Dec 1, 2023

How to help your elderly parents relocate

How to help your elderly parents relocate

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Moving an older loved one can bring them closer to their family, provide a safer home environment, and lead to a more active lifestyle. While some steps might be obvious, like the decision to rent plastic moving boxes NYC, to safely transfer their belongings, there are some things that are not that easy. Whether your parent is planning to move into your home, downsize to a retirement apartment, or move into a retirement home, these tips will be crucial for you to help your elderly parents relocate.

What should you do to help your elderly parents relocate?

Delegate relocation responsibilities. Many elderly people have collected significant property throughout their lives. If your loved ones are downsizing, then they will have to get rid of some stuff. Propose to your loved one to start with a low sentimental value room, such as a bathroom or guest room. This will help them ease the transition process with a clear sense of accomplishment. If they have lived in their house for many years, even small things may seem important. Offer assistance in sorting items in “give away” and “keep” piles and carefully suggest changes. When the items go to a good home, it is easier to give them away. Nevertheless, above all else, be patient and understanding.

Old photo album you will replace when you help your elderly parents relocate.

Your parents will most certainly want to keep the old photos, so you might get them a new photo album.

Learn about the use of relocation services for seniors

If you cannot be with your elderly parents during their move, seek help from a specialist. There are companies that specialize in relocation, downsizing, and organizing seniors.

  • Hire an expert to help your elderly parents relocate. An external expert can simplify the emotional aspect of the move. Even if you are willing to help your loved ones during a transition period, having a third person to make difficult decisions can reduce family tension and fights.
  • Find a company focused on seniors. The National Association of Senior Move Managers is recruiting professionals with backgrounds in gerontology, social work, health care, psychology, and project management to provide all the resources for a smooth move.
  • Get help after moving. Many moving services for seniors also partner with companies that can help with post-relocation processes such as cleaning, staging, property sales, and donations. If you've got green moving supplies, they can also pick them up.

Plan transportation according to the needs of your elderly parents

Many seniors cannot cope with a long trip without assistance or stops, while others may require full-service medical transportation. Check your parents' needs and arrange transportation accordingly. Be sure to ask regularly if your parents need to stretch their legs or make pit stops on long trips. If flying is the best option, book non-stop flights for those with mobility issues. Contact the airline in advance if you have special requests such as boarding assistance, escort to the gate, or special seating. If your loved ones haven't flown for a long time, make sure they are aware of the new safety rules.

An airplane.

Make sure they enjoy a safe trip.Also, if they need more help, turn to senior-focused moving companies that offer non-emergency medical transportation designed to transport people with additional needs such as oxygen tanks and wheelchairs. Some companies even provide transportation with beds and registered nurses, although these services can be expensive. But, if you want to help your elderly parents relocate, that is not something you should save on.