Dec 1, 2023

How to create additional storage space in your home

How to create additional storage space in your home

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So, you have just moved into your new home and you've figured out that all the things you packed with you cannot fit into your new den. What in the world are you going to do now? Hey, don't worry. Because if you want to create additional storage space in your home, you're in luck. It can be as easy as pie. You just have to know what you are doing. Thankfully, this article contains all the tips and the tricks you need in order to make room for your new belongings. That's why it is our hope that after reading this piece, you won't have to stress another minute about that nonsense. Rather, we count on you to enjoy your new home as it was meant to be.

A messy room.

Where to start? Figuring out where to begin can be a daunting task.

How to create additional storage space in your home

First off, let us say that we understand that space is a commodity these days. In a society with around 8 billion people on the planet, that lives in a consumerist period, in which everybody needs to get their hands on that "new thing"... Finding a place you can call home can alone be a very hard task. Not to mention that when you do find such a place, you will most certainly not have enough space for your belongings. So yes, we know.However, we have tackled this issue in the years of experience working with a lot of newly-moved people. We have learned all the packing mistakes people make when moving, the most common problems during the actual move, and the problems that occur after the move is done. And we would be remiss if we didn't share our knowledge with you. So without further adieu, we present to you the best ways to create additional storage space in your home.

Decluttering in order to create additional storage space in your home

Before we get on with the actual methods you can do after your new things have arrived, we will make a general recommendation. The best way to create additional storage space in your home is not by finding creative ways to use the room you already have. No doubt it is the most entertaining way, however, it is not the most efficient.

Create additional storage space in your home by decluttering

Decluttering is the number one tool in your arsenal in the fight for finding more space.The best way to go about creating space is to simply get rid of the things you already own. In one word, to declutter. Now, this might seem a daunting task at first but it really isn't.

Enter Marie Kondo

What you want to do is simply gather all your things in one pile and ask yourself what of these items sparks joy in you. The items that have no such effect, you thank them for their service thus far, then throw away, donate or give out for recycling. However, if an item speaks to you, keep it. This is the world-famous KonMari method of decluttering your house and it really works. Try it out!

Creative ways to create space in your new home

We have alluded to this method above. So not to flog a dead horse, but we really must underline the importance of decluttering once more. The methods we are going to be mentioning below are extremely useful. However, only to a degree. Past that, you can't really create space if you have a lot of items. So make sure it doesn't come to that. Declutter on time.

Create more space by packing items in containers.

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about creating additional space is to put all your belongings in boxes and plastic bins you have laying around in your house. And we would definitely support that decision if you were to make one. However, we would offer you a small suggestion. Pack your items in reusable plastic moving boxes. The reason you would want to do this is that plastic containers are translucent. Meaning that you can see the shapes of items that you have stored away, so you don't have to open the box to see what's inside.

Pro tip: don't forget to label

However, taking into consideration the above mentioned, that doesn't mean you shouldn't label moving boxes as well. Even though you can see through plastic containers, you can't see every item that is in that container. So make sure you have a label and a corresponding labeling index with all the information on the items that are stored in that box. This way you will always know what's inside the box.

The unorthodox use of space

Now comes the fun part. When all else fails (and hopefully if you have followed the above-mentioned steps, it hasn't come to that) it's time to improvise. The best way to create additional storage space in your home when pressured for room, is by using unconventional storage space. What we mean by this is, for example, removing all the standing shelves and hanging rods in your closet and putting your own shelving. Per the demand for the size of the items that you want to place in that closet.

A round beige and brown wooden table.

Weird and quirky is good. Under the condition, it saves space and looks decent.Another cool idea we have seen people do is to have one piece of furniture used multi-purposely. For example, architect Douglas Wan in his 28sqm (301sqft) apartment, uses a wooden platform as not just a dining table, but also as a bed and a lounge area. By doing this he saved up a lot of space.

Frustrated that you cannot come up with an idea?

Don't be. The important thing here is to enjoy the process of coming up with creative ideas for creating space in your new home. If you get stuck on an idea, a simple Google / Pinterest search can give you tons of inspiration. Don't get angry. It is all normal and part of the game that we call moving. So relax, grab yourself a cup of coffee, a pencil, and a notebook and start writing up some ideas!

In conclusion

Hopefully, this article helped you in your goal of attaining additional space in your home. We are optimistic that you will manage to tackle the problem with space, as many before you have. If by any chance you have any additional problems, or questions don't be afraid to contact moving bin rental, as we would be glad to help!