Dec 1, 2023

How to assess the number of boxes you need to rent for your move?

How to assess the number of boxes you need to rent for your move?

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When you decide to move, the first thing you need to do is to get moving supplies. The biggest part of packing supplies would be moving boxes. If this is your first time moving, it's more likely you would get the wrong number of boxes than the right one. The size of your items always looks smaller than they are actually are. This is the reason why most people get the wrong number of boxes. However, you don’t need to worry. There are tips you can use to get the most accurate number of moving boxes. Besides the number, when you are looking for moving supplies, always search for the best plastic containers for moving. Quality is always more important than quantity as numbers can be more easily fixed. Here are a few ways on how to assess the number of boxes you need to rent.

What you need to do before you start to assess the number of boxes you need to rent

As you are moving to a new home, now it’s a perfect time to do a declutter. Items that you don’t need and only make a mess, you should definitely remove from your life. Gather items you don’t need into a few large plastic moving boxes and send them off to their future path for donation, garbage, or garage sale. This will help you to save some money as you will need fewer boxes to acquire. If you want to take your move to another level, you can make your move eco friendly. Nowadays, you can rent green moving boxes that are reusable, multi-purpose, and long-lasting. This way, you will be a part of a greater cause as you will be taking steps to keep the planet healthy.

A puppy in a box.

You should find sturdy moving boxes.

Ways you can get the most accurate number of moving boxes

There are a couple of ways that can help you with the assessment of the number of moving boxes. The first is to look at the number of rooms you have. This can also apply to the number of people and the number of years spent in your previous home. You can also take into consideration the type of lifestyle. If you are more on the minimalist side, you will need fewer boxes. With more ways to help you, you will also help yourself to reduce the stress that is related to the impending move. Next, you need to know where to rent moving supplies and about the sizes of moving boxes. Moving boxes come in 4 different sizes, small, medium, large ad extra- large. The sizes vary from small boxes that are 1.5 cubic feet, medium boxes 1.5-3 cubic feet, large 2.5-3.5cubic feet, and extra- large are 3.6+ cubic feet.

Dozens of moving boxes.

The quality of moving boxes is extremely important.

A great tip you can use for the number of moving boxes

The last but not the least important way to assess the number of boxes you need to rent is to use the square footage of your current home.

  • 400-700 square feet would be about 7-15 small boxes or 3 extra-large boxes
  • 700-1250 square feet should be 17-23 small boxes or 4-6 extra-large boxes
  • 1200-1700 square feet around 32-37 small boxes or 10-12 extra-large boxes
  • 1700-2200 square feet about 38-42 small boxes or 13-15 extra-large boxes

Now that you have all of this in mind, you will be able to really assess what you do and do not need.