Dec 1, 2023

How to include your entire family into the moving process

How to include your entire family into the moving process

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Families are moving all the time. The bigger the family the more complex the moving process is. Depending on the size of your move, you must seek help accordingly. And what better way than to engage your whole family in your moving endeavor. So, let us provide a small guide on how to include your entire family into the moving process and make it all a lot easier.

Schedule a family meeting

Ok, the first step is to gather the whole family around the table and make the moving plan together. First, you’ll inform everyone about the change and the moving date you set. Then, you will heed to everyone’s needs, and guided by the whole situation, start calculating a moving budget. But before you can know your moving price, first you must inspect the whole area. This is to figure out how many green moving supplies you need for packing. Also, to know how many furniture pieces there are and how complex the whole relocation is. So, assign tasks to each member of the family accordingly. Let them report back with their findings so you can do the math.

Schedule a family meeting and include your entire family into the moving process

Set up a family meeting and appoint tasks and responsibilities.Moreover, you can assign all sorts of tasks and spread them across the board. If you have older and more responsible kids, you can have them run errands and do some shopping. Or have them clean, declutter, downsize, etc. But as long as they are packing and cleaning their own space, that would be enough. All in all, you should make a moving checklist with all the tasks involved and assign them to your helpers. Set a deadline for everyone to complete their assignments and keep everyone in the loop.

Find a good moving company

Presumably, you or your spouse will be in charge of this one. Or you will do it together. Nevertheless, it must be done right. Therefore, start looking for a good moving company online. Browse a bit until you find a few reliable choices specialized in residential moving. Then, compare your findings by inspecting their services, price, and reviews. Take a closer look at the moving reviews because you can find previous customers experience. This way you’ll know the way your movers approach their customers. And once you compare everything and you are sure you have found a match, give them a call.Ask your movers if they are licensed and if they possess all the tools to tackle your moving project. And communicate further to figure out the moving price and if you can work out the moving logistics. Also, note that you should negotiate with movers and make the final decision. Yes, you will include your entire family into the moving process but this part needs to be done by an adult. Preferably the one that is paying for the moving services.

Include your entire family into the moving process and that means the kids as well

Your children’s age will play a vital role in determining if they can help or not. If you have smaller children below the age of 10 you should probably exclude them from the hectic moving environment. Although, you must explain what is going on because your kids can be confused. They maybe do not understand but they feel the ruckus and the changes being made. A good practice is to distract smaller children by giving them a task to pack one box. It can be a box with their favorite toys. This will give them a feeling of involvement and it is a good distraction.

A father and a son laughing on the beach

Explain to your kids what moving means and include them in the process if possible.On the other hand, if your kids are older, you can assign a few minor tasks and let them help a bit. They can help you with packing, sorting stuff out, taking out the garbage, running errands, and covering chores around the house. And finally, your kids that are above 16 years of age can do a lot. They can fully participate in each aspect of the move, maybe even in the decision-making. But it all comes up to you how you’ll spread the responsibilities among the family members. Therefore, include your entire family into the moving process, and do not forget your kids. They can help a lot.

Packing for the whole family

Now when your family members came back with the numbers and their findings, you can figure out how many packing supplies you need. If you want to conduct a safe and viable packing process, you must obtain a few essential packing materials. You should obtain enough green moving boxes to cover the whole project. You’ll probably need more than 30 and you should aim for all sizes. Also, you must purchase packing tape, labels, and blister packs.

A man packing moving box

Anyone can help you with the packing process as long as you have all the materials required.You can purchase all your packing supplies at the nearest store, or order everything online. Whatever is more convenient for you. Once you have it all in front of you, begin packing. Each box should have blister packs laid inside to make a cushiony foundation. Then you should place your items inside and do not overstuff your box needlessly. Fill the gaps between the items using more blister packs or crumpled paper to protect your fragile items. Or you can use any kind of cloth you have at your home as a substitution. Finally, when your box is full, close it, tape it, and apply labels. Furthermore, no matter who is helping you pack, you should inspect each box, in the end, to figure out if everything is secured nicely. Also, inspect each label to confirm that it is labeled right.

Renting a storage unit might be the solution

If you have more stuff than you can handle, you should consider finding more space to store your items in. And the best solution out there is to rent a storage unit. It can be a temporary solution or a long-term one. You can easily find a fairly cheap storage unit provider in your area. Then you can simply put your excess items there and come back when you need them. Although, if you rent one, you must pack for storing, visit at least once a month, and clean it regularly to keep your storage free from mold. But if you rent a climate-controlled storage unit, you won’t have to think about it. Consider renting additional storage space, it will solve all your problems.

Include your entire family into the moving process but ask your friends for help as well.

Ok, your kids can help with the move but if the body count is still low, you must ask for additional help. Of course, if you hired enough manpower from your moving company, then forget about this part. So, if you still need help beyond your family members, ask your friends, coworkers, or neighbors. Maybe someone can lend a hand, at least with packing. And remember to ask them well in advance to give them enough time to organize their schedules.And now you are ready to pack and move. You know how to include your entire family into the moving process and how to do it right. As long as you keep up with the schedule and the assignments, you will have a successful relocation in the end. Take care.