May 20, 2024

How to Ask Someone to Help You Move

How to Ask Someone to Help You Move

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Moving is a big step and can be complicated and stressful if not properly prepared. One of the biggest problems and dilemmas during the move is organizing everything, including asking family and friends for help.

In this blog, we will explore tips and steps on how to properly and in the best way to ask for help when moving.

Create a Moving Plan Before Asking For Help

Creating a Moving Plan

Before you ask for help with moving, it is best to make a detailed plan. This plan may include the following:

  • Create a timeline.
  • Organize inventory.
  • Choose people to help.
  • Schedule of duties for everyone who helps you.
  • Get packing materials.
  • Pack systematically.
  • Provide food and drinks for your helpers.
  • Provide a means of transport.

How to Ask Family for Help?

When you move, family is like your safe harbor. They have been with you from the beginning; they know you best and are always there to help and support you. That's why it's often easier to ask them for help because you know you can rely on them. Before asking your family for help though, it is important to make a detailed moving plan, because the more thorough the planning, the easier it will be to ask your family for help.

When you ask them for help, be clear and tell them exactly what, how, and when they should do it. Make sure to make all family members do the same thing. Think about what everyone can do best and what interests them, and assign tasks based on that. After the family helps with the move, express your gratitude to them.

It can be lunch or dinner after the move that will make them happy and show them how much you care about their help.

How to Ask Friends for Help?

Regardless of how well you organize your move, you always need additional help. Whether the question is packing, transportation, unpacking, or something else, you always think about how to ask a friend for help. The best way to ask for help is to be honest and direct. Choose the right time to explain to them why you need, help and how much it would mean to you.

When you ask for help, be specific about what you need and what you are looking for, and listen to suggestions. If you know that your friends will come at a certain time, make sure that everything is ready. Everyone has clearly defined tasks to avoid confusion. Don't forget to say thank you during and after the move.

Working with friends often brings a more relaxed atmosphere, which can reduce tension and stress during the moving process.

Assignment of tasks

Assigning tasks during the move can significantly facilitate the entire process, ensure that nothing is forgotten, and reduce stress. Before you start assigning tasks, it is important to assess the volume of work that is in front of you. Before assigning tasks, it is important to follow these steps:

  • A list of items that are being moved.
  • Packing and labeling of boxes.
  • Transportation organization.
  • Unpacking and placing things in the new home.
  • Cleaning old and new spaces.

Each of these steps can be broken down into smaller tasks that can be assigned to different people you have invited to help you with your move. Moving is an event that includes all members, regardless of age.

Even small children can help pack their toys. If you seek the help of relatives or friends during the move, it is important to make a detailed list of tasks with the names of the people responsible for each task. Organize family and friend meetings to review progress and resolve potential issues. Friends can also help with:

  • Packing and carrying boxes.
  • Transportation of smaller items by car.
  • Cleaning of old and new spaces.
  • Assembling furniture in a new home.

After the move, don't forget to express gratitude to family and friends for their help.

Balance Between Family and Friends

Regardless of whether you are moving to the same city or a further destination, the best solution is when you have support and help from family and friends. For example, you can ask your family to help you organize things and provide emotional support when you are having a hard time.

On the other hand, friends can help you with physical chores and provide practical help, such as helping you move or doing everyday tasks. That way, you will be able to get the best possible support and help from both sides and feel safer and more satisfied during the move.

Preparation of Food and Snacks

Proper food and snack planning can make the process much easier for you, your family, and the friends who help you. Before you start preparing food and snacks, it is important to keep in mind the number of people who will help you and pay attention to possible allergies or dietary restrictions.

A Well Prepared Meal to Thank Them is a Good Idea

This will help you prepare adequate meals and snacks that will satisfy everyone. When moving, choose meals that are easy to prepare and eat but also have energy value. Moving is physically demanding, so it is important to provide a sufficient amount of water and other refreshing drinks. For a snack, it is good to have nuts and dried fruit, but also croissants and pastries.

Well-planned meals and snacks will not only make moving easier but will also show your appreciation to family and friends who are helping you. Include varied and nutritious options, taking into account the specific needs of all helpers, and the move will be successful and less stressful.

Helping with Packing and Unpacking

Packing and unpacking are two of the most demanding moving processes. But with a good team of family and friends, these tasks become much easier and faster. Invite your loved ones to help you with sorting, packing, and labeling boxes, moving furniture, and unpacking.

Unpacking heavy boxes and furniture can be physically demanding, but family and friends can help with the transfer, reduce the risk of injury, and thus facilitate the unpacking process. The help of family and friends in packing and unpacking not only speeds up the moving process but also makes you feel less burdened.


Asking someone to help you move can be difficult, but with a good approach and communication, you can make this process easier for yourself and others. Plan, ask the right questions, and show gratitude to those who help you, so the move will go smoothly and you will have the support you need to successfully start your new life in your new home.

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