Dec 1, 2023

How to earn money by decluttering?

How to earn money by decluttering?

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As much as we all try to avoid it, living a clutter-free life is very hard, some would say impossible. The idea of having to clean up constantly is tiresome and it can be very hard to resist the temptation of holding on to stuff that’s been with you for a long time. However, if you have decided to make your home neat and tidy again, there are ways to do so and make some money in the process. Sometimes it’s better to know the right questions, than looking for answers in the wrong place. The thought of making a profit while making your house more beautiful will motivate you through the cleaning process. Right now, you should be asking yourself: How to earn money by decluttering?

Get cleaning before decluttering!

The first step is cleaning up. Start by tidying up all rooms that are frequently being used and keep a lookout forhidden treasures. There is a chance that you’ll find something you haven’t already seen in the part of the house you spend most of your time in, but you have to be thorough in your search. Spaces like the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen are a good place to start and this is the easiest part of the job. Look for things like:

  • House décor (paintings, sculptures, etc)
  • Old appliances
  • Collectibles (figurines, decorative plates, old souvenirs, etc.)
  • Books and magazines
  • House plants
  • Lamps and lanterns

Earn money by decluttering one room at the time

After the rooms which are part of your everyday life are gleaming with perfection, you can visit other parts of your home and make them do the same. Attics, basements, sheds, garages, and other storage spaces are very useful for storing items you're not using every day. This also makes them an endless source of clutter. You can look at it from two different angles. On the one side, these are the rooms that are in desperate need of cleaning. On the other, there are endless possibilities when it comes to finding unexpected items which might be valuable. Be sure to check some storage bin rentals online. You are surely going to need those to rearrange cluttered spaces.

People cleaning up

Before you start to earn money by decluttering, you have to do a thorough cleaning

It’s tough work but it pays off

Rooms you don't often use are probably in need of some cleaning before they are ready to be trowed-away. Get your cleaning supplies and rent plastic moving boxes NYC. It’s time to give these rooms a makeover. As you clean and declutter your way through, keep a close watch for anything which can bring you profit. If you’re not sure whether something you own is valuable, look for it online and check the prices for similar items. This will give you a general idea and you just might be surprised.

Double-check for ways to get money by trowing away unneeded stuff

Once you think you’re done, go through each room one more time. Ask yourself whether some things don’t fit in the desired look of the room. By now, you should have a general idea of what to look for. Things like old video players, VHS tapes, and recording equipment are always on the market, and you might have even forgotten you have those. If you’re ready to part with your record player, by all means do so. It all depends on what look you want your home to have. Make sure to make the right decision for you.

women decluttering her home

Pay attention - what you find may surprise you

Don’t clutter, accumulate with a goal in mind!

Do research on how valuable your items are, but keep your expectations low. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure by charging too much for your used items. When you are done with the cleaning part of the show, you should have a decent amount of things to sell online. If you wait until you’ve gone through the entire house, you’re bound to have found more than enough to earn a decent amount of money. You can therefore be reasonable with your pricing. In addition to selling your things, you can try to find other people who are ready to part with their used items in exchange for yours. Look for online trading sites which can help you get something you need by giving away something you don’t.

Be persistent and clutter doesn’t stand a chance

However, if you’ve done a really good job, you might also have plenty of things you can’t sell. They might not hold any value, or they might be things you’re not ready to sell which also don’t fit in your neat and decluttered home. Look for green moving supplies at affordable prices in order to store the items you want to keep properly. You don’t want the clutter to return in a month or two. Make sure you keep the right things for the right reasons and get rid of everything else. You should also try to make a habit of keeping a watchful eye for any trace of potential clutter and hoarding for your home to remain tidy.

cluttered garage

Be persistent or clutter will be back

Declutter on a broader scale

Keeping your home neat and well-organized is important, but don’t forget to dedicate the same amount of care to your community. Look for advice online on how to achieve your goal of eco friendly packing. Dispose of used packing supplies and everything else you don't need any more appropriately when you’re done. In today’s day and age, you can find a lot of opportunities to earn money by recycling. In addition to getting closer to your goal of decluttering your home, you’re also helping the environment simply by categorizing items you’ll be throwing away anyway. Be sure to donate things you aren’t able to sell. It might not be profitable but it’s certainly rewarding in other ways.

Long term earning money by decluttering

Once you have figured out how to earn money by decluttering, remember to maintain these guidelines on a daily basis.Be sure to keep your home neat and organized and don’t let unnecessary items accumulate for long periods of time. Keep an eye on the second-hand retailing in your area. You never know if the opportunity presents itself for you to get rid of something you no longer need.