Dec 1, 2023

How hiring movers can help you be more environmentally-friendly?

How hiring movers can help you be more environmentally-friendly?

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Looking for an apartment, cleaning out, packing boxes, hauling boxes, unpacking, furnishing - a move is a lot of work and can quickly turn into stress. Not only for you also for the environment a move can become a burden. All this can have a pretty negative impact on your ecological footprint - but it doesn't have to. Hiring movers can help you be more environmentally-friendly. Capital City Bins has important tips for you on how you can make your move more environmentally-friendly with little effort.

Hiring movers can help you be more environmentally-friendly - this is what you need to think about

Some moving companies specialize in environmentally friendly moves. Consideration for environmental concerns would be among the most important company values. For example, you can look for providers that are ISO 1400 certified. Certification to this globally recognized standard is awarded to companies that are conscious of activities that impact the environment and avoid them as much as possible. Or you can choose a company whose environmental policy clearly commits to reducing its carbon footprint - while maintaining the same performance standards and quality. You should choose a company that uses cardboard boxes and packing materials with the highest possible recycled content. They are just as resilient and suitable as conventional packing materials.

Hiring movers can help you be more environmentally-friendly

Your mover should also have a dedicated facility for recycling moving waste. This way hiring movers can help you be more environmentally-friendly.

Environmentally friendly relocation with a modern fleet of vehicles

Moving environmentally friendly starts with thoughtful planning of your plan to avoid unnecessary driving distances or packing materials. Discuss the upcoming move with your movers in advance in order to make it as ecological as possible. This means that you can move in all urban areas in an environmentally friendly manner and rely on up-to-date vehicle technology when transporting your household goods. By using ecologically harmless materials such as paper, cardboard, and green moving supplies, you secure your belongings during the move in a clever and resource-saving way. Use moving boxes that are returnable to the natural cycle. Pack all your household goods safely and ecologically at the same time.

Sustainable packaging

You've decided what you want to take with you and what you don't? Great, now it's time to pack the things you want to move with you in the most environmentally friendly way possible. You can buy plastic packing boxes for moving, for example, so they don't have to be made from scratch for every move. And to protect your beloved china or delicate pieces of furniture from damage, you don't need bubble wrap and you don't have to buy extra packing paper. Rather, use what you have anyway. Smaller delicate items can be wrapped in newspapers or clothes. You have to take the latter with you anyway. Larger items, such as a large wall mirror or an antique chest of drawers wrap in larger items of linen such as sheets or comforter covers to protect them from damage.

Environmentally friendly moving materials

The bubble wrap and styrofoam form protection for your fragile items and are very often used in moving. You may know that styrofoam is not biodegradable. For example, a styrofoam cup will outlast us all for hundreds of years. The cup will degrade over time, but it cannot be biologically converted. But you can replace the Styrofoam when you move. Towels, socks, blankets, curtains, and pillows are perfect for filling empty spaces. This is a good alternative for stuffing boxes with the packed drinking glasses and china service. You can also buy recyclable packing material if socks and towels are not enough or rent green storage bins. In this way, you can move without endangering the environment. Plus this is a cheaper solution.

Person packing

When moving, choose materials that are biodegradable.

Hiring movers can help you be more environmentally-friendly because you will transport everything at once

Use a larger van to transport your belongings all at once. You can simply rent a larger van instead of driving your own car back and forth multiple times. If you choose an electronic moving van, your move will be even more environmentally friendly! This is exactly one of the ways how hiring movers can help you be more environmentally-friendly. You don’t have to drive back and forth countless times instead move all your stuff at once. You can only achieve this if you hire movers.

Take less with you

Clearly, a move is a great opportunity to finally declutter. A move is a great opportunity to take stock. A lot of what you accumulate over the years you don't really need to live, let alone be happy. You don't have to become a minimalist right away but think carefully about what things in your home have actually proven useful and been needed over the years and what has more or less taken up space as unnecessary clutter. It's best to do this inventory before you start packing boxes. The less you take with you, the smaller the moving van will be. Therefore the less CO 2 you will emit during the journey to the new home. So before packing, take a little time to clean out your belongings.

Sign less is more

Think carefully about what you really need in your new apartment or house.

After the move

Make sure your moving company unpacks your belongings at your destination and takes the packing material for recycling. You can reuse packing materials left over after unpacking and use them to build a cave, castle, or car for the kids to play with, for example. Also, send moving cards to friends and family via email rather than snail mail. These are just some of the ways you can take care of the environment.With these simple but effective steps, you have the opportunity to make your move much more sustainable. Not only will the environment benefit, but you'll also save money. As you can see hiring movers can help you be more environmentally-friendly. Give us a call and get your moving boxes to help you have eco-friendly relocation.