Dec 1, 2023

How to determine the cost of moving supplies?

How to determine the cost of moving supplies?

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Relocations require the use of numerous moving containers and materials. These moving supplies, while not really that expensive, can still put a dent in your budget. Therefore, you need to know how to determine the cost of moving supplies ahead of time if you want to plan your relocation properly. And while you're at it, consider using the best containers available, plastic bins. They are vastly superior to regular cardboard boxes at a similar cost. You can acquire them from specialist companies, like Capital City Bins. They will enhance your moving experience and make it easier to figure out where your items are, at a glance. But you are going to need much more than containers for your relocation. In this article, we are going to go over the average costs of all moving containers and materials and the way to determine them.

What are the best ways to determine the cost of moving supplies?

To put it simply, you first need to figure out exactly how many items you have to pack. Making an inventory list is a good start. If you have the time and the inclination, you can also measure some of your belongings. This will enable you to accurately predict how many moving containers you will require. Do note that moving bins are easier to stack and that they can take up less space in the moving truck, enabling you to save a bit of money there. You can also consult professionals and ask them for advice. This is a great way of doing things, and you can get a lot of additional advice for your relocation. The first thing that you need to do, however, is to:

person holding one dollar bill

Knowing how much you will need to spend on supplies is easier with professional advice.

Figure out how many moving boxes you will need

Here are some of the "standard" estimates for how many moving boxes (or bins) your relocation will require:

  • Studio apartment - 25-30
  • 1 Bedroom - 42-48
  • 2 Bedroom - 50-60

Of course, this greatly depends on how many items are in each bedroom. But it still gives you a decent overview of how many boxes you might need. Do note that this accounts for regular cardboard boxes. You can get specialized plastic bins for your relocation, which can cut down on this number significantly. The best thing about these bins is that they are a lot greener than cardboard, as they are reusable. Cardboard boxes will need to be replaced after a move or two, where plastic bins last literally forever. If you want to go green on your move, bins are the way to go. You can rent them, as well, which will reduce the cost of your relocation by a large margin.

two cardboard boxes

Every relocation needs moving boxes. You just need to know how many.

How to determine the cost of moving supplies?

Moving supplies are used to make sure that your belongings are protected in transport. They include items such as packing paper and tape, bubble wrapping, packing peanuts, etc. You can expect to spend this much on them:

  • Studio apartment - 35-65 $
  • 1 Bedroom - 65-110 $
  • 2 Bedroom - 75-130 $

Do note, however, that these prices are only an indication. Your relocation might require a lot less or much more. It all depends on how packed your apartment is with stuff. If you have an extraordinary number of items, this cost will go up. But it will go down if you are used to a Spartan lifestyle, meaning that you don't have much in the way of belongings. However, the prices above are a good starting point. You can also purchase some materials and see if you need more later if you want to play it conservatively. You may need to find packing supplies on short notice, however, so be prepared for that. Try to always leave some time for additional shopping, in any case. It is a good rule to live by.

Get free moving boxes and supplies

But you can also try to find free materials. Here are some of the places where you can do so:

  • Craigslist
  • Freecycle
  • Bookstores
  • Grocery stores
  • Starbucks

Craigslist and Freecycle are great online places where you can find people that are donating their unused supplies. Finding them can be a considerable time investment, though. But if you have more time than money, it is well worth your while to try. As for the moving boxes, you can visit all the other places on the list and ask if they have some to spare. Most of the time, they will be able to send a box or two your way, especially books and grocery stores. You always have Starbucks as a last resort. The best places to visit are the local ones, where people know you and might be more willing to help. Try the stores that you frequent often, you will have the most success there. You can always acquire what you can't get for free from specialized companies such as Capital City Bins.

laptop on the table

The internet is your best friend when searching for free supplies.

Consider reusable bins before you determine the cost of moving supplies

Plastic bins are in many ways superior to regular cardboard boxes. For one, they are much more eco-friendly. Another benefit is that they can be transparent, which will allow you to see what kind of items are in there, at a glance. Furthermore, they are a lot more durable and can protect your other belongings from any spills. This is something that no cardboard box can do. You can purchase them, of course, but a much better option is to rent them for your relocation. This will cut down on the overall cost while providing you with amazing containers for your belongings. There are really no downsides to selecting bins unless you particularly like cardboard boxes. They are easier to secure, last longer, and are infinitely more stackable. We hope that you can, now, determine the cost of moving supplies.