quickly. But, if you plan to change your fixture and you bought them before the lockdown, now it is the perfect time to change them. These can be the following.

  • Replace the frosted glass pendants for contemporary glass globe fixtures in your kitchen
  • Change a chandelier
  • Replace your old ceiling fan with a modern fan
  • Have LED bulbs instead of traditional ones

This is all quite easy to do, especially if you have the wires set in the place. In addition to this, changing your fixtures will brighten up the atmosphere of your home. Lastly, you can install dimmers in your home. You can set the brightness in each room according to your mood or activity. It is quite convenient and easy to set up. If you do not know how to do it, then do the research. It will certainly take your mind off the current situation.

A new and fresh coat of paint

One of the best home improvement tips to try during a stay at home order is putting on a fresh coat of paint. Do you hate the look of your dull walls? Well, now it is time to change it. This will keep you entertained for the next couple of days. You have several options. If you are bored with your white walls, then pick one to paint it in red, green, blue, etc. Make one wall the focus of your room. On the other hand, if your home is too small, you should paint your walls in a beige color so space will appear bigger. Additionally, you can paint your kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, doors, bookshelves, and basically anything that you do not like. It will look like a new piece of furniture. Lastly, you should clean the stains. You can get eco friendly moving boxes for protective sheets.

girl using pink paint brush

Paint your walls in your favorite color

Home improvement tips to try during a stay at home order – work on your home storage

Most people struggle with storage as you always have tons of items and not enough space. Since you have to stay at home, why not solve this problem? If you live in a house, then it is time to declutter your attic or garage. Have one corner all cleared up where you will store your plastic bins. This way you will know where you stored your Christmas decorations, winter gear and clothes, and similar items that you will use once a year. However, if you live in a small apartment, then install shelving everywhere you can. Unused corners are the best places where you can install new shelves. You will need at least a couple of days to set up everything which is great considering you cannot leave the house. In addition to this, you will improve your home as well.

Create a space for your pet

Pets bring great joy into your life, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. If you are living alone, then your only companion is your pet. For this reason, you should create a space just for your pet in your home. If you have some leftover moving boxes, you can use them to create a bed for your cat. In addition to this, cats love to play with the boxes, so just leave one or two near their bed. In addition to this, you should have one corner where you will keep their food and water bowls, a sandbox for your cat, etc. You can also install the on-the-wall cat jungle gym, pet teepees, and other forms of entertainment.

four assorted-color tabby kittens on brown basket

Your cats will love their new playing corner

The last set of home improvements

Here are some more tips for improving your home while self-isolating.

  • Plants – if you have a backyard, spend your free time planting flowers.
  • Enhance your entryway – install a bench and hooks in your entryway so you will not make a mess every time you enter.
  • Make your cord disappear – if you have cords all over your place, take care of them. There are plenty of ways how you can make them disappear.
  • The power of a mirror – place mirrors in your small rooms so they will appear larger.
  • Make a home office – do you have an extra room or even a corner? Turn it into a home office or in a reading nook.