Dec 1, 2023

How to help your neighbors who are moving out?

How to help your neighbors who are moving out?

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Moving is a big step. Such a change affects your life, but also the lives of those around you. If you’ve never moved, it can be hard to understand how big of a step that is. It’s important to know that moves are often stressful. They’re often associated with new beginnings and starting fresh, but that doesn’t make them any less problematic. If you see people struggling with moving boxes on the street, you’re bound to offer some help. It goes doubly for people you know. If your neighbors are moving, you might want to do something for them. Chances are that you’ve shared your life with these people. If you can help them by renting some plastic moving tubs for them, they will surely appreciate it. So, it’s important to know how to help your neighbors who are moving out in the right way.

There are many ways you could help your neighbors who are relocating

Neighbors come and go. It’s rare for neighborhoods to stay the same for more than a couple of years nowadays. Whether they’re moving far away or nearby, you won’t see them as often any more. Because of this, it’s important to see them off right. Some of the ways you can help your neighbors who are moving out are:

  • offer to help packing
  • help them find moving supplies: check online for companies that rent plastic moving boxes
  • make sure they don’t forget something: check shared spaces like basements
  • be understanding if it gets noisy next door: they’re probably having a hard time
  • throw them a going-away party

Doing these little things for your neighbors will help them more than you know. Offering to make their move a little less stressful won’t take you too much time, but they will appreciate it greatly.


It's important to offer to help your neighbors who are moving out.

Help yourself by helping the neighbors who are planning a move

The truth is that moves can get rather messy. Depending on where you live, your neighbor’s move can affect you more or less. But if you want to help them and yourself at the same time, you could offer some tips. If your neighbors are conscientious, they won’t let their move be an inconvenience to you. Help them by communicating openly. People who are in the middle of the move are often preoccupied with their own problems. You can help them by offering advice on how to stay organized during the move. It will not only be useful for the moving neighbors, but it will also assure your peace of mind.

Some neighbors might need more help than other

If so happens that your neighbors are elderly and have no one else to turn to, it’s important to be there for them. If you’ve lived next to each other for a long time, the chance is that they’ve seen you grow up. It’s often easy to forget just how far ahead older people are. They’ve had more experience and more problems than you. However, if they can’t manage their move alone, try to help and be understanding. Help them by being informed on packing hacks for seniors. Remember that someday that may be you, and be considerate. Helping others is always the right thing to do.

Woman helping her elderly neighbor

Your elderly neigbors will appreciate the help greatly.

Emotional support is also important

Moving causes a lot of conflicted feelings. Leaving your old home is hard. People who can’t handle change can have a difficult time adjusting to moving. However, the move is all about starting a new life. It brings new opportunities and hopes for the future. That’s why it’s important to be there for your neighbors. Chances are that they are pretty worried about their new life, even if they handle change well. It’s important to let them know that you’ll still be there for them. Just because they’re changing their location, it doesn’t mean that their whole life will change. Promise you’ll try to stay in contact and stay true to that promise. Be there to say goodbye to them and call them to see if they’ve settled down. If they invite you to a housewarming party, be sure to show up.

Help your neighbors who are moving out by getting them something special

To make their move meaningful, you could get them something. You don’t have to get them a flashy gift, but a small token of affection could mean a lot. Your moving neighbors are probably feeling a bit down. They’re leaving everything they knew so far. A gift from people they won’t be seeing so often anymore could help make the transition easier. If you truly want to be helpful, put some thought into it. You probably know what they would like, but if you’re not sure, you could look for going away presents people actually want. Getting them something useful like a meal delivery kit or travel gadgets will surely come in handy. It might not be the most glamorous of gifts, but it will be helpful during a move. Neighbors will surely appreciate the practicality of such a gift.

dinner party to help your neighbors moving out

Neighbors are more than friends, you've shared a life - help them if you can.

Helping hand is always welcome

In the end, you’re the only one who knows how to help your neighbors who are moving out. You are the one who lived with them. That’s why you’re the one who knows what kind of help they need. Sometimes it’s enough to offer help. They might refuse because they don’t want to bother you. However, knowing that they have someone they can rely on will be helpful enough on its own. If they do ask you for small favors, you should do your best to be there for them. They might even just need someone to talk to. Their worries and fears shouldn’t be a burden to you. Listen and learn from their experience. As you help them to get their green moving supplies keep in mind that someday you may be in their shoes. It may be a good opportunity to get a second-hand experience.