Dec 1, 2023

How to help your child pack for college

How to help your child pack for college

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College is an important time in a young person's life. Adulthood and numerous responsibilities are just around the corner. However, fun times and new friends are also upon, and therefore it's important to prepare ahead. After college admission, the next step is the accommodation hunt and moving. Keep in mind that every move is demanding itself and therefore it's necessary to help your child pack for college. The number of items packed will determine the duration of the move. However, you can always contact us at Capital City Bins for expert advice. We've been around for quite some time and our team is quite experienced in the moving industry. We offer top-quality eco moving boxes that keep all items safe and contribute to environmental protection.

Take enough time to sort all items before you start helping your child pack for college

Packing will take some time. Therefore, you must be ready to deal with a great number of items before deciding what's worth packing. Talk with your child about the importance of packing smart. There's not too much space in the dorm or rented room. That's why you should pack the essentials first. Your child may buy additional items, decorations, books, and the like. In addition, fewer unecessary items mean less waste. An eco-friendly packing, as well as moving are becoming an important aspect in the moving industry. Furthermore, it feels good knowing you haven't left the necessary waste behind while packing. Plus, there are so many reusable packing supplies on the market to choose from.

a woman playing with moving boxes

Proper packing is essential. Hire professionals if you need help.You will need strong cardboard boxes, large plastic moving boxes, packing paper, and other supplies for packing. Make sure to find the movers or providers that offer only the best quality. The goal is to keep the items safe during transportation and maybe save the boxes for later use. Like we mentioned, reusable boxes are available online or at a specific provider. They aren't too expensive yet they are durable. It's good to have them for future relocations.

Make a list of essentials to help your child pack properly before moving for college

First, it's necessary to know what items your child should pack. Besides clothes and shoes, there's also bedding, maybe a computer chair and so on. Check the inventory of the room or dorm to know what pieces of furniture are necessary. However, don't go overboard and pack way too bulky items.

Wash everything before packing for college move

Clothes and bedding have to be clean. Remind your child to wash, iron, and also to take some coats and jackets to the dry cleaners. Hygiene is of great importance. It would be good for your child to know how to properly take care of their clothes and sheets. They will spend many study sessions and gatherings in their living space. Therefore, it's necessary to keep the environment clean and tidy.

Pack up the items your child doesn't use so often

Start with school supplies, decor, and other items your child doesn't use that often. When you are done with them, you can move to the next important items. You will be relieved of your worries. Also, the possibility to forget something your child is using for school purposes will be much less. That's why packing up not so often used items first is necessary. Your child wouldn't like to end up wondering where's the material they need and etc.

Donate or sell everything your child wants to get rid off

The process of decluttering goes along with the packing. Ask your child what pieces of clothing, shoes, books they don't want anymore. Talk with them and see what is possible to sell and get some extra money. Maybe their brother or sister would like some books, shirts, games, and anything their older sibling won't take with them. On the other hand, many charities will gladly accept donations. After your kid is away for college, you will be left with chaos if you don't declutter your home on time.

a woman talking about how to help your child pack for college

It's a good idea to help your child pack for college and make their move easier.

Helping your child pack for college properly will make their move a lot easier

Teenagers are often too excited about their upcoming college period. They might overlook the importance of proper organization for the move, let alone packing. The truth is, packing is a serious task. If you pack something in the wrong way, it might break during the move. Besides breaking, leaks are also possible. It might be a good idea to hire professional packers. However, you can do it yourself step by step. It's also a great opportunity for your child to learn the art of packing smart, with precision.

You will need boxes of different sizes before packing your child for college

First, avoid stuffing only a few large boxes. They will end up heavy and make the unpacking process difficult. In addition, it's not a good idea to pack some items together. For example, you have to make sure to pack clothes and shoes separately. Better sort all items into medium-sized boxes that are easier to carry.

Secure all boxes before packing

Use packing paper and old towels for extra padding. Carefully place the item inside. Wrap easily breakable objects before you put them inside the box. After that, add more layers of packing paper and bubble wraps. Close the boy and seal it with strong packing tape cross-wise.

a person closing the box with a tape

Secure and seal each box properly to avoid damage during the move.

Don't forget to label

Use permanent multi-colored markers to label each box. Be as specific as possible! Your child will probably feel tired if moving long-distance. Therefore, it's much easier when they know what's inside the box. Unpacking can take some time. However, your child might need something immediately. That's why they should exactly which box to search. That way they won't make a huge mess. In the end, it's good to help your child pack for college and start fresh in new surroundings!