Dec 1, 2023

How to Label Moving Boxes

How to Label Moving Boxes

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There are many things you need to move. Money, patience, packing materials, moving company, etc. All of this consumes time and money. There is also a mess that can be made when packing stuff into plastic moving bins that aren't properly labeled. That can cause you a lot of headaches so see a few tips on how to label moving boxes.

Always be ready

When labeling your moving boxes, it is essential to be prepared when the move comes. You need to have all the tools necessary to label your boxes. Having the schedule already made is good. You will need:

  • Moving boxes- You have to be ready when the time comes. Get you moving boxes, either by buying them, getting from a friend or you saved from the previous move. To label moving boxes, it is better for them to be 'newer.' Old moving boxes can be difficult to mark, and they are weaker, so you cant put as much stuff like in the newer one.
  • Markers
  • Packing tapes

Provide these things before the move, so you don't confuse.

Markers are a must

The best solution is to buy markers in various colors. This way you can divide things into categories and pick one color for each category. This way you won't get confused as long as you follow this structure. There are also several other things to consider when deciding about markers. The price! We understand that you already paid or have to pay a lot of money for the move but don't get into the temptation to save money on markers. It just isn't worth it. More expensive markers are usually better, and you can use them the next time you or someone close to you moves.

Label moving boxes by using various colors

Use markers when labeling boxesWhen buying pens, be sure that they are permanent and waterproof. Even though the wheater cast is precise nowadays, you can't and shouldn't always rely on it. Depending on the wheater and on the conditions in which your stuff are moving, labels you put on the boxes can come off, and you will be confused about the content in each box.

Packing tapes

Who knew that packing tapes could upgrade the art of labeling moving boxes. There are packing tapes in various colors as well. The procedure is the same as with markers. You need to divide things into categories and to pick one color for each category.

Timing is essential

Packing isn't rocket science. It involves putting stuff into boxes and labeling them, so you know where each box goes. As we said, one color represents one room in the house. It is good to write the content of the box on the box to be extra sure. That is when people often make a mistake. They write on the box before they even finish putting things in. This way you are susceptible to massive confusion due to inaccurately labeled boxes. When you label moving boxes, you want to do one box at the time. Put your things in there, label it and move to the side. That is the safest way not to make a mistake.

Use numbers to your advantage - Label moving boxes professionally

We are all witnesses that there are a lot of moving scams around. You can't always trust people that work at the moving company you picked. Some of them will try to steal any box that they think there is something valuable. To prevent this, you can use a system with numbers to protect the content of the boxes. Connect numbers with boxes. For instance, as you finish putting stuff in the box, label sides of the boxes with number one and room where it goes. This way only you know the content as you are the one that made the system.

Using numbers would be much safer approach for labeling moving boxes

Use numbers to your advantage for a more professional approach

Fragile items

Fragile items are a delicate matter. Problem with packing fragile items is that they can break very easily. They even don't need much of a shake to break. You need to protect them so you can prevent this scenario. First, you need to envelop them with wrapping papers. Put them in the box carefully, so they don't break by your fault. Then you need to fill the gaps if there are any. You can do this with bubble wraps, or you can improvise and use towels you don't need. They are soft so they will provide excellent protection. That isn't everything you can do to prevent breaking into pieces. Label moving boxes 'Fragile' or 'Handle with care.' It is best to write this on all sides of the box so it can be more visible to the movers.

Packing fragile items require more attention

Be careful when packing fragile items!

Are you using old boxes?

We already said that it is a better idea to get new moving boxes. We are aware that sometimes that can't be done. If you use old boxes for the move, keep some things in mind. First, they can be already labeled. Naturally, someone used them for their move, so they labeled the boxes according to their needs. When you get boxes like these, don't throw them away. You can still use them. Tape those labels so they can't be seen. Preferably with a color that matches the category you chose. After that, you have to put your labels, and that's it.

No second thoughts!

If you are a nervous person, chances are that you will have second thoughts. You will rethink everything all over again and get nowhere. Don't do this. If you used this system adequately, there is no need for this. On the other hand, you already packed everything, taped and you don't have many options to calm down your conscience.All that you have to do now is to move. You can move to know that you labeled moving boxes adequately and stored into a moving truck. When done like this, you can be sure that you will spend less time unpacking!