Dec 1, 2023

How to disinfect your home when preparing for relocation

How to disinfect your home when preparing for relocation

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There are many things that need to be done before and after the relocation. Before the time for the move comes, most people focus on decluttering and packing. After all, these are one of the most important pre-move tasks! However, cleaning and disinfecting the new home are as important as any other moving-related tasks. And, in these challenging times, due to the coronavirus pandemic, learning how to disinfect your home when preparing for relocation is of the utmost importance!To help you and your loved ones stay safe during these times, we have written a couple of home cleaning and disinfection tips that will be of use to you even after the coronavirus pandemic. Keep reading to learn more!

Home interior

Every surface in your home needs to be disinfected before and after the move

The importance of disinfecting home when relocating during the pandemic

Moving is a process that can be stressful and overwhelming. Things become even more serious when relocating during challenging times, such as coronavirus pandemic. If you are among the people who need to relocate in these times, there is nothing to worry about. If you follow the safety measures, disinfect your home when preparing for relocation, and avoid contact with other people, everything is going to be just fine.Cleaning and disinfecting are something that you should do before and after every move, but due to the current situation, you will need to be extra cautious and focus on it even more. Learning how to reduce waste and get rid of the trash after the move, unfortunately, won't be enough for a safe move. The COVID-19 spreads very easily, but together, we can fight it.

What do you need to know about the COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that spreads very easily. At first, it was thought that the virus can only spread through respiratory droplets. However, it has been later discovered that the virus can also spread after a person who has been in contact with infected surfaces, touches their own mouth, eyes, or nose. There are still many things we don't know about this virus, but, what we currently know can help us stay healthy. Good discipline is a must! This is why it is so important to disinfect your home when preparing for relocation in the middle of the pandemic crisis. Disinfection, avoiding social contact, and protecting yourself, are the steps that will help us beat the coronavirus.

Come up with a great plan to disinfect your home before relocation with ease

As you can see, some simple safety measures will help you move without putting yourself nor your family at risk. So, let's learn how what the best and simplest way of disinfecting home is!Every task becomes simple when you plan it. A good plan helps you keep the problems away and helps you handle the task faster. This is why you too are going to need a plan in order to successfully disinfect your home when preparing for relocation. Therefore, you won't only need the plan for hiring movers, getting storage bin rentals, and settling in. You will also need to plan the following:

  • when you will start with disinfection;
  • which supplies you are going to use;
  • when to clean your new home;
  • how to keep yourself and your kids safe.

After planning every single step of this process, you will disinfect your home in no time. Just make sure to stick to your schedule and go through your plan once again if it is necessary.

Person planning how to disinfect your home when preparing for relocation

A plan by your side will help you take care of moving preparations with ease

Gather the necessary gear and supplies

In order to disinfect your home when relocating during the pandemic the right way, you will need to gather some supplies. Apart from gloves, face masks, cloths, and sponges, you are going to need something else. Here is what!

  • Disinfectant wipes - to quickly clean your surfaces;
  • Disinfectant spray - to clean surfaces that can't be wiped down, such as couches or mattresses;
  • Hydrogen peroxide - perfect for cleaning and disinfecting your bathroom or kitchen;
  • Bleach mixture - for cleaning floors in your home;
  • Alcohol - for cleaning any surface in your home.

These disinfectants aren't pricey and you probably already have some of them in your home. You can even make a natural disinfectant that can also help you keep the coronavirus and other germs away from your home. They are simple to make and don't cost a lot. And let's not forget that they are also eco-friendly!

Woman applying hand sanitizer

Take care of your health by keeping your hands and your home clean

Disinfect smartly your home when preparing for relocation, don't overdo it

Even though the disinfection of your home needs to be done, there is no need to overdo it. Using too much bleach doesn't mean you will disinfect your home when preparing for relocation more. Using too much of any product, especially harsh chemicals, could put you at risk! These chemicals could irritate your skin, eyes, and even lungs. In addition to this, you should keep your windows open, wear gloves, and a mask. This is something that also needs to be done when cleaning home after moving in.

Follow the safety measures strictly

Moving your home in the middle of the pandemic needs to be taken seriously. Even the smallest mistake could have consequences. This is why it is really important to follow all safety measures. And, you will have to do it strictly! Apart from disinfecting home, you should also opt for packing your belongings in reusable moving totes. These containers are made of plastic. Thus, they are a better solution for moving in thee times since you can clean them thoroughly before packing your belongings.As you can see, if you stick to the safety measures, you will relocate with no problems along the way. In case you need any help with your relocation or you want to get quality bins for your move, make sure to get in touch with us! We will do everything we can to make your move as simple as possible.