Dec 1, 2023

How plastic moving boxes protect the environment?

How plastic moving boxes protect the environment?

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There is always talk of environmental pollution and what devastating effects it will have on our habitat Earth if we do nothing about it. Every day mountains of garbage end up in the oceans and endanger the animals that live there. The earth's resources are still being overused and the air is still too polluted. Moving and using cardboard moving boxes can also affect the environment. Plastic moving boxes protect the environment. Capital City Bins will tell you how.

How are moving boxes made?

Moving boxes usually consist of only 4 components. Depending on the type and thickness of the carton, a different composition of ingredients is used. The following materials are needed in the production of moving boxes:

  • Groundwood pulp
  • Pulp
  • Waste paper
  • Water

The process of production begins with the pulp (produced by processing wood fibers with chemicals) being mixed with waste paper with the addition of large quantities of water to form a pulp. Old dirt particles and ink residues are removed in the process. This process is very similar to paper production as such.

Carton boxes and stacked books on table

Also, as we already said high water consumption speaks against cardboard moving boxes.

Plastic moving boxes create less waste

To protect the environment, it is quite important to drastically reduce the amount of garbage that we produce every day. When moving you can instead of regular moving boxes that are made of cardboard use eco moving boxes. Nothing against the cardboard, but after a few uses, the boxes literally belong in the waste paper. The plastic moving boxes are made of 100% recyclable plastic. You can happily use them 200 times. This means that they cause 84% fewer CO2 emissions than their cardboard brethren, proving that if we use plastic correctly can be a guarantor of sustainable environmental protection. This way moving boxes made of plastic protect the environment.

Reuse things and materials as recycling is key

In general, use containers that you can reuse and materials that you can recycle. For example, there are companies that ensure that materials can be reused. There, products such as green moving supplies are products by means of high-quality manual labor and thus recycled. But even you can reuse some things instead of throwing them away when moving away. This means less waste if you use plastic moving boxes and you don't have to say goodbye to some favorite items after all. You can use them again and again after emptying.

Rent moving boxes because plastic moving boxes protect the environment

Besides buying moving boxes, there is a possibility to rent moving bins. These are usually the same size as traditional cardboard moving boxes and at the same time are more stable. Another advantage is that plastic moving boxes are waterproof. Parking in the rain? No problem. In addition, rented moving boxes encourage you to put the packed items away faster. Moving boxes that stand for a long time in the corners of the new apartment are then a thing of the past. Moving boxes are more sustainable in any case and above all protect the environment.

The girl holding a sign that says save the earth

If we want to take care of the environment when moving, we should definitely use green moving boxes because plastic moving boxes protect the environment.

Are there green and sustainable alternatives?

In a nutshell, yes! There are alternatives to traditional, unsustainable cardboard moving boxes. These are more sustainable and usually much cheaper than cardboard boxes.

  • Trash Bags - Trash bags are something everyone has in their own household, these are quite wonderful for transporting clothes. You can also use it for other flexible items. In many supermarkets, garbage bags are available for a few dollars. Some waste disposal companies even provide garbage bags free of charge. A look on the Internet should help here.
  • Banana boxes - If we are already in the supermarket, we have here directly the next alternative ready to hand: Banana boxes. Just ask if you can have the boxes. These are good for light household items. Please note that banana boxes are not so stable. Therefore, better not use them for items that are too heavy. Providers for affordable plastic bins for moving often offer delivery and pickup directly to your home.
  • Suitcases, travel bags, and laundry baskets - Suitcases, travel bags, and laundry baskets. Use these containers for transportation. You'll have to lug them around anyway, so why not fill them up with your clothes or kitchen utensils? Saves time, money, and stairs.

Using durable moving supplies is a guarantee for success

Every move is a bit like shopping: you gather your treasures, pack them in one place, then transport everything and finally unpack the stuff in another place. In the supermarket you also have the choice between plastic bag, paper bag or jute bag, so why should it automatically be the cardboard box when moving? We're not disputing that cardboard boxes will get you where you want to go, but each of us has had a shopping bag rip out of thin paper - and it wasn't even raining at the time. Modern moving boxes are made of hard plastic. They are noticeably stronger and more durable than their cardboard brethren.

Man thinking about how plastic moving boxes protect the environment

With plastic boxes for moving, you have no reason to stress because you know that everything will flow smoothly and that you do not endanger the environment.We have praised the modern product a little to the skies and are perhaps doing the classic cardboard boxes a little injustice. But don't all the advantages speak for themselves in the end?. Nobody has anything against the old friend, the cardboard box. However, in this short comparison, we have convincingly shown you why the plastic boxes are still much more suitable for your private move. In the end, it is not just that plastic moving boxes protect the environment they are also better for your relocation. If you use plastic moving bins your move will go smoother. Therefore contact Capital City Bins and get boxes for your move.