Dec 1, 2023

How to assess the cost of your move?

How to assess the cost of your move?

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There are several ways you can assess the cost of your move without involving a moving company. However, it might be a good idea to contact the professional movers as well, just to make sure. Our company has decided to create this guide to help out each and every one of you who wants to learn more about estimating the cost of your relocation. Of course, all of us like to relocate as cheaply as possible. However, there are some factors that influence this more than anything. So, if you are interested to learn something more about this one, feel free to stick with us until the end of our guide. We are certain that you will enjoy it!

How to assess the cost of your move easily?

There are some ways you can estimate the moving cost of your house or an apartment. For example, most moving companies will do this based on the number of your items and their weight. So, if you wish to estimate your moving costs, you should start from there. Also, you should:

Contact someone to help you out. You can always contact someone to help you out with your relocation. However, how many people can you contact to help you estimate the cost of your move? Not a lot, right? Fortunately, there are some really proficient people out there who can help you out with this one. Companies like Capital City Bins, for example, are in the field of moving and relocation for a long time. They will tell you an approximate moving estimate without any problems.

Try to do it on your own. You can also do this on your own, provided you know how to do it. We have mentioned that you need to take the number of your items and their weight into account. For example, you should try to estimate how much hours will your moving company need to relocate your home. Then, multiply that by their average rate and there you have it. So, if a moving rate is $95 per hour and your move requires 10 hours, you should expect to pay $950 for your relocation. You can always check some packing tips for an affordable move to make it easier for you.

A girl working on a laptop

Research what affects the cost of your move

Some additional information when this is concerned

There are some things you can do to help yourself and your professional movers. For example, you can do the majority of the packing yourself. In essence, the more you do, the cheaper it will be for you to relocate. This way, you can decrease the number of hours your movers will need for your move. However, keep in mind that your moving company will come to estimate your move before you actually do anything. So, you can either tell them that you will pack yourself, or you might require them to pack you instead. Everything works, but having an additional moving service will cost extra.

Yet another thing you should definitely think about would be the complexity of the relocation. Some items are harder to transport than others and it will take your professional movers more time to get it right. On the other hand, you might have a lot of antique furniture or old items which will require special care. This will also add some more time for your relocation. For this reason, the best idea would be to do a much as you can yourself. However, if you cannot do it, then simply do not do it.

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You must think this through.

Assess the cost of your move and think about estimates

There are two types of moving estimates - binding moving estimates and non-binding moving estimates. Here is how both of them can affect your relocation:

A binding moving estimate. If you choose a binding moving estimate, you will have to pay the set amount of money that is written on your moving contract. Even if the relocation is easier and cheaper, the estimate is bound to your signature and you will have to pay the set amount. However, if there are relocation problems and your relocation is actually more expensive than it should be, you will still pay the set amount. In any case, your reusable plastic moving boxes do not make the relocation sum any different so get them on time.

Non-binding estimate. The non-binding estimate works on the "you pay for what you get" principle. This means that the estimate on the paper can go either higher or lower, depending on the relocation. This type of estimate is not that common nowadays, but you can still go for it if you evaluate that your relocation will not cost a lot. Use some last-minute packing hacks if you choose this option to make your relocation cheaper.

What can affect your relocation cost as well?

Overall, the most common thing you will need to be worrying about is the time it will take your movers to relocate your belongings from Point A to Point B, and their weight. However, there are some other things that you have missed. For example, some special moving services, like packing or pet relocation, cost more than regular relocation. Keep this on your mind. Also, if you sign with an inexperienced moving company and you sign a non-binding moving estimate, you might pay double the cost of your relocation instead of a normal one. Inexperienced movers work slowly and they can make relocation mistakes which will delay your move. Instead of compensation, you will receive a bigger check.

A man considering his options for the move.

Think carefully about your relocation options.

So, can you assess the cost of your move?

Yes, you can assess the cost of your move. However, you will have to think like a moving company and stay very focused. We sincerely hope that we have made this a bit easier for you. Now you will know what to focus on for your next relocation. For anything else, we will always be there to help you out.