Dec 1, 2023

How to be more environmentally friendly this winter

How to be more environmentally friendly this winter

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Nature issues are currently a hot topic. People are slowly accepting the idea of taking care of our planet. Still, each one of us must do our small part in this process. So, we must start now and think about how to be more environmentally friendly this winter. Whether you are using paper bags or you are reusing items in your home, you're making baby steps towards the cause. Even better, if you are relocating soon, here are a few pointers on how to have an eco-friendly move.

How to be more eco-friendly this winter during the move

Eco-friendly relocation is easier than you think. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary costs and piles of waste. There is a variety of old and new materials you can use to pack your items. That way, you'll secure your items and nature will not suffer because of it. Also, you can rent or buy boxes and moving crates NYC, or reuse your old stuff. We can look after our planet in many ways, so we have listed a few ideas for you to browse.

plastic boxes to remind you to be more environmentally friendly this winter

Reduce, reuse and recycle!

Downsizing and reusing as a way of being more environmentally friendly this winter

First of all, make a pile of things you won't need anymore. That way you will have to move fewer items, and that means fewer crates and bins, tape, and less waste. Next, try to reuse stuff you already have in your home. Even old blankets and damaged card boxes can be helpful when relocating.

  • First, sort out your items and throw out everything damaged or broken.
  • Donate or resell things you don't need like not fitting clothes. For example, you can offer items to your friends and family, or even a local charity organization. Next, you might make a garage sale or make a Shopify account, and try to sell online.
  • Use your old towels, t-shirts, and linen as wrapping material. You'll pack them all anyway, so put them to use while you're at it. It is way better than buying single-use supplies.
  • Your old newspapers and magazines can become paper box fillings. Just tear them, crumple the paper and fill the gaps.
  • Surely, there are some boxes and bags in your home already. Find them and use them as holders.

If you're wondering how to be more environmentally friendly this winter, try renting reusable moving boxes or using eco-friendly ones

Some professional moving companies are renting reusable moving boxes. Try to find one that rents boxes of recycled plastic. They deliver boxes to your home and you send them back after the move. These plastic moving containers are strong and light, so you can store more items in them. They are durable, so they can be used hundreds of times. However, if you don't like the idea of using plastic boxes at all, there's an alternative. Find or borrow suitcases, tote bags, backpacks, or use cardboard boxes. They're made out of paper. It's a natural material, which decomposes very fast. They are cheap to buy and light to carry. Be more eco-friendly and buy used cardboard boxes. After the move, you can find another use for them in your home. If you throw them away, they leave no waste, since they are biodegradable and can even serve as fertilizer.

Two women and a man with boxes

Used cardboard boxes are a good eco-friendly option.

Eco-friendly all the way

There is a variety of natural and organic materials we can use as moving supplies. Maybe you heard of mushroom and seaweed packaging, or flax and bamboo. These are great alternatives to plastic materials. Today it's easier than ever to find and buy biodegradable and sustainable moving supplies. There is paper tape, bubble wrap made of recycled paper, and eco moving boxes. You can even use non-toxic labels and tags. Your relocation can go plastic-free all the way if you like. Also, to secure items in crates, and prevent damage, you'll need to fill the gaps. There are several organic materials you can use as filling, like shredded or crumpled paper or cardboard. Also, there is corrugated paper, and paper bubble wrap, made of recycled paper. Another sort of eco-friendly void fill is biodegradable packing peanuts. You can use regular bubble wrap or air pillows, just make sure they're recyclable.

Colored recycling garbage bins.

Recycling is one of the ways to be more environmentally friendly this winter.

Going green in your office

If you're about to move your office this winter, remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Buy only quality products which last longer. Then donate or resell your old technology and electronics. The final option would be recycling. The same rules apply when you're moving your home. Accept, when you move your business, you'll need to get rid of the electrical waste, as well. You can't just dispose of it in general waste because e-waste is toxic and harmful. You might want to contact the nearest recycling center and check if they would collect it. Check out our tips for environmentally friendly office relocation, and see how to have a green office move.

Save the planet while relocating

Recycling is the word we want to hear when thinking of how to be more environmentally friendly this winter. Reuse everything you can. Just think for a moment and you'll see how an old blanket can become a wrap. The same goes for your sheets and t-shirts. In the same way, your old suitcase can be used as a moving bin. We can all be environmentally friendly right away. Reuse old stuff, buy good, lasting products, and recycle more.