Dec 1, 2023

How to handle family heirlooms during a move

How to handle family heirlooms during a move

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When it’s time to pack your most precious items, only the safest containers come into play. In order to properly handle family heirlooms during a move, secured packing supplies are essential. All this amazing antiquity that's been passed on from one generation to another deserves the best treatment. Chose movers who will treat your delicate items with care and put your mind at ease.

Choose safety boxes for preserving ancestral heritage on the move

Common cardboard boxes are not the best choice for storing these delicate items. Why not choose more sturdy and protective cases instead? Plastic moving totes are a smart option. They are more durable and unfoldable, unlike carton boxes. Therefore, they provide optimal protection for your priceless possessions and keep them undamaged while relocating.

old objects scattered around a map to illustrate that you should handle family heirlooms during a move

Family heirlooms are moving with you Moving supplies are perfect guardians of your family heirlooms during resettling Plastic containers come in different sizes and enable the safe handling of all types of heirlooms. Moving storage bins are roomy for storing articles of various shapes and sizes. That's relieving, as you can easily find the best pick for transporting your personal treasures. But they also provide much more. Unlike regular cardboard, more resistant packing supplies assure that:

  1. Your inherited property made of paper or cloth remains dry and unripped during the move.
  2. Heavy items are secured from moving and falling onto other boxes. This prevents damaging your valuable belongings stored in other containers.
  3. Packing is made easier as there’s no taping the boxes – it’s simple to open and close the container lid.
Taped box

Not the most stylish way to handle family heirloom

Keep or rent packing supplies after handling family heirlooms transfer

With the best packing solution, you get to decide whether to keep or just rent supplies for the moving purpose. If you need more storage space after resettling, you can keep the moving bins. They can remain a safe depot for your ancestral belongings or other items you still haven’t figured out where to expose. However, storage bin rentals enable you to get rid of unnecessary containers as well. Once you gently unpack your family heirlooms, the safeguard cases can be driven away if you no longer need them.

Prepare family heirlooms for packing before the move

Apart from providing securely sealed moving supplies, get the personal treasures ready for storage! Your special hand-me-downs will always be moving with you, so they should be treated with extra care. Possessions like old china and easily broken figurines need an additional protective layer. So do all other items that require more than a thick case for getting transferred in one piece.

Tips for keeping your valuable belongings safe in motion:

  1. Secure fragile items with bubble wrap or a piece of cloth.
  2. Dismantle large objects where possible and wrap each part separately.
  3. Assure that sharp-edged heirlooms are handled safely. Rigid moving storage bins are a true life-saver here.

You are now ready to handle family heirlooms during a move with the dignity they deserve. Not only that these items are usually pricey, but also have an inestimable emotional value. This makes them most special and so should be the place they are stored in until revealed in your new home. We're sure they'd look amazing when you showcase them!