Dec 1, 2023

How to downsize before your move to NYC

How to downsize before your move to NYC

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Relocating your home in NYC is going to be a great experience for you and your family, especially if you manage to move all your belongings without damaging them. So, if you want to start your new life in this amazing city, you should make sure you pack everything the right way and make sure you use the right packing supplies. Rent moving supplies you need and once you have those, you can focus on finding and hiring a great moving company for your move. So, read our blog and you will know how to downsize before your move to NYC in such a way, that you can pack and move everything safely.

Downsizing is a vital part of every relocation

It's important that you downsize once you want to start packing. You need to get rid of all the items that you are not using. This way, you will be able to move your home with as few items as possible, and that is helpful for many reasons. First of all, there are sure items that you don't need in your home. This way, you will have to rent or purchase less moving materials, as well. It's simply easier to pack with fewer things.If your movers have less work to do, you will pay for your move less too. With decluttering before packing, you will need smaller storage bins. The list of benefits of decluttering before you pack is long, and you can be sure that you will save money if you do it. You can sell the things you don't need anymore, for example, and get some of the money back on that as well.

woman holding moving bin

Using moving bins is easier if you don't have to pack the items you won't even use later on

How can you downsize before your move to NYC?

Deciding to downsize is the first step. Once you want to deal with it, you will be done in no time. It's best to do it room by room because you won't make a mess this way. You can start with your wardrobe, and then move on to the other parts of your home in no time. Downsizing before the NYC relocation will be easy if you know some basic rules.Make piles of items that you want to get rid of, sell, donate, and keep. If there are items that you haven't used for a year or move, you can be sure that getting rid of them is a good idea. This especially goes for clothes. In all the seasons have passed and you haven't ware that shirt even once, you won't need it.Donate it and you will successfully declutter, and feel great at the same time.

woman packing

It feels great to donate your old clothes and downsize before your move to NYC

Check if everything can fit your new home

Homes in NYC are rarely large and that is why you need to downsize before your move to NYC. So, make sure that your belongings, furniture, and appliances can fit your new home. If there is anything that can't fit, sell it and get a new one. If there are items that you want to keep but not in your home, get a storage unit. Use plastic wardrobe boxes for moving, and plastic storage boxes for storing items. This way, everything will be safe, and you will get relocated without issues.