Dec 1, 2023

How to create the best packing timeline?

How to create the best packing timeline?

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Planning a move can be a hard process if you don't know where to start. That is why having a good moving plan is crucial. However, packing is the moving preparation task that takes most of our time. To ease it for you, we prepared a guide that will help you make the best packing timeline. We can assure you that, if you follow it, you will pack like a pro in no time. Another thing, you should always ask someone to help you with moving and packing. And we advise you to hire professionals for that. If you on the other hand want to do it on your own you should continue reading our article.

How to create the best packing timeline?

The answer to this question is simple. All you need to do to start with is to make a good moving checklist. A moving checklist will not only help you stay on track you will also be able to know which of the tasks are finished on time. Moreover, this is one of the most important steps if you are packing for a move with children. Kids can easily distract you with their needs and having the best packing timeline will help you a lot in that kind of situation. The best tip we can give you is to ask your family to take care of your kids while you are packing. That will save you time and energy!

Furthermore, you should always have a moving checklist with you, and what is the best way of doing that than downloading the specialized app on your phone. In a time when technology is everywhere, you should have a moving checklist on your phone. Thay might be the easiest way of tracking your moving preparation process. However, you need to keep in mind that you have to charge your phone at all times. If your phone is turned off you won't have access to the moving checklist!

A person writing a to do list.

To avoid moving delays make a good moving plan and follow it.

Packing materials and where to find them?

The first thing you need to have is packing supplies! If you are not sure where to find them we can help you with that. Start looking for companies specialized in selling and renting packing supplies. We advise you to check some of the best packing supplies companies like Capital City Bins for example. Also, you can always ask them to give you some of the best packing tips and the best moving boxes. However, you can also buy moving supplies online or in general department stores. Keep in mind that if you buy them they will stay at your home after the move. The majority of packing supplies companies are renting their moving boxes.

If you are preparing for a green move you will need eco friendly moving boxes. The best idea is to go to the nearest grocery store and ask the store owner to lend you some spare cardboard boxes for your move. That will be the best way to find them and they will be free. However second-handed moving boxes are not always the smartest choice. There are many companies renting plastic moving bins. They will be perfect for heavier and fragile items. And the best thing is that you can just return them to that company without thinking of recycling them or a place to store them.

An eco-friendly sign on a phone.

Make sure you are using eco-friendly packing materials as much as you can.

Where to start with creating the best packing timeline?

If you have all the needed packing materials you should start packing. In order to pack like a pro and have no trouble with that first thing on your timeline needs to be decluttering your home. You are not going to bring all of the junk from your garage with you, do you? If the answer is no as we assumed, you should divide your items into 3 groups:

Group one - items for donation and selling. If you have some old items you are not planning on using in good condition you can either sell them or donate them. By making a garage or a yard sale 2 weeks before your move you will increase your moving budget and have fewer items to pack. That is a win-win situation right there.

Group two - items you will relocate to your new home. You will need to have the best moving supplies to be able to relocate them and that is why is important to provide them in advance. With more time packing you will be able to have less stress during the process.

A third group - items that are just junk. If you have an old toaster you were planning to prepare but instead, you bought a new one you should throw that one away. Keep in mind that many things you can recycle and try doing that. It might take more time but you will help our environment by simply recycling items that are no longer in use.

A person at a yard sale.

You should sell all the items you are not planning on taking with you.

Last-minute packing hacks

If you are late with your packing timeline here are some of the best last-minute packing hacks you need to know. First of all, you need to hire someone to help you. Packing experts are the way to go. They will pack you in no time and you will be able to do other things while they are packing your belongings. Also, you can always pack on your own with the helping hand of a friend. To do that you will need to make sure you have enough packing supplies and don't forget to tell up your clothes instead of folding them. You can roll up your towels and use them as protection for your fragile items. However, don't forget to label your moving boxes. That will ease your unpacking process a lot. Moreover, you will thank yourself for labeling them when you start unpacking them!

This should be all there is to know about the best packing timeline you need to create in order to have a smooth relocation. If you are late with any of the moving preparation tasks you will also have some moving day delays. Follow our guide to avoid them. Good luck with your packing!