Dec 1, 2023

How to avoid moving scams when relocating to NYC

How to avoid moving scams when relocating to NYC

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Moving is very tough and takes a lot of time and planning up ahead to work. If you can't move on your own, you can hire professional movers to help you. However, in this modern age, it is hard to tell what is real and what is fake. The last thing you need in this stressful time is getting scammed. Today, with a little tech know-how, anyone can make a convincing fake web page and lure you in. Before you move, learn how to avoid moving scams when relocating to NYC, for your sake. We are here to show you how.

Learning how to avoid moving scams when relocating to NYC is easy

Although there are some skilled scammers out there, you can recognize them. Start by looking for red flags. Scammers often look legit and sound friendly, so it's easy to confuse them for reputable movers. Unlike genuine moving companies, scammers can take your deposit and leave, charge you hidden fees, or hijack your inventory. The best way to avoid scams is to find reputable moving companies and only hire them. For instance, when you search moving boxes for rent online, don't dig too deep. Usually, the top results that show up will lead you to the right place and won't be scams. However, this is far from enough and is no guarantee that you will be safe from scams. To be safe, think of the following factors:

avoid moving scams money in hands

Don't let yourself be a victim of scammers: learn how to avoid moving scams when relocating to NYC.

  • Do your movers have a physical address, a mover's registration, or proof of insurance? If not, that's a big red flag.
  • Before an interstate move, your movers must tell you your rights and responsibilities.
  • Refusing to do an in-person estimate of your home is also a bad sign.
  • Scammers change company names to try and hide the evidence of their previous "missions". If your company changed names several times, be careful.
  • Movers should always charge the weight of your inventory. So, if your movers charge by cubic feet of volume, that's a very bad sign. While this might work for smaller moves, it's illegal for interstate moves.
  • Quotes that are not subject to change are a red flag and are a sign that you should back out and look for other movers. This can also happen when you look for green storage containers to rent, so be careful! Rely on Capital City Bins!

How to protect yourself and avoid moving scams when relocating to NYC

Lucky for you, for every red flag out there, there is a way to avoid getting scammed. That means there are many ways to protect yourself from fraud when moving. Whether you're looking for a moving company or a company to rent moving boxes plastic, you can never be too careful. From simple things such as fact checks to things, you can do even if you're not sure whether you're dealing with a scammer or not.

box with fragile label

There are many ways to avoid getting scammed.

  • Check your movers' license right away! All interstate movers have a license, and some states even require local movers to have licenses. Look up the company on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration company database to be safe!
  • Pay with a credit card instead of paying with cash! If you pay with cash and get scammed, consider your money good as gone. Payments made by credit cards are insured, so you can get a refund if something goes wrong.
  • Read your contract and understand the terms and conditions! Make sure to check for pickup and drop-off dates!
  • Make a list of your inventory and keep it! You can even take pictures of things that are more costly and keep them in case you get hijacked.
  • Remember to look for reviews and read them before you order moving boxes NYC! However, don't rely only on reviews, as they can often be forged and look as if they're real.
  • Never sign partial or blank contracts. This is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Make plans in advance.
  • Ask for recommendations from friends, coworkers, and family. There's no better way to check if you're making the right choice. You can also ask real estate agents for recommendations.
  • Consider moving insurance to protect your items.
  • Keep track of details from the very beginning until your belongings are dropped over.

One more thing to keep in mind before choosing a moving company to relocate you

All of these tips are great for figuring out scammers. They're also great for protecting you from them. No matter how much they try to scam you, you can fight them back. However, there is one thing, the first line of defense, that can protect you from moving scams. Best of all, it is quite simple and easy to get. The best way to avoid moving scams is by hiring reputable movers near you. You will easily find reputable moving companies! They have all the information that you need to make sure they are legitimate. They have many reviews that prove that they are credible. On top of that, they offer many different moving services that can help you. You might think that hiring a professional moving company is too expensive. This is, however, not true. A professional moving company will never scam you. No scamming means no potential money losses.

family unpacking after the move

The best way to avoid moving scams is to hire reputable movers.

  • With a professional moving company, you won't be at risk of hijacking.
  • Everything is 100% legal and insured.
  • With a reputable moving company, you will know all of your fees.
  • A reputable moving company will keep all of your items safe.

Final words about moving scams...

After you find out how to avoid moving scams when relocating to NYC, you will be completely safe and sound. You won't have to worry about financial losses. All you will have to worry about is having a safe and fast relocation, and getting moving supplies on time. Speaking of moving supplies, did you know you can rent eco-friendly moving supplies from Capital City Bins? If not, now you know! Give us a call and get your moving and storage bins today!