Dec 1, 2023

How to help your new roommate move in?

How to help your new roommate move in?

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To keep a household in order, tenants must be respectful to each other. Besides bills, you also share living space and each of you has personal routines. So whenever you get a roommate, it's beneficial to start on the right foot. Therefore, if you help your new roommate move in, it will immediately establish trust between you two. All it takes is a little bit of effort on your behalf. That's why we at Capital City Bins prepared this helpful guide to make it easier for you to greet a new roommate.

Helping your new roommate move in is the start of good relations between you two

Whether your new roommate is more on an extrovert or introvert side, they will appreciate your help regardless. A helpful and welcoming tenant is what anyone who shares a home wants. You don't have to put in too much effort. Simply be there for your roommate and suggest help with their stuff. However, don't be too pushy with helping them or suggesting the right company/supplies. You can, for example, mention green moving supplies while discussing with them their moving plans. Proceed further with more suggestions if your new roommate accepts your suggestions.

three people making a selfie holding moving boxes

Make sure to help your new roommate move in and settle.

Talk with your roommate about the best time for them to move in

Ask your future roommate to specify at what time would they want to move in. Let them know about your schedule so you can easily decide what time is best for both. Also, don't forget to tell them to remind you if something unexpected comes up. Communication is crucial, and it's best if you establish it even before you meet.If your roommate still hasn't found the right moving company or supplies, mention a couple of options. Your recommendation regarding the moving company will mean a lot to them. In addition, suggest reusable moving bins as affordable and eco-friendly supplies. As you know, relocations aren't easy to complete, and any help or recommendation counts.

Clean your home and prepare snacks and something to drink before your new roommate arrives

Your new roommate will appreciate it if you offer them coffee/tea/juice and snacks. Moving will be a bit stressful for them and they will probably feel tired. Make sure to clean the kitchen, living room, or whenever you plan to greet your roommate. A clean environment and warm home atmosphere will help your roommate relax after a stressful moving period.

two hands holding two cups of coffee

Greet your new roommate with coffee and a friendly attitude.

Help your new roommate unpack everything box by box

Unpacking can take a while if your roommate had an exhausting moving day. Therefore, offer help with boxes. Help your roommate unpack day by day, starting with priority items. Once your roommate realizes they can count on you, they will feel much more relieved. Just remember how would you feel if you were in their place. You would appreciate every help you can get. So be one of those roommates you would also like to have. It's a good basis for mutual trust, which is important when you share home with someone.

Offer help with remaining items

People often realize they moved in with too many items. If your roommate is one of them, then help them declutter. Look for storage bins together online. After that, help your roommate organize everything they want to get rid of into several categories:

  • Items for sale - Help your new roommate move in by suggesting your roommate creates an account on online platforms. Take quality photos of items for sale.
  • Donations - Make a cup of coffee or tea and find charities with a new roommate that would gladly accept various donations.
  • Recycle - If possible, suggest recycling to reduce the waste.

Establish house rules with your roommate once they move in and settle

Don't immediately talk about cleaning, bills, and so on. Moving is a tiring experience and your roommate probably had a tedious moving period. Talking about duties will overwhelm already tired roommate and plus you'll appear strict and demanding. Leave enough space for your roommate to adjust. Once they are settled and rested, offer a cup of coffee/tea and introduce your roommate to living expenses. You have to create a cleaning and grocery schedule together. Also, communicate about your working hours and when is ok to for example invite a bunch of people over for a party. Discussing all matters will help both of you learn about each other's routines, habits, and preferences. As a result, you'll have solid trust in each other.

Make sure to help your roommate find the right movers and supply providers

Like we already mentioned, participating in your roommate's move is beneficial in many ways. Not only will you show them how helpful you are, but will make the moving process easier for them. The sooner your roommate moves in, the better. With professional moving experts at your disposal, there won't be unpleasant situations. Plus, the movers can make it easier for your roommate to handle all boxes.

a woman unpacking moving box

Recommend reusable moving supplies to your new roommate.

Reusable boxes and eco-friendly supplies will help your roommate with their moving budget

Let your roommate know that green moving supplies are becoming more and more popular. Many companies opt for reusable options that are quality yet cost-effective. In case your roommate is all about eco-friendly options and sustainability, they will be happy to find moving options that go along with their lifestyle.

Have patience

Post-move adaptation takes time. Just remember how did you feel when you moved somewhere for the first time. Therefore, help your new roommate move in and slowly build a decent relationship with patience. That will help your roommate start fresh and realize how valuable your help really is. As a result, you will have a great roommate or a potential friend that will also come to your aid at some point.