Dec 1, 2023

Household items that serve as packing supplies

Household items that serve as packing supplies

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When you add up all the costs of a move, you might find yourself paying more than you bargained for. While you might have saved up enough in advance, you shouldn't throw money around. One of the ways in which you can cut some of the expenses is to use household items that serve as packing supplies. Also, to save money as well as the environment, you can rent moving supplies from a local moving company. However, in this article, we will focus on the things around your home that you can use for packing. Take a look and learn how you can make the most of them!

Household items that serve as packing supplies - use plastic bins

When it comes to packing supplies that you can reuse,plastic moving tubs top our list. Many people use them to store seasonal items such as winter clothes, but also for perishables and canned goods. A good way to use them for relocation is to put your electronics and appliances inside. These tubs are waterproof and will keep everything inside completely dry. This is especially useful if you are moving during bad weather, such as rain or snow. Also, one of the best features of plastic bins is that you can reuse them again after your move.

Get out your linens and towels

When you pack fragile items such as china, glassware, mirrors, etc., you need to ensure that there is no chance of breakage. Instead of buying plastic bubbles, you can use your towels and linens to wrap each item. That way, you pack both your breakables and your linens in one go. Start by placing a sheet or a towel at the bottom of your moving box. Next, wrap the item in a sheet and place it inside. Finally, put one more towel on top before closing the box securely. If there is enough room, you can even pack multiple items in one box. Just make sure that there is no room for it to move during transport, as it might scratch or even break.

Linens are household items that serve as packing supplies.

Use older linens rather than new ones when you wrap items.

Suitcases are among household items that serve as packing supplies

Traveling often means a lot of bumping and bouncing, so most suitcases are made to endure such impact. That is why they are among the best household items that serve as packing supplies. If you haven't used them in a while, make sure to clean them out before you put anything inside. That way, you will keep your new home clean while you unpack. While they are excellent for packing clothes and books, you shouldn't use them to pack anything fragile. They are not meant for protecting delicate pieces and you might end up with a suitcase full of shards. Instead, pack as many clothes as you can inside the suitcase.Before you start packing it up, check to see if there is a lock on your suitcase. If there is one, you are in luck. A lock will ensure that your suitcase doesn't open on its own during transport, but it also guarantees theft prevention. Due to this feature, you can place your jewelry inside and know that it is safe during relocation. Finally, you can use your suitcase to pack your essentials bag, with everything for the first couple of days after your move. You have many options with a quality suitcase, so try to make the most of it.

Use the trash bags you have in your home

Nobody likes to spend their first day in a new home washing and ironing clothes. To prevent this, you should know how to pack them the best way possible. Grab a couple of trash bags from the kitchen and head for the closet. Instead of taking every piece of clothing off the hanger, folding it, and placing it inside the box, you should try a different approach. Make a hole in the trash bag and place it over your clothes while they are still on the hangers. This will prevent them from getting dirty and wrinkling during transport.While you've used your trash bags efficiently, you can also use the plastic trash bin in your kitchen. Wash it as well as you can and use it to keep your cleaning supplies and productswhile you are moving. If there is a handle on the bin, all the better. Keep these cleaning supplies close as you pack so that you can take care of a mess as soon as it is created.

Small green garbage can.

Make sure that the trash can is clean before you place any products inside.

Clothes are definitely household items that serve as packing supplies

Just like with linens and towels, you can use clothes when you pack your household. You must have some old T-shirts in the back of your closet. Use them to wrap fragile items or to fill any empty spaces in the boxes. Another useful tip is to use your old socks to store some smaller knick-knacks. Simply place them in the sock and tie the end into a knot. For extra protection, you can use more than one sock for an item.A great way to save space when relocating is to fill the insides of your shoes with smaller items. For example, you can ball up your socks and place them inside instead of packing them separately. If you are moving the shoes inside shoeboxes, you can even stuff the box with some rags or smaller towels.

A stack of newspapers.

Don't spend money on packing paper - use newspapers instead.

Don't throw out old newspapers

Before you start packing for your move, look through your house for old newspapers. Believe it or not, newspapers are among the household items that serve as packing supplies. While you declutter, make sure to keep at least a dozen of them for packing purposes. They are a great, practically free, alternative to packing paper. Use the newspapers to wrap some of the more fragile items, such as mirrors. However, avoid using them to wrap fine china, as the print may transfer and leave a mark. Finally, you can use newspapers to stuff each box and ensure that the items inside don't touch or scratch during the move.