Dec 1, 2023

How to be environmentally friendly when shopping for Christmas

How to be environmentally friendly when shopping for Christmas

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Christmas is one of the most popular holidays all over the world - and it is a favorite for many people! It is the time for magic and gifts - and it's no wonder that so many children enjoy this time! However, there are people who consider Christmas something bad. They believe shopping for gifts often leads to a lot of waste, which is not good for the planet! That's why in this article, we talk about the ways in which you can be environmentally friendly when shopping for Christmas!

Get gifts that will last to be environmentally friendly when shopping for Christmas!

One of the worst things you can do for Christmas is to get gifts that people won't be able to use for very long. This usually happens in the last days of the seasons, when we are rushing around and panicking about what to buy. The simple solution - plan well! If you do your shopping in advance, then you will have more time (obviously), and won't need to rush. Instead, you can think carefully about what to give everyone!

a potted plant

Plants are a great gift and live a long time!And this decision will help you be environmentally friendly when shopping for Christmas! You can gift things that people will use for a long time. For example, reusable moving totes are always great when you need storage solutions - and you can use them over and over again! A simple houseplant can also pick up the morale of anyone, and it's cheap and simple enough!

Switch to smart wrapping solutions

Another big thing that people often forget is just how much wrapping paper we waste during each season. Only in Britain, for example, people use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each Christmas, a Defra research shows! What's bad is that ribbons, tape and glitter cannot really be recycled! So, if you want to be environmentally friendly when shopping for Christmas, you should switch to some safer options!That's why the brown eco-friendly paper is always a great option! This is cheap enough to get, and you can make a lot of cool stuff with it! You can use twigs of eucalyptus for decoration - and it will easily bring that holiday spirit! To go the extra mile, you can use last hears name tags and cards to decorate this year's gifts as well!

gift packing materials

This about waste when packing gifts!Another thing that you can consider is ditching paper completely! There are multiple ways in which you can pack presents - like plastic moving bins and a thing that's becoming more popular in recent years - fabric! Furoshiki, for example, is a Japanese method of wrapping up gifts with a cloth. Usually, they use it for transporting gifts, but you can use it to be eco-friendly this holiday season! Not only are there many wonderful and beautiful fabrics you can use, but you can reuse them over and over again - just like the boxes!The last thing you should consider is reusing everything Christmassy you have! You don't need to go out and buy new decorations if you have the ones from last year! Trust us - nobody will mind, and you will be environmentally friendly when shopping for Christmas!