Dec 1, 2023

How to get rid of the sentimental clutter?

How to get rid of the sentimental clutter?

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Over the years, people accumulate a lot of items of sentimental value. Those are usually gifts from loved ones, souvenirs from travels, or any other item connected with a precious memory. These items usually survive every declutter not because of their usefulness but, because of their sentimental value. Many of these items are buried somewhere deep in the closet, but still, you can't part with them. However, when you need to organize a move or deep cleaning, you realize how many useless items you have. Many of these sentimental items eventually turned into clutter with no use. It's time for you to face the truth and to get rid of the sentimental clutter. If you are not sure where to start, you can get appropriate storage supplies at Capital City Bins. Here is what you can do for easier declutter.

What to do when you want to get rid of the sentimental clutter?

The first step would be honest with yourself and look for items you didn’t use in years and only kept because of some memory. After you singled out sentimental clutter, you should reevaluate its worth again. Usually, items connected with the children are worth keeping, and you should find a way and place to keep your kid’s drawings. For others, be objective as much as you can, and decide what you are going to keep or get rid of. When dealing with the sentimental clutter, you will have to face one specific emotion and that is guilt. You will probably feel guilty if you throw away someone's gift or old toys. Don’t let this emotion sway you from decluttering, and find a way to get rid of guilt.

disney figurines

You should donate your kids' toys.

Where to keep your sentimental clutter before you part with it?

When you sort out the sentimental clutter, you need to find a place where to keep them before you decide their future. A good option would be to get plastic moving containers in which you can keep all types of clutter. These containers are sturdy, simple to use, and pack. After you finish, simply close the lid until you know what to do with the clutter. In addition to this, these containers are reusable, and you can use them later for storage or as moving boxes. If you want to keep some memory of these items, you can photograph them before giving them away. This way, you will have a picture for safekeeping and have more space in your home. You can use this tactic as storage ideas for small NJ apartments.

an open red gift box

You should find appropriate boxes for your items.

What can you do with decluttered items?

  • Pass on heirlooms - with valuable heirlooms, you can give to the younger sister or brother.
  • Repurpose an item - create a new way to use some item.
  • Find a better home - you can donate clothes that are in good shape.
  • Keep one of the same items - keep one childhood toy or clothes instead of a bunch.

It's not enough to just get rid of the sentimental clutter. You also need to decide on what to do with it. Not all clutter needs to go into the trash, many of them can be used in other ways that are mentioned above. Good luck, keep the important things in life and remember that clutter is not one of them.